3 Amazing Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

Hair masks are a fantastic way to keep your hair healthy. Here are my top three picks.

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it's a 10 hair mask

I am a huge fan of hair masks. We tend to put our hair through so much stress— hair dye, straightening, excessive curling, etc. We’re all guilty, unless your hair is beautiful naturally. (And if that’s the case, I’m jealous!) But when your hair is damaged, one product can help you out: hair masks.

Hair masks help to repair your hair temporarily and bring it back to its natural, lustrous state. I’ve put together a list of my three favorites; two are drugstore brands and one is a splurge. Read on to learn what they are.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner

aussie moist deep conditioner

$2.99 at Drugstore.com

This is probably the best thing you could get for $3. Aussie’s deep conditioner is incredible. It smells amazing and makes your hair look and feel feel fresh, soft, and healthy. I’ve mentioned before that I frequently bleach my hair and straighten it often, so my hair is very damaged. However, when I use this product, my hair looks perfect!

To use it, I apply a generous amount through my hair, scalp to ends, then rinse after 3 minutes— exactly like the bottle says. I use it once or twice a week at most, since using hair masks too often can actually weaken your hair. I highly recommend this product, so give it a shot!

It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask

it's a 10 hair mask

$30 at Ulta

As you can probably tell, this one is the splurge. Since the other masks I’m featuring cost less than $6, I’m sure this $30 one seems pretty pricey. However, It’s a 10 is an incredible hair care line that you absolutely have to try.

I’ve been using the conditioner from the line for years, so I decided to try the mask. It promises to restructure damaged hair and repair dry hair and scalps.

When I used it, I left it on for five minutes with plastic wrap and a warm towel, just like it says on the package. I nearly fell over when I saw how good my hair looked!

This is one of those masks that you don’t use twice a week— more like once a month. For the price, this does what it promises, and it also feels like a luxury product. If your hair is very damaged and you’re at the point where you’ll try anything, splurge on this product. It’s worth it!

L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair Balm

$5.99 at Target

I’ve mentioned this mask before, but it’s so fantastic that I’m mentioning it again. L’Oreal’s hair masks have always been pretty standard and reliable, but this one is something else. I love it!

It claims to repair up to one year of damage in “one use,” but that claim is definitely ridiculous, since your hair can’t actually be repaired. However, it’s still an amazing hair mask and it really does make your hair feel healthier and stronger.

I use this more as a daily conditioner, or at least an every other day one. I concentrate it on the ends of my hair, then rinse immediately instead of letting it sit on my hair like most masks. I find that it’s most effective this way, repairing my hair little by little. Give this a try if you have dry ends or want a great, budget-friendly mask.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “3 Amazing Hair Masks for Damaged Hair”

  1. i don’t have damaged hair, just naturally on the drier side. ive tried two of these products and am not impressed..i hate the aussie one…does absolutely nothing for my hair – it acts like a light conditioner for me. The loreal one is okay… i too used it like an every day conditioner. didn’t feel either of these gave me a truly deep conditioning treatment.

  2. gotta admit, my hair has never been better since I started to use masks, but I tend to to stick with either Kerastase or Christophe Robin.

      • I have hair that’s naturally drier, but I’ve also been colouring it for a good decade so I have to bring out big guns or else I’m sure it’ll fall out. I find that cheaper masks are too diluted, whereas a more premium mask works better and I use less of it so it lasts me for a good 2 months.

        • It certainly sounds interesting. I have course hair that is also really long so I am tempted! Perhaps I will ask for one of these for the holidays. 😛

  3. Just a quick thing, you say “I find that it’s most effective this way, repairing my hair little by little” shortly after you say ”
    hair can’t actually be repaired”.

    Which is it?? 🙂

  4. Its a 10 is amazing. they make amazing hair care products. and they smell nice.

    also available at walmart and rite aid in so cal.

  5. I find that for long hair, the Aussie conditioner works really well for every time I shampoo–but that doesn’t mean every day, because I try to extend the time between washes with dry shampoo. The water in my college’s town does strange things to my hair (and I’m not the only one who’s noticed).


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