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Inspired by... Heathers

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Inspired by Heathers

For this week's installment of 10 More Movies for Fashion Inspiration, we will be looking at the 1988 black comedy Heathers.

In the film, Veronica (Winona Ryder) is the newest member of the popular clique in high school, run by three girls who are each named Heather. The Heathers run the school through manipulation and cruelty, and Veronica isn't sure if she wants to be part of this group anymore-- especially after meeting bad boy J.D. (Christian Slater). Together, J.D. and Veronica find a new way to overthrow the popular crowd.

Heathers Style

Heathers is full of trendy schoolgirl pieces from the 1980s. The film has lots of preppy plaid, structured blazers, pleated skirts and colored tights. Heathers also features signature colors-- each of the main characters has one color that is featured predominately in every outfit. They also know how to mix different shades of the same color in each outfit. For example, Veronica is always wearing at least one item in a shade of blue.

If you want to add some 80's prep to your wardrobe, check out these four outfits inspired by the film. Each outfit is based on one of the four main characters and features their signature color.

Outfit #1: Veronica

Outfit inspired by Veronica from Heathers

Product Information: Shirt- Piperlime, Hat- Forever 21, Tights- Figleaves, Monocle Necklace- Amazon, Skirt-, Oxfords- Bloomingdales

Veronica has the most eclectic style in the film, and the outfit above reflects her unique aesthetic. This blue oxford shirt is a bit masculine, but would look great with the feminine tiered skirt. Opaque tights in a bright blue shade add a pop of color and draw attention to the oxford shoes. Throw on a 80s-inspired hat and a monocle like Veronica is always wearing and you'll channel her style perfectly.

Outfit #2: Heather Chandler

Heather Chandler Outfit

Product Information: Blazer- Piperlime, Blouse- J. Crew, Skirt- Moschino Boutique, Earrings- ASOS, Headband- Forever 21, Flats-

Heather Chandler is the ringleader of the Heathers and her style is the preppiest. Her signature color is red, which is prominently featured in this outfit. A pleated red skirt, white ruffled blouse and structured blazer have a schoolgirl vibe, while delicate drop pearl earrings and white flats add a feminine touch. Throughout the film, Heather wears a red scrunchie, which acts as a symbol of power at her high school. This headband is a modern version of that look.

Outfit #3: Heather McNamara

Heather McNamara Outfit

Product Information: Shirt- Forever 21, Belt- Forever 21, Earrings- ASOS, Shoes- Target, Skirt- Topshop, Watch- ASOS

Heather McNamara wears a lot of trendy pieces and also mixes many different shades of the same color, yellow, in one outfit. The body-con skirt is a very pale yellow shade and contrasts with the oversized striped sweater. A mustard yellow belt defines the waist and matches the ballet flats. Accessorize with some huge, 80s-style earrings and a watch in yet another shade of yellow.

Outfit #4: Heather Duke

Heather Duke Outfit

Product Information: Blazer- Forever 21, Blouse- ASOS, Socks- Urban Outfitters, Brooch- Fossil, Skirt-, Shoes- Zappos

She desperately tries to please Heather Chandler, so Heather Duke's style is very similar to hers. A pleated skirt and white blouse with shoulder pads are very schoolgirl with an 80s twist. Heather Duke wears patent Mary Jane's with ruffled socks, but if you aren't brave enough to rock the shoes with socks look, the outfit would also look great with tights. Add a dark green blazer and pin on a lime green flower brooch to complete this look.

Feelin' Inspired?

What do you think of these 1980s-inspired fashions? Do you wear a signature color? Have you ever seen Heathers? Do you think these outfits capture the look and feel of the film? Leave a comment and let us know!

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