How to Set Up Your Own At-Home Spa

Here’s what you need to make your room into your personal oasis.

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This post will show you the at home spa essentials to have your own home spa day.

At home spa essentials: How to set up an at-home spa

“Goodbye clouds of Gray, hello skies of blue; A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa” — if only Sharpay knew you didn’t have to take a trip to go to the spa.

If you’re done with finals or close to being done or are on a trimester system (yikes) and need some much-deserved break time, do yourself a favor and transform your room into a spa. 

Summer is right around the corner, and school is in our rear-view mirrors. There’s no reason to stress, no 8 am alarms, no exams to study for, projects to turn in, or professors to meet with to beg for a bump in your grade. (Unless you’re doing an internship this summer; then you’ll need this more than anyone.)

While you could spend hundreds of dollars on a trip to the spa, you could spend a lot less on some at home spa essentials to make your room into a spa whenever you want.

I’ve always wanted to live in a spa: cucumber water, serene music, facials every day, and people who talk to you like they’re doing an ASMR Youtube video. What more does a girl need? But not all of us are Elon Musk, trying to colonize Mars with our spare money, so we need to get a little creative.

You’ll need a small initial investment, but an investment that will pay off in less stress, a longer life span, and more importantly, as any Kardashian will tell you: less visible signs of aging.

Honestly, I think a weekly spa visit should be included in our school tuition. Can you imagine a spa on campus? A little oasis among the dungeons of the libraries? If only universities knew how to manage their budget properly… talk about priorities.

Anywho, here’s your guide to setting up your own at home spa, with my favorite at home spa essentials that will turn your home into a resort.


To start off your spa experience you’ll need one of those spa robes. But this robe is so much better than the ones you get at the spa because you get to keep it forever.

Choose a soft fabric like cotton, or silk, or wool to keep you comfortable throughout your much-deserved relaxation. 

Hair Towel

Have you ever seen a picture of someone at the spa with their hair getting stuck to oils and face masks? No, you haven’t. So you’ll need a towel to keep your hair out of the way.

Get a towel that’s made for hair, so it doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your strands.

Flip Flops

You can’t have a real spa experience without taking care of your feet. I mean, it’s half the reason I’m willing to pay for a pedicure. So, get yourself some cute flip flops to wear around your home spa. 

Sound System

While some people prefer white noise, others might prefer some Harry Styles music or classical music for their at home spa day.

Whatever relaxes you the most, even if that’s heavy metal, you’ll need a device to play it from. My personal favorite for relaxation, an ASMR YouTube video.


Spas always have perfect dim lighting, and nothing’s going to destroy your at-home spa ambiance like some bright lights. You don’t want to give yourself a headache; you want to be in a calm, serene environment.

So, decorate your space with some lights that will keep you relaxed even when your room is no longer your spa.

Candles or Oil Diffuser

The last piece of the puzzle to set the ambiance is thinking about the aroma in your spa.

Choose either a candle or an oil diffuser that relaxes you. Lavender essential oils are my favorite to put in a diffuser, they’re the only smell scientifically proven to aid in relaxation

Body Scrub

The first step of your spa experience will involve you jumping in the shower. (Lucky you if you have a bathtub to use instead!)

Use a body scrub to remove all the dead skins from your body (and all the dead weight from the semester). Use a loofah to help the process along, but be gentle with your skin, lathering in circles.

Foot Exfoliator

Fresh feet pumice stone and scrubber

While you’re in there, don’t forget the bottoms of your feet. While you probably haven’t done much walking far from your desk these past few weeks, or walking far from your house this past year, your feet still need some TLC.

So, treat your feet to some exfoliating and a little massage. They’ll be sandal-ready in no time.

Face Exfoliator

Once you’ve hopped out of the shower and your pores are open from the steam exfoliate your face with a gentle exfoliator. Use your hands, no need to press, just run-in circles going outwards from the center of your face starting from your neck up.

Lip scrub

Did someone say hot girl summer? Get your lips ready to pucker up with a gentle exfoliator. Trust me, your lips will feel amazing after a gentle scrub. 

Face Mask

Once you’ve either let your face air dry or used a linen or muslin cloth to dry it, apply a face mask all over, or on your T-Zone if you have dry skin.

While you let your face mask sit for its allotted time, chop up some cucumbers to put on your eyes and to put in some water that you can sip on. And you’ll be as Fabulous as Sharpay.

Oils on Oils

You never leave a spa without sticking to all of your clothes. But the best part of an at home spa is that you’re already home, so you can just hang out in your robe until all the oils sink into your body.

While a coconut oil should work fine for your body, opt for some argan oil on your face since it won’t clog your pores. 

Jade Roller

I’m not 100% sure how effective jade rollers are, but they look great on my beauty shelf and they feel great on my face.

So gently roll your jade roller from the center of your face, outwards, so your skin can fully absorb the oils and enjoy the massage. 


You can’t go to a spa without getting a massage. And while nothing is quite as good as the human touch, robots are taking over and I’ve got to say they’re doing a pretty good job.

The best way to find a massager you like is to go to a store and try it out but in case you can’t, here are some of the best ones available on Amazon.

What are your at-home spa essentials?

Now that you have all your supplies, put all your devices on do not disturb and settle in for some relaxation and then the best sleep of your life. Another school year done, and one of the hardest ever.

Be proud of yourself — you deserve to treat yourself and to focus on your wellbeing.

What relaxes you the most when you’re at home? How did you feel after your at-home spa day? Let us know! 

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