5 Classes Every College Girl Should Take

Take charge of your education and learn things that will help you for years to come.

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So these are the best years of our lives, or so I’ve been told; from taking classes that will change our lives to spring breaking in Cabo, these are the four years everyone seems to reminisce about as they drop their kids off at school.

Now, let’s be honest, it sucks that because of our new predicament the latter of these experiences have been postponed for the time being. But before we start sounding like Kim K when she lost her diamond earring, we need a Kourtney K reality check. We’re still so fortunate to be able to get an education and take those “life changing classes”.

While not all universities have a class on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or Beyoncé, and it really doesn’t get more life changing than that; most universities have an array of classes covering every topic imaginable. It’s so easy to get caught up in our major requirements and forget everything the university we’ve worked so hard to get into has to offer. 

Here are the five classes every college girl should take. Soon enough you’ll be having to, like, I don’t know, pay your mortgage (or whatever adults do), so for now, you should actually enjoy the learning part of going to college. 

Health class

While we’ve all heard of the freshman 15, that’s not why you should take a health class. Most of the information we get online from so called wellness websites, are full of pseudoscientific claims from online certified “gurus” that will tell you that drinking essential oils will cure cancer or something. 

Taking a health class in college will ensure that you understand the fundamental scientific information of how your body actually works and give you the basis to discern medical information in the future. 

From exercise, to nutrition and even beauty, a health class in college is essential for your physical wellbeing, your mental state and frankly will save you from spending money on non-scientifically backed wellness.

Acting class

If there is one word I didn’t expect to hear this often as an adult, it’s “storytelling.” Whether you’re a doctor trying to get funding for a new MRI machine, or a lawyer defending an innocent person, stories are how we connect to people on a human level, it’s how we persuade.

Storytelling is the basis of networking, and what better way to learn than from the people who tell stories for a living?

I highly suggest taking an acting or improv class because it will push you out of your comfort zone and develop your risk-taking quality. If that simply isn’t your speed, a public speaking class will also focus on storytelling and nonverbal behavior.

Personal finance class

Yes, no one teaches us how to file your taxes or whatnot, but there’s so much more to personal finance.

How to open a brokerage account? How to create a diversified portfolio? How much return should I set as a goal? When should I sell an investment? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you definitely need to take a personal finance class.

You might think “investing isn’t my thing”, but investing is the number one way to increase the return on your hard earned income. Understanding those mechanisms now will make you money in the future with little effort.

Psychology class

When it comes to a psychology class, while theory is essential, a practical approach is even more beneficial. These classes will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, they will allow you to explore who you are. 

On that note, they often touch on our implicit biases. While anyone can take an Implicit Assessment Test, these classes can give us pathways to overcome our biases

For those who prefer a less science-based class, some philosophy classes focusing on logic and reasoning also explore these topics but tend to hold a much more theoretical approach rather than evidence-based.

Political science class

Long gone are the days of saying “I don’t care about politics.” To not care about politics is a privilege, and one that we simply can’t afford.

This doesn’t mean you need to be running for local office (but major bonus points!), but it’s important we’re all informed voters, that we understand the basic levers of power that hold our governmental institutions in place.

Instead of being swayed by the opinions of those around you, a political science class will free you through knowledge to make those choices for yourself.

Extra credit: Communications class

While I touched on verbal communication through storytelling, in the workplace we all have to on a daily basis communicate with our peers and bosses. From writing memos to emails, knowing how to do so effectively is essential in most industries. Many employers say these basic communication skills are lacking in recent college graduates, so why not set yourself apart for your professionalism?

English departments often offer these classes, but perhaps look into your own major’s department to see if they have a class tailored to your field. 

It can be so easy to get caught up in checking off the boxes to graduate and not take advantage of the world-class education you are getting. Spend a couple of hours looking through the course directory.

Getting outside of your comfort zone in college shouldn’t just apply to your social life, it should be woven into your educational curriculum. Take the classes that will make the rest of your life, the best years of your life.

What do you think of our list of classes every college girl should take?

What are the classes you think everyone should take? What non-required classes have you taken so far in college? Tell us in a comment below!

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