Elevate Your Style with these 21 Black Nail Art Ideas

Love dark nails? Here are 21 cool ways to spice up a basic black manicure.

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If you are looking for a new way to style your nails or some fun new nail ideas, you should consider classy black nail designs this season!

When you think of black nails, you may think that I mean just painting your nails with some black polish and calling it a day, but black nails can be so much more interesting than that.

Black nails and black nail designs have become very trendy recently, so this is the perfect time to bring out your black nail polish and try out some black nail ideas.

The best part is black nails are neutral, so they look amazing with everything and there are so many different ways to style black nail polish, so you will definitely find your favorite nail look.

If you’re feeling a magnetic pull towards the allure of black nails, feast your eyes upon these captivating and oh-so-stylish 21 black nail inspirations that are bound to bewitch you!

Short Black Nails

1. Black Gel Nails

Perfect Gel Polish Application - Crispynails ♡

If you are going for a simple but classic all-black nail look, I would suggest just going for some black nail polish on your short or natural nails! This classic black manicure can serve as your ultimate fashion statement.

But I would recommend using a solid gel nail polish because it will look better and last longer! There’s nothing worse than chipped black nails so that gel will solve that problem for you.

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2. Black Nails With Sparkles

Stunning Black Gel Nails with Holo Silver Glitter & Stamping

If you want to add some sparkle to your black nails, you should try this stunning nail look!

The tutorial above shows you how to get black nails with silver glitter accents. This nail look may look difficult, but you can watch this tutorial on how to get this exact nail look — it’s not as bad as you’d think.

Alternatively, you can also add glitter nail polish on top of black polish to get a similar look.

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3. Matte Black Nails With Glossy Tip

Matte Black French Tip Manicure by The Crafty Ninja

If you are into the matte nails trend, you should try this fun variation on the look for short nails! It is the matte nails with a glossy tip.

This is great if you are also into French nails look. The vibe is so stunning in solid black nails; it’s unexpected and super cool.

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4. Black Nails With Rhinestones

LOVING LIFE!! Super Easy and Elegant Black Nails with Rhinestones! Cute and Easy Nail Tutorial!

Rhinestones are also a great addition to your nails if you want to spice up your basic black nail polish.

You can also use rhinestones along with cool designs, like in this tutorial, to get a gorgeous black nail look.

5. Black & Gold Nails

Black and gold nail art

Gold is another great way to create a cute black nail look! All you need to do is add some gold glitter nail polish to black nails, and it will make your nails stand out.

If you want a specific nail design using gold and black nail polish, watch this tutorial to get this incredibly pretty nail look! (It would be great for New Year’s Eve or any formals you have coming up.)

6. Black Nails With Accent Nail

Accent nails are always a great way to spice up a nail look, and you can totally do this with black nails, too!

If this is the kind of look you are going for, I would suggest trying out these super cute black press-on nails that come with a gorgeous silver rhinestone accent nail. It couldn’t be easier to get a glam accent nail look.

Black Acrylic Nails Designs

7. Black French Tip Nails

Black French Manicure ft. Natural Round Short #FRENCHGELX Tips

If you love French nails or the almond nail shape, I would totally go for this nail look, which is a black French tip on almond-shaped nails.

Almond French tip nails are super popular right now, and adding black is a great way to spice up your nail look and be able to keep up with all the trends. Plus, this look is so classic — it will be perfect for just about any event you have coming up.

8. Matte Black Nails

beautiful matte top coat black polish

If you want a more simple all-black nail look but want longer nails, then I would recommend going for matte black nails. The all black manicure and matte top coat add a touch of sophistication, creating a refined appearance.

These nails look amazing in an almond or stiletto nail shape, so if that is the nail shape you want, I would definitely try this simple nail idea.

9. Black Sweater Nails

Sweater nail art tutorial ( beginner friendly) - opalheartxo - sets by Michelle

You have probably seen this nail trend a lot recently. It is sweater nails! If you don’t know what sweater nails are, they are basically textured nails using nail polish that creates a sweater-like design on the nail.

If you are interested in trying out this nail design, it looks great with black nail polish, as shown in this tutorial!

10. Black Coffin Nails

Another simple but trendy black nail idea that you can do if you want longer nails is black coffin nails!

This nail look is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is have your nails shaped in a coffin shape and swipe on some black nail polish. You can make it even easier on yourself by buying press-on black coffin nails like these!

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11. Black V-Tip Nails

Black tip nails/ tutorial 🦋🖤

Another great black nail look for long nails is the black v-tip nail look! This looks similar to French nails using black nail polish, so if you are into that look, you will probably like this one too.

The only difference is the tip is made in a v-shape using black nail polish. You can add some nail art, like these cool butterflies, to really spice up the look.

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Black Ombre Nails

12. Black Ombre Nails With Bling

Acrylic Application: Black Ombre Bling Nails

I am sure you have seen ombre nails; they have been so popular recently. Usually, ombre nails are made using white nail polish, but you can also totally make ombre nails with other nail polish colors like black.

If you want to try out a fun ombre black nails look, watch this tutorial that shows you exactly how to get black ombre nails, also with some pretty rhinestones.

13. Black & Nude Ombre Nails

🤯 Easy Black Ombre with Dip Powder🖤 Dip Nail Tutorial 💅🏽

If you want a simple black ombre nail look, you could go for the usual nude color to create the black ombre nail design, as shown in this tutorial.

This is a simpler black ombre nails look, but the ombre design will still make your nails stand out!

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14. Black Ombre Nails With Gold

Beginner New Year Nails | Black Ombre Nail Tutorial | Not Polish

You can also create black ombre nails and add some sparkles to spice things up, such as with gold sparkles, as shown in this tutorial!

This nail look will be great for special events and will definitely make your nails stand out.

15. Black & Red Ombre Nails

Ombre Black and Red with Dipping || Phong Tran Art

Not only can you use nude nail polish to create an ombre nail look with black nail polish, but you can also use other colors with black nail polish.

For example, you can use red with black nail polish to get a super cool ombre nail look, as shown in this tutorial.

Black Nails With Fun Designs

16. Cow Print Tip Nails

Watch me do my nails: Cow Print Nails Deep French Tip | BEGINNER FRIENDLY

You have probably seen this nail trend. It is the cow print nails! I absolutely adore these nails because they are just so cute.

If you love this nail trend and want to try it out, watch this tutorial to see exactly how to do it!

17. Black Marble Nails

Black Marble Nails ❤ Marble Nail Art With Gel Polish

Marble nails are always a great go-to nail design, and you can totally get them using black nail polish too. Getting this glossy black nail look is incredibly simple and straightforward.

Just watch this quick tutorial on how to get black marble nails at home!

18. Black Swirl Nails

I am sure you have seen this nail trend, too! It is swirl nails. You can definitely do these nails using black nail polish to keep up with all the trends and to get a cool black nail look.

If this is the nail design you are going for and you want to get the look without a trip to the salon, you can purchase these press-on nails that will give you a perfect swirl nails look.

19. Black Flames Nails

This is a pretty recent nail trend that has become super popular! And it’s one of my favorite black nail ideas. It is black French nails with flames as the tips.

And don’t worry if the flames look a little too complicated to do on your own because you can buy these press-on nails that will make your life so much easier.

20. Black Nails With Flowers

If you adore floral designs on your nails, you can also get a super cute black nail design using these press-on nails with black flowers. I love the little bow details on the nails — so cute and fun.

21. Black Abstract Nails

Abstract nail designs are also very popular right now. And black nail polish looks great for abstract nail designs.

You can get these done at the nail salon, or to make it extra easy on yourself, you can purchase these press-on nails with black nail polish!

Which black nail ideas are your favorites?

Which black nails are you going to try? What black nail design do you like the most?

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