I Tried It: Tape-In Hair Extensions

The ultimate guide to tape-in hair extensions. Before and after pics, what to expect, the cost, how to style them, drawbacks and more.

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have a thick head of voluminous, cascading hair, like the celebrities I watched on TV and the models I saw in magazines. Sure, I realized that they probably had some professional intervention to help make their hair look that great. Regardless, my thin, static-prone locks have always been a source of great frustration.

A few months ago, I ran into my friend Kat and my jaw dropped. She’s always been one of the prettiest and most fashion-forward friends I’ve known, but suddenly, she had hair that would make any Victoria’s Secret Angel green with envy. After a little (okay, a lot) of questioning and badgering from me, Kat finally let me in on her glamorous secret: tape-in hair extensions.

Less than a month later, I too finally had the luscious mane I’d been craving my whole life. While I loved many aspects of my new hair, there were also several things that I wished I knew and had considered before getting them.

In this post, I’ll share the story of my experience with my tape-in hair extensions, from pre-installation to how my natural hair fared after I took them out. Along the way, I’ll share some tips and pointers to help out any of you who might be considering a set of your own.

Of course, if you have any experiences, tricks, or stories about hair extensions to share, please leave a comment at the end to add to this discussion!

This is my friend Kat--talk about some major hair envy!
This is my friend Kat — talk about some major hair envy!

Taking the Plunge

I had pretty long hair prior to getting extensions, so my primary goal was to increase the body and volume. My hairdresser recommended that I use only half of a package of extensions, which would not only be less expensive, but easier to care for.

My friend pictured above used a full set, which as you can see looks absolutely amazing. I’m not as skilled in the beauty department as my friend is, though, and I figured half the amount would be as good starting place. Plus, I could always add more if I wanted to later.

Here’s what I learned while my hairdresser installed them:

  • How they’re attached. Basically, the stylist will take a three or four inch hair extension track and attach a special kind of double-sided tape to them. They will then sandwich 10-15 individual hairs between the two extension tracks, adhered together with the double-sided tape. Because the extension is actually glued to another extension, it allows this sort of hair installation last much, much longer than when extensions are just glued to your scalp with that tar-like weft glue you may have seen before at the beauty supply stores. Typical weft glue usually only lasts 2-3 weeks, but the tape-in method lasts around 2 months.
  • Styling. Don’t worry, you can still pull your hair into ponytails and such. The only thing that’s a little difficult is parting your hair down the back for pigtail braids, or something along those lines. Your hair dresser will attach the hair extension tracks on the sides of your head VERY close to your scalp though, so it might be uncomfortable for a day or two.
  • Potential hair loss issues. According to my hairdresser, the only hairs in jeopardy are the strands sandwiched between the extensions. My stylist also said we lose an average of 100 individual strands of hair a day, so comparatively, even the worst-case scenario damage wouldn’t be too big of a deal.
  • Upkeep. My hairdresser told me I would need to brush my extensions twice a day, and always be sure to sleep in a ponytail or a loose braid to keep the extensions from matting. Seemed like a piece of cake to me.
  • Price. My hairdresser charged me for the true price of the extensions, plus $50 to install them. We got a few extra tracks of hair, as well as two different colors since my natural hair was a bit ombre-d. All together, it cost around $200 to get started, and would cost $50 every other month to have them removed and re-installed. Since I had just received a tax return, I could afford the large first-time fee, and planned to set aside $25 dollars every month for to build a budget for maintenance.

After she finished installing my extensions, this is what I looked like:

Hair extensions
Not too shabby, huh?

The Care and Keeping of Tape-In Hair Extensions

As with almost everything you do in life for the first time, the theory of keeping my hair extensions looking great was a little bit more difficult than I imagined. Of course, there were a ton of fringe benefits as well.

Here are a few things that I learned over the next month:

They can get pretty warm.

Suddenly, you have twice as much hair laying on your back and neck than you’re used to. Plus, extensions are attached in thick layers on the lower part of your head. I’m not going to lie, I got pretty toasty wearing them, especially since I had them installed right as when the weather started to get hot. It’s almost feels like you’re wearing an oddly-shaped hat of sorts.

This isn’t always a bad thing though — if you get chilly very easily, the extra hair can almost function as an portable warming device for your shoulders and head!

They were so fun to style.

Having a head full of thick, healthy hair was incredibly exciting when it came to playing with fun hairdos. My hair looked great in its naturally straight state, but looked fantastic curled into loose waves. Fishtail braids looked fancy and dramatic. I could build a bigger top knot than anyone else I encountered. My previous limp, lifeless hair that looked awful air-dried suddenly looked earthy and cool without a blow out. Even lazy high ponytails suddenly looked fashion-forward and chic!


Nice tape-in extensions are made from human hair, so don’t be afraid to use your straightener or curling iron on them. You can even dye or highlight tape-in extensions!

Time was an issue.

Another thing about extensions that took awhile to get used to was how long it took to detangle and blow-dry my new ‘do. I used to be able to take and shower and finish blow drying in less than thirty minutes. But with my extensions, sometimes I’d go to bed with damp hair and wake up with it still feeling moist in the morning.

Budget for twice as much time in your beauty routine.

Shampooing (because of the way the extensions are attached to your head, working shampoo in between layers takes quite a bit of effort), conditioning, and detangling once you’re out of the shower (a tedious process as well) all take special attention. Also, I’m used to blowdrying my hair upside down, which isn’t a great option when you have hair extensions. It took almost 45 minutes for my hair to air-dry to the point where it was safe for a blow dry.

Consider your lifestyle.

I exercise almost every day. Based on the tedious hair care routine I described above, this made me extremely hesitant about working up a sweat. Although dry shampoo works excellent with hair extensions, it just wasn’t enough to get the grease and stink out of my new hair. So instead of going through the whole hair care dog and pony show, I just settled for, well, not exercising as much. Fun, but probably the less healthy and wise choice.

Be fanatic about brushing your hair.

My hair dresser told me to brush my extensions twice a day every day, but I didn’t understand what she really meant by brushing. Typically, brushing my hair meant detangling with a comb after I showered, and maybe running a paddle-brush through my head to help evenly distribute the white powdery bits of dry shampoo some mornings. If you get tape-in extensions, mentally prepare for brushing each and every layer of your hair from scalp to end. It’ll be a time consuming process, but it’s completely necessary. If you don’t, well — I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Sleep habits.

Once you’re finished thoroughly brushing, throw your hair into a loose ponytail, braids, or pigtails to keep it from getting tangled overnight. I preferred braiding my hair, so I’d wake up the next morning with some texture. Sleeping on silk pillows will help keep your hair from getting roughed-up over night as well.

Other grown-up activities.

We’re all friends here at College Fashion, so we can have a big-girl discussion and well, not giggle too much about it. If you have a special person in your life, and sometimes participate in an activity that encourages friction between your head and your pillows, you’re going to have a crazy bird’s nest of tangles on the back of your head to deal with afterwards.

I’m not saying you should stop said activities — after all, it’s a regular part of many adults’ daily lives — but I am saying that employing braids, a high ponytail, and/or a little bit of creativity to your routine might be a good idea.

Prepare to shed.

This is not an exaggeration — I had to Swiffer my bathroom every other day because of the insane amount of hair that fell out while I (poorly) brushed my hair and styled it. I’m talking a noticeable, gross accumulation of hair in my sink, on my countertops, and covering my bathroom floor every single day. I have no idea what percentage of that hair was my natural locks and what percentage was my extensions, but either way, it was pretty alarming to look at, and definitely freaked out any friends I had over.

The Final Days

After about a month, the tracks of the hair extensions placed near the crown of my head began peaking through my natural hair. I could tell that a small (yet very scary) dreadlock-esque mess was developing in the layers near the nape of my neck. This final straw came when a track that had detached and folded over itself came out while I ran my fingers through my hair — while I was at work chatting with a customer. Talk about bad timing!

Here are a few things I learned during the awkward two-week period with my extensions while I waited for an appointment with my hairdresser:

They definitely didn’t last 2 months.

For me, at least. This was for a number of reasons, though, and most of them were my own fault. First of all, my hair naturally grows pretty fast, so the extension track had grown about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch away from my scalp.

Secondly, I didn’t brush my extensions in the dedicated manner required, so I had some major matting issues going on, especially at the top of the extension track which got tangled with my new natural hair. Lastly, the bad knotting caused the hair extension track to bend and not lay flat, which made it poke through the top layers of my natural hair. If I would have taken proper care of my extensions, they probably would have lasted several weeks longer.

Removing tape-in hair extensions on your own is tough.

I felt like I used half of the bottle of remover they gave me just to get one track (which was already very grown out and coming loose) detached while trying to lose as little of my natural hair as possible. When I read the ingredients for the “glue dissolvant” though, I noticed that it was totally made up of natural essential oils. I’m not a hair professional, but I suspect that coconut, olive, or baby oil would do the job just as well, but cost a fraction of the price.

To remove, apply oil directly to the adhered track and let them soak for a few minutes and loosen. Then, using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, slowly try to slide the two pieces either apart from each other, or down the shaft of your hair. I’ll be honest, this is not an easy process. After spending twenty minutes removing one track, I decided to leave the rest up to the professionals.

Hair loss was minimal not too bad.

Your hair will feel dramatically thinner than it did with your extensions in. That being said, I’m actually shocked at how good my natural hair looked after my extensions were removed. I’d seen what felt like a wig’s worth of hair get swept up off my bathroom floor, and due to the matting and tangling, it actually took two hairdressers working on my hair to get all of them removed. All of that considered, I still had a good amount of hair on my head, comparative to what it looked like pre-extensions.

Save your extensions.

According to my hairdresser, my extensions were still in good enough shape to re-install, which is the case for most girls who get tape-in hair extensions. Since we were not even halfway through the summer and I was getting restless from not exercising as frequently, I took my extensions home to wash, dry, and store until I’m ready to install them again.

The Aftermath

Woman wearing jewelry

As a whole, I really liked tape-in hair extensions. I like that most of the expense involved is upfront, and they’re semi-affordable to maintain.

They gave me a huge confidence boost — even in my yoga pants and no make-up, I felt glamorous thanks to my thick and swoopy hair. My new hair looked amazing with hats, headbands, in ponytails, curled, and even air-dried. I got compliments all the time, and finally had the luscious hair that I’d dreamed about since I was a kid.

Although I had several issues with them, most of the problems were due to me not taking as good of care of my extensions as I should have. They’re definitely a better fit for me during the winter, when I’m not constantly outdoors rollerblading, swimming, and going on hikes. When my workouts just consist of lifting weights and walking on the treadmill in an air-conditioned space, dry shampoo every other day will work just fine. I’ll probably put my extensions back in around October.

Before you get tape-in hair extensions, I would recommend that you examine your schedule and lifestyle, and make a decision based on how much time you have. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time grooming yourself, this is not the route to take.

Hair extensions also are not a good idea if you like to exercise a lot, if you toss and turn or sweat a lot in your sleep, or if you aren’t sure if you’ll steadily have enough money to keep them maintained. But if none of these factors are a problem, prepare to have a fantastic head of gorgeous hair, sure to catch eyes and make you feel great!

Stories? Tips? Tricks? Share!

Have you had tape-in hair extensions before? What about clip in, weave in, or glue in extensions? What did you love about them? What worked for your beauty routine? What would you recommend to others? Leave a comment and add to this discussion–us CF girls have got to help each other out!

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  1. I have worn tape in extensions for probably 3 or 4 years straight now. I have none of the issues mentioned above. I do however wear my hair up a lot! I find if it is down and rubbing on your clothes or anything they will mat really badly then. I am outside a lot and my daughter rodeos so we are in the wind and everything and so I very rarely wear my hair down. I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days (I have a dry scalp) and I comb or brush once a day only. I can usually get 3 months of wear out of one instillation.

  2. Hello Ladies, thank you for your story Chelsea. I had a beautiful loose curls head of hair natural. Now I have a terminal illness and my hair is so thin I can’t wear a pony tail because you can see through my hair on the sides and top where bangs use to go but no more because they are too thin and don’t stay. It is awful to lose your hair. I wish it wasn’t so devestated for us to lose our hair but it is, we are very vein when it comes to our hair, in a good way, lol. I would like to ask if anyone knows an affordable extensions for really thin hair but enough hair still for extensions? I tried going to the sites for wigs and extension for sick women but they are ridiculous with their prices, I guess they take advantage of our desperation. So I decided to write after reading the story and feeling other women can maybe relate to me. Every woman wants to feel pretty even women who are dying…If anyone has any idea on extensions I should try please let me know. I would so appreciate it.. Thank you…Neenah

  3. Thank you Chelsea for writing such a well written piece about your extensions. I am 51 and considering getting tape extensions. Recently I have lost a lot of hair due to menopause and find my limp locks distressing. I have used clip ins from time to time but would like to try an extended type like the tape ins. My hair is fine and pretty healthy but cut just above my shoulders . Would I be able to wear tape ins that add length, say to the middle of my back? I have read where tape ins are pretty much only for volume?

    • I had shoulder length hair and added 6-8″ of length onto my hair. I was going for length, not volume. It may take more hair because it will be more difficult to blend, but in my opinion it’s worth it!

  4. I’m located in OK as well and am having trouble locating someone to do tape ins for me. My cousin in FL has them and loves them. Can you forward your stylists info? Feel free to email me if you’d rather.

  5. Hi. Thanks so much for your post. I just got a hair cut after having medium length hair and while I don’t mind shoulder-length hair, the stylist did so many layers that I really hate it. I just had a consultation at Doll Bar (in Toronto) – a hair extension specialty salon and they were really helpful but I am glad to have the point of view of someone else who’s gone through it all. I’m not sure I’m going to get extensions, but I’m pretty excited about the idea.


  6. I have had different styles of extensions for a few years now and Moroccan oil has always been my best friend when it came to any tangling or greasy issues. You have to put some type of natural oil in your extensions because it’s dead hair. It doesn’t produce the natural oils that our real hair does anymore.

  7. I currently have Tape In Extensions and have had them since August of 2013.. so around 10 months. I have had i-Tip ones in the past, for about a year, and have tried clips ins but those did not work out for me. I love the convenience of extensions staying attached at all times. Clips ins make me constantly paranoid about them falling out or looking unnatural. I like i-Tip extensions but they took a long time to install and damaged my hair pretty bad. Tape Ins are wonderful. They lay against your head so smoothly you don’t even feel them, and no one else feels them either.

    My first experience:

    I initially bought 4 bags (40 wefts) but once installed I knew I wanted it thicker. In my experience, the thicker and more hair you put in, the more natural your hair looks. So I bought 2 more, 60 wefts in total.

    This first time I had slight discomfort from them pulling on my scalp because they were installed so close to my head. This helps them last longer before needing to be redone, but I didn’t enjoy the tugging feeling and ended up having my hairdresser (who is my sister in law) install them lower each time after to make them more comfortable. That problem was solved.

    Next issue was the wefts were too wide, making them hard to style and put in a ponytail without showing through. They would get curved and ended up sliding apart from one another and the bond would eventually loosen enough to pull them out or apart from each other. To solve this issue, my hairdresser and I cut each weft in half. This makes installation time longer but it was a perfect solution. My hair is much for flexible and manageable now.

    Blonde hair – because my extensions are blonde they get pretty brassy. We make sure to tone them every once and awhile which works pretty well. As well as using purple shampoo every once and awhile. I am under the impression that the extensions can be dyed but not highlighted (or bleached). I may be wrong about that but I know my hairdresser will not risk bleaching them.

    Drying time – Oh my goodness, the author of this post Chelsea, is so right! The hair takes FOREVER to dry. I bought an expensive blow dryer and that did seem to cut down my drying time quite a bit but for the longest time I used my $20-$30 drugstore blow dryer and it was ridiculous to try and dry all of my hair in one sitting. However, curling and styling my hair takes no time at all. I can curl my whole head in 10 min (or less!) with a flat iron. It’s so easy and stays curled for days. I can wake up, brush my hair, fix a couple pieces of hair near my face, tease the back and I am good to go if I curled it the day before. It’s wonderful.

    Mine last about 6 weeks.. if I wait any longer they twist around and peek through, and fall out every once and awhile.

    Removing them :

    Definitely not an enjoyable process. Now that I have been through it several times it has gotten easier but still not fun. The worst part is removing the glue residue stuck in your hair once the extensions are out. My best advice is washing your hair and removing the extensions with wet hair. My hairdresser washes my hair with Dawn dish soap (it helps loosen the bonds we think) and it has seemed to help with the removal process. We also use the bond remover. But I think olive oil, baby oil, or coconut oil may work just the same, but we haven’t tried that yet.

    Then we have to wash my hair again (with no conditioner) and remove all glue residue from the extensions. Then wash and condition the extensions, dry them, and then reattached an adhesive strip to each weft (120 of them since we cut them in half. However, over time I have lost a few so I’m sure the number is not quite as high anymore). Then, dry my hair and straighten it to re-install the tape in extensions. The re-installation does not take very long, just the process in between taking them out and putting them back in does.

    In the end, the time and money I spend to maintain my extensions is definitely worth it for me. The days I spend getting them redone are painful and long but after it’s over it is beyond worth it. I will continue to get these done for years and years to come. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

  8. http://estellessecret.com/pages/videos
    For great tutorials on applying clip ins checkout link above.

    I recently purchased some superb clip-in extensions as I still do wear clip-ins. http://estellessecret.com/collections/shop is where I purchased mine from, do the quality (180 gram) of the wefts, you get a full set, ten/tracks pieces. I ordered the Marilyn blonde and it’s an exquisite platinum bombshell blonde color. Highly recommend these, you won’t wanna wear any other clip-ins. Before I purchased these I had considered Cashmere hair extensions, but those extensions are at least 100 to 200 dollars more (currently they are on sale) and you only get 7 tracks/pieces per order. Not to mention the lightest blonde shade available at cashmere hair extensions is not a platinum blonde shade at all. So if you want true quality, truly platinum, 100% natural human REMY hair, 180 gram extensions for a reasonable price ($200) with tax, look no furtherthan Estelle’s Secret.

  9. I am thinking of getting tap in or glue in hair extensions , I was wondering what shampoo and conditioner is the best the one you used ?

  10. There is a lice outbreak at our kids elementary school and now I want to take my lovely tape extensions out myself at home so I can nit comb my hair with the rest of the family ?for peace of mind. Any advice ladies? On DIY removal?

  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to write about this in detail! I’ve always wanted long hair, but it takes so long to grow it out. I think I’m going to get hair extensions this weekend! Thanks again, this really made my day!

  12. I wear the clip on extensions and i like them a lot because whenever i want more volume i just clip more on and i can put them higher or lower on my head. They have never given me any hair loss issues and i dont wear them to sleep.

  13. Hey ladies..I know price seems to be an issue for a lot of you.But its always better to d.I.y….you can go to Sally’s or any beauty store and buy the hair you want in the length you want.Buy the clips yourself from sally’s and the needle and thread and make your own extensions..clip ons made easy at home.The plus benefit is you can mix and match them.Also you can have sew in extensions put in partially.which requires 5-8 braids with the hair is sewn to.There are thousand and thousand of tutorials on youtube instructing you how to make your own extensions,how to do a partial sew-in,and how to do a full sew-in,and how to add hair to wigs,front lace wigs..etc.I currently spend less than 200 every 3 months doing my hair and both of my daughters.Besides with different hair for different budgets the choices are endless,and all the hair is reuseable…

  14. How long did you wait to sweat/wash your hair after getting them in? It says 24 -48 hours but that’s a big window…is 24 hours enough? I have a soccer game 24 hours after I’ll get mine in and I’ll definitely sweat!

  15. I have Glossie Tape-In Hair Extensions and they are awesome. They didn’t tangle and actually felt softer after I had washed them a few times. They also come in some fun colors which is nice if you want to try incorporating some colored pieces into your hair.

  16. I got tape-ins about 3 weeks ago, 100% human, and I already need them re-installed. I am not happy about how quickly I need to hand over another $100 to have them slid back up, but I guess if you want big beautiful hair, you have to pay the price. I have very thin hair and my stylist used 4 packs of 22″ long hair on me. The overall cost came to about $550. I love them to death and the maintenance is very minimal- I brush it throughout the day and braid it when im home or sleeping. It never gets tangled at all. Just remember these things 1.Be very gentle while shampooing 2.never use an alcohol based heat protectant 3.Do not use conditioner with mineral oil in it, as it will dissolve the tape 4.Use a Paraben and Sulfate free shampoo 5.Do not use regular bottled conditioner- only leave-in. 6.DO NOT FORGET TO USE HEAT PROTECTANT!!!! Be sure to follow these tips for good healthy looking extensions!

    • That’s awesome advice for free too Stef Wassel…I have never used them but now that because of my terminal illness my hair is so very thin that the only thing that helps the bald spots is Kaboki. I want to try those tape extensions. Do they come in synthetic? if so wouldn’t that be easier to take care of since it has a memory in the hair to go back to how it was after shampoo? When and if I get the taped extensions I will absolutely follow your directions to keep them worth the money the cost…Every girl wants to feel pretty even sick girls…Thanks

  17. I recently got Hotheads tape extensions from my hairdresser and she charged me $550 for 3 packs of 12″ hair and then charged $400 to install them. Has anyone ever heard of such a high price? I really feel like I was ripped off…

    • I live in the st. louis area and yes, thats pretty common price for professional install around here. They usually quote between $900 and $1000

    • Holy crap that’s WAY too much!!! mine cost 350 for the extensions (I got four packs of 22″ long hair- two singles and two doubles) and $100 to install which I thought was pricy

    • Honestly, I think it depends on where you live. I live in a fairly large city, and I was surprised others were spending so little!

      • Oh please $over 900, really? Not where I come from. Where I come from it’s called a rip off no matter where you live unless you live in Beverly Hills where the rich idiots over pay for everything just to show off not because of quality. Well maybe where you live. I just hope it was worth it for her.

  18. Love the Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions. The quality of tape and hair is exceptional and anyone can buy them online. Its about $150 to get them installed plus the cost of hair. Perfect for those with thin hair too!

  19. I am getting a consultation for these tomorrow and I am very nervous for the aftermath. I used clip extensions on weekends for about a year over 4 years ago and got traction alopecia, which turned into an autoimmune type alopecia and alopecia areata. Has anyone on here with alopecia tried these? My hair just looks so bad because the right side doesn’t grow and I have extremely thin hair or bald spots everywhere else and it has destroyed my confidence and I just need something that will give me hair without the damage! Any comments/stories would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  20. I lost my hair due to cancer, hair started coming in but not quick enough for me. I had about 3-4 inches all over & no style looked good. I asked my stylist about tape in’s to get a short bob look. She thought it might help, but failed to put enough in the front to blend in the shorter hairs. She charged $65 an hour to put in (not a full head), $65 to remove (6 wks) & another $65 plus to put back in. My cost was over the top, I had 1-1/2″ of gray that I didn’t get covered because the cost was already up to $180! That included a Small trim, the cost to remove & re-apply. The side was never blended properly so I had puffs over each ear. It wasn’t until I did a consult at another salon (where he trimmed the puffs to blend, at no charge did my hair look natural! I now go to the new salon! Had I known the cost was crazy, I would have bought a wig! I like the tape in’s but it’s 3 weeks & they need to be re-moved & re-applied, again! I think I’ll try clip ins!

  21. Julie at Beauty Spot Plus Salon in Tulsa ,OK is an excellent tape extension artist 918-743-4950
    She is a wonderful Bayalage Colorist also.

    • I was charged 200 to install. Prices listed here wet off. I paid 500 for my extensions. I love them but have experienced them pulling. I just got them so I’m hoping it will ease up after a few days. Harder to sleep. Haven’t experienced washing yet.

  22. I just got mine put in 4 weeks ago and I love them. No issues at all at this time. I am very very pleased. I don’t sleep with my hair pulled back every night. I have had very little tangle issues. I wash my hair three times a week. I used two packages for length. I had a bob to my shoulder now my hair is layered to the middle of my back. Everyone is amazed by how real they look. Love them and would recommend them rather than glue in extensions . I also used the halo for months and got tired of putting it in every day. I can do a lot more hair dos with my tape in. Very happy with the out come.

  23. I’d love to know who did yours! I live in OK, and I’m having quite a time with mine. Instead of the longer track, she used individual pieces, and I can’t pull my hair up in a pony, half do, anything. It’s awful. 🙁 And I’ve already lost three in two weeks!

    I’d love to try the longer taped pieces, as I think they’d stay better and wouldn’t fall out as easy as one inch pieces. Anyway, I’d love your suggestions or a referral to where you went. 🙂

  24. I love the tape extentions! I ordered Remy on ebay and have used them for 3 months now. Only problem – I’ve had an allergic reaction to the tapes.

  25. I just got tape in extensions. I have three wefts on each side of my head and four in the back. I was just adding the extensions for volume not length, I have my hair cut to a shoulder length bob. My questions is there a brush that works on the scalp so that it doesn’t snag the tape when trying to brush your hair? Thanks!

  26. I have had tape in extensions (not sure which brand) for 1 year now. I love them except for a little bit of difficulty putting my hair up high on my head sometimes, but every time I’ve taken them out to have them re-taped, my hair feels even thinner than the time before. My hair dresser says it is just because I’m used to the thick hair with extensions. I know I had thin hair before, but I really don’t think it was ever this thin, I barely have anything left. I freaked out and left them out last time but my hair looks horrible. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this experience? Thanks for your help!

    • I used tape in extensions for 4 years. Every time I tried taking them off my hair seemed ridiculously thin and I’d end up putting them back on. Now I’ve finally decided to take care of my real hair, which really is thinner than I remember it ever being. Extensions look good for a while, but I guess it’s not worth having them for that long!

    • 2 years ago I had glued in my own extensions. I had them for about 6 months, but that was including reinstalling them every 6 weeks. My hair did feel a lot thinner after, but that was caused by removing the glue that was left behind. I used a thickening shampoo and literally 2 weeks later, my hair felt awesome again.

  27. I use Loreal sulphate free shampoo. I was told to use a dry shampoo or a sulphate free shampoo. I use the dry every other day.

  28. I have been using Hair Addictionz tape in extensions for about 4 years, and you can buy them online at hairaddictionz.com. they come in packages of 10, 20, or 40 pieces. I prefer this company over others because the hair is 100% human indian remy hair, so you don’t have to worry about any synthetic blends causing you problems. All of the hair is on 1.25″ wefts, which makes concealing the bonds much easier than the larger 3-4″ bonds. Also, their adhesive is removed using an alcohol based formula, so you don’t end up with a big oily mess in your hair.

    This goes for all tape in methods: In my experience, placement is everything… if you go too high on the head they show way too soon, and I’ve seen people go 3 months without moving their extensions using good placement. Also, the shampoo you use matters and how you use your conditioner matters too. If you shampoo too often with budget shampoo you can cause the bonds to slip and seriously dry out the extensions, and if you put conditioner at your scalp you can cause the bonds to slip as well. As for the matting issues, these can be prevented by not going to bed with your hair wet. This is a good rule of thumb for all hair actually, as you greatly disturb the cuticle of your hair when you do this.

    Check them out, they are actually open to the public but they also have professional as well. Good luck!

    honest review, not paid for or exchanged for anything.

  29. I had Cinderella bonded extensions and they were fabulous… I have thick hair and I needed 7 bundles… I loved them but was nervous that my hair would break and it was odd to have all of the beads underneath my hair… I took them out myself after about 2 1/2 months…
    Now I’m considering the tape in extensions… I like that they can be re-used and are less expensive and seem to be less harmful to the hair. I had been going to an Aveda salon and the stylists mentioned the VoMor extensions, however, I recently saw information about the Great Lengths app tape-in extensions. After watching the application video, I seem to be leaning toward them but not sure if the cost is in line with Aveda’s VoMor? I know a lot of the variance in price can be related to geography – I live in South Florida (Boca Ratonish)

  30. I got tape-in Vomor extensions about two months ago because my hair grows incredibly slow and I knew it would take months for it to reach the length i wanted. I really like them a lot and they give me a lot of confidence. One negative thing I would add is that my significant other doesn’t particularly like them, mostly because he can’t really run his fingers through my hair without them getting caught in his fingers since the extensions are attached at the base of your scalp. He does like how they look though.

    I got them for myself and not him, so I’ll be keeping them for a while. But I would imagine if you are hooking up with someone for the first time, that could be a slightly awkward conversation to have to explain

  31. Has anyone got extensions from airyhair.com? If so what is the quality like? I’ve Reade the reviews on the website and they all seem good

    • I ordered from them and they never sent the extensions, never refunded my money, and when I asked them to resend they were rude and actually called me some derogatory names. They actually resent them but they were 75-80% synthetic hair that wouldn’t take color

  32. I have tape in hair extensions from bombay. I love the hair! Tape in extensions are a great option if you are looking for extensions that you can’t take out daily. I too have found some negatives. I definitely find them hot and they take forever to dry. I did have a full head but was sick of the time it took to get ready everyday. Now I have them in the front to add fullness and even out my hair. (The back grows way faster then my front). overall, I would recommend them to anyone who wanted extensions. They are easy to install and because I don’t have a full head of extensions I put them in myself and they are easy to do and look great. I would recommend getting them done professionally if you are getting a full head done.

  33. I’m using the tape in extensions right now and have had the same hair for approx. 6 months now. I weight train and do cardio every single day and have no problems washing, drying or brushing my extensions. They have never tangled and I have had them moved up twice using the same hair.
    The tape ins are by far my favourite method of extensions, no damage to my natural hair, no extra effort to style, I asked my stylist to place them strategically as I am a competitive cheerleader and dancer so need to be able to style my hair in all ways up, down, pigtails and I have had no trouble hiding them.
    Absolutely 100% in love with them and getting them moved up again and dyed also 😀 highly recommended them to anyone!!!

  34. I have been wanting to try tape-in extensions for the same reasons as you: I want more volume. It sounds like overall you had a good experience, so I may go ahead an try it. I don’t have anything to lose, except a few dollars I guess!

  35. I love these hair extensions! They look so cute on you, and they really make a difference! Maybe I should try getting some? My hair is a bit thin, so I could really use the extra volume.

  36. A few years ago, I had the fuzed extensions put in my hair. They were done by a friend, who is also a stylist. She gave me a great deal on them. However, they were still upwards of $1000 with the human hair and installation fee. This was a purchase to boost my confidence using my tax money. I got them in April and they were out by September. In the beginning, I loved the volume it gave to my limp, lifeless hair… And it gave me the length I have never had before in my life. About a month into them, my hair was matting really bad at the scalp. I had so many of the issues that you had with the tape in extensions. If I pulled my hair into a ponytail or bun, you could see each strand of extension hair and the bead that it was fuzed to. There was nothing I could do about it. After a couple of months, my natural hair had grown out so much and was starting to break off at the bead. I was surprised I still had hair when they were all out of my head. That, by the way, was a whole other story. I had the hardest time getting in to a salon to have them removed, they ended up falling out on their own. Six months is too long for those kinds of extensions.

    All in all, they were fun for about a month or two. But if you cannot afford to keep up with the maintenance required to keep them looking good, do not do it.

    Also, I have a friend that gets the taped in extensions quite often. Her hair is very fine and thin. And you can always see the tape in her hair. I think if it’s done right, it’ll probably look pretty good. If not, you’re just left with a mess on your head.

  37. Thanks for writhing this review because this was a big help to me when deciding to go with tape-in extensions!

    I am 44 and got Babe tape-in extensions about a week and a half ago. These are my first extensions and I love them; however my hair was pretty short (chin length bob) so it is some work trying to get them to blend with my hair. I can usually get it looking good the first day after washing and styling them but when I pull them back at night to braid of course it straightens the top out so it’s harder to get it to match the next days. I pull it back a lot either half up/down and pony tail or braid. My hair is fine and thin and they do work for me but I am really careful about making sure the tape doesn’t show through. I think when my hair gets a bit longer it will be easier to blend.

    So one thing I feel bad about it I paid a lot! And when I say a lot, I paid $975 total for the extensions and the install and I feel like I got over charged with what everyone is saying. The stylist did a great job. We colored and highlighted my hair first and that was another charge. The lady that did the prices never did give me a break down on how much the hair cost but they did tell me they charge $110 for install and $110 to take out! So every time I have to get them moved that is going to be a lot plus having my roots colored. I really do like my stylist a lot but I feel like with those prices I am being taken advantage of.

    With that said, it does take a long time for the hair to dry but I knew that going in from all the reviews. Takes some work washing but I use good shampoo and conditioner and wash the top of my hair and a little between the wefts and gently on the tape-in hair and really let gravity and water pull the shampoo through the rest of my hair and put the conditioner on lightly on my hair and the on the ends of the tape in hair not near the bonds. So after the first week I am loving them.
    I just wish that blending with my natural hair was better but that is just from me having shorter length hair.

  38. I am currently less into clip ins and getting into flip in extensions they use a small thin adjustable wire that goes around the head (like headband or crown then you push it down and flip your hair over it all around the thin wire). Secret Extensions is a version of this but not adjustable and cheaper. I do have secret extensions. I’ve also ordered the actual flip in extensions from GoldenLush.com in platinum blonde (20 inch) for $128.00. It’s so easy and natural looking and held on by the weight of your real hair. I have very fine, damaged double processed hair. This is very very lightweight and safe. I can’t ever do any kind of semi permanent extensions. I once for free at a salon had one fusion extension placed in my hair (just one) towards the front on the right side and the tightness was unbearable and by the time it was growing out I still wasn’t sold on it and actually it one day slipped out (probably taking some of my damaged hair with it) and it was put in right so whatever. But yes I love flip in extensions right now. The wire is NOT uncomfortable at all and won’t slide or be visible. Secret Extensions are not a true flip in but if you wanna try that first you can. GoldenLush.com is an adjustable true flip-in. Also I like 3/4 wigs if you don’t mind weight I recommend Annabelle’s Wigs online for 3/4 wigs, they clip in towards the back of your head and then a second set of clips at the bottom of your hair. Put the 3/4 wig in by gathering your hair back in a low hair clip then you fasten 3/4 wig at top of back of head (you decide exactly where to secure the top clips) then attach bottom clips and let down clipped up hair.

  39. If you have very thin hair on the top of your head, they show through. I don’t know why they cannot make that tape less shiny.

  40. I watched 52weeks of beauty videos on youtube. I did what she said to do. I really had no problem taking them out. I used a remover that I got from Sally’s. I was really nervous when it didnt seem to be working I just put more remover on and waited like the girl in the video did. I expected more of my own hair to fall out than did. I asked my beautician she said when you take them out it will look like you have lost a lot of hair but that is hair that would have fallen out anyway but was being held in by the tape. When you are taking them out have patience and use plenty of remover and massage the remover into the weft.

  41. I am curious how the tape-ins look when your hair is wet? I wakeboard a lot in the summer – can you see the bond and is it apparent when your hair is wet? I would not want to be walking around the lake with that showing obviously with cute boys around! Thanks for this article – very, very helpful!

  42. Chelsea I see you are at OU I am in Tulsa at TU where did you get the extensions done?
    I am seriously missing my long hair


  43. I tired the tape in extensions last April. My total cost for everything was……….drum roll please…… $315.00. I had 22’s put in and alot of them. My goal was to add length and highlights because i had finally grew my hair to its natural color, which is what most people say ” the most beautiful red hair they have ever seen.” So i went in and had them put in…. they looked awesome for about 2 weeks. Then all hell broke out. They started matting up in the back and it got worse until i couldnt even get a brush thru them….and the worst part about it is i was going on my first REAL vacation to Vegas…. the trip was awesome minus my outta control hair. 🙁

    I have decided to try them again, only this time i am going to do things diff. I am going to buy the hair that i think would be the best and im going to install them my self. I am not saying i could do a bettter a job then the professional that did mine…but atleast THIS time i wont be out 315 bucks ya know?

  44. It iis about choosing the right career opportunity.
    With a couple of sessions with them, you’ll be able to tell.
    Tens of thousands of people in India also provide lost their jobs in last 12 months.

  45. I would suggest a partial sew in for anyone who has hair with length or a full head sew in if you have short hair sew ins have little maintenance and last four to six weeks they can last longer but I do not suggest it I’ve been wearing them for about 2 years they look very natural I have little breakage and damage to my hair I noticed in the report shedding was a complaint I’ve purchase a thousands of dollars worth of hair in my time of wearing extensions the only way to prevent the hair from shedding is to find the right seller or brand I’m I’m currently wearing a human brazilian hair 5a with little to no shedding I’m very happy with it I hope I helped a few of you.

  46. The hair extensions looked fab and I liked your article. To keep them lasting longer, wash as less as possible, deep condition and also try a dry shampoo in between a few washed. You can still work out, just wrap your hair. Thanks for the post!

  47. Very informational! I googled to find out what tape in extensions are and happy to read this! 🙂
    I am surprised they are much cheaper than other types (here in Canada). Thanks so much!

  48. You look so lovely with your hair transformation.I’m also loving hair extensions nowadays because I got excited and happy with the result it brings. We have nothing to envy now with those girls who always change their hairstyle because we can also achieve it through hair extensions.

  49. I tried clip in extentions, they didn’t go aswell as I planned as my hair is so thin and doesn’t stay tangled enough when you tease it to hold in the clip so I had to somehow “magically” twist in the clips to tangle he hair into them so they would hold, doing this the extentions tended to pull on my hair causing those areas to start ‘aching’ and my side head clips were actually ripping out hair which I did not realise to I looked in the mirror one day and noticed that hair on the sides of my head was extremely short. So the idea of clip ins was out the door. As of about a week ago I decided for a while I wanted tape ins, they finally arrived and my partner helped me put them in.
    As the two adhesive tapes would not stick properly together I used my straightener twice in the time I had my extentions to heat them up to help properly seal them together. As of last night spending all week with them in I decides that because they were causing ‘aches’ like the clip ins, and due to the fact I’m pregnant so my scalp was getting matted, itchy, flakey, greasy and falling out by the tonne (almost literally a load) I couldn’t stand to have them in any longer. I just wanted them out so I tried peeling them apart and the actually plastic that holds the hair extentions to the glue for the hair all got stuck in my hair, so I tried to reheat them with my straightener sliding them out. As it’s really hot here and I was frustrated I didn’t bother to check how to remove them properly not did I heat them hot enough to avoid getting the bits of tape stuck in and throughout my hair. I felt so upset and frustrated with myself for not getting them properly done by with all the run around for baby stuff and a new car we hadn’t the money for me to get pampered properly. I thought (stupidly) shampoo would get it out and running a comb through with it, but nope it was just a mess a lot of clumps of hair, since I heard tea tree oil gets out sticky stuff I tried a bottle of nit solution we had sitting at home as most of the ingredients in it is tee tree oil, this helped loosen the sticky a bit but I have woken today with clumps of glue still in the bottom section of my hair. As I’ve read all this I hope that some of the things in here I try will help remove all the excess bulk of glue in my hair.
    Moron of all this,… Do not do tape in extentions from home of you don’t take them time to put them in securely and remove them professionally LOL.
    My worst mistake ever.
    Looks are worth it, but care for them is definitely too much time and a slight bit of a waste if you don’t know how to care for them.

  50. I had tape hair extensions installed 8 weeks ago, I love love loved them however in the last week I had three pieces come loose and couldn’t get into the hairdressers till next week to have them reapplied and a relift on the remaining extensions. I decided to remove them myself tonight, took me around 45 mins, I used about half a bottle of Isocol (rubbing alcohol) an had no trouble removing them myself 🙂

  51. Ive never tried tape extensions but I have worn clip in extensions for four-five years almost every single day but made the mistake recently of sleeping with them the time to save me time. HUGE MISTAKE. I now have suffered a huge amount of hair loss bc of the clips pulling on my hair. Mostly the hair loss is at the bottom of my head where one clip in particular clips on and another on the side of my head. Definitely scary t realize you have bald spots. Please follow instructions!

  52. Tea tree oil is great for getting them out yourself. When I had mine taken out in the salon, it was extremely painful and difficult for the hairdresser to get them out with the remover that she was using! There are also several DIY tape in extension videos on youtube that guide you through the application. I have actually tried this and I found it far less damaging because it is done using another method. Instead of sandwiching your hair strands between two pieces of tape, an extension piece sits flat across your head and bonds to your hair this way. Very easy to remove on your own and so much cheaper than getting it done in a salon. That being said you would need to purchase clip in wefts (and remove the clips) and double sided tape. Thats all! If you search ‘DIY tape in hair extensions’ on youtube you will find the tutorials.

  53. I tried the Glam Seamless Extra Virgin Tape In Extensions, by far the best out there. I tried other brands and they didn’t last as long and hair got matted. You have to get the brush and coconut oil spray for the best possible care.

  54. When you dye weft extensions, wash them out and air dry…then put them back on. My scalp is very itchy!! What can I do or what did I do wrong?

  55. I can never seem to grow out my hair and have considered extensions. But, won’t people think it’s weird that my hair suddenly grew several inches?

  56. I have sew-in extensions at the moment and this is the 2nd time this yr I’ve had them… taking them out is definitely awful because I lose some hair and it feels shorter and thinner…but I LOVE having them in, I also invest pretty heavily in the hair, so while it is hard shelling out 200 dollars just for the hair (and another 200 for instalation) I can keep these in for 6+ months and do everything with them (ponytails, workout, swim etc etc etc)

  57. I just want to say thank you for this post! I’ve been considering extensions for years, but was too scared of the cost and damage to my hair. These new ones were recommended to me by my stylist and sounded fantastic, but it’s even better to see a non-professionals personal testimony about them. And I have been nervous about the exercise part, but I figured I’d have to get used to that annoyance; knowing what I’m getting into is great.

    Again, thanks for sharing all the details!

  58. My hair is INSANELY thick and curly naturally, to the point where I can’t let it get too long without having a pyramid head, so it’s really interesting to me to see what people with the thin, straight hair I only dream about go through to try and get thick hair like mine, and the problems they have to deal with as a result. Think extensions are hot? Try two feet of frizz on the back of your neck all-day, every day. And don’t even get me started on brushing.

  59. All of the problems in the “Care and Keeping of…” section come along with thick hair, whether or not it is from extensions. As someone with extremely long, thick, and beachy/wavy hair, I laughed at how much I relate. I can’t lay down for ten minutes without a dreadlock forming!

  60. You and Kat are both stunning! I’m really lazy about my hair, so I don’t know if I’ll ever try this out, but this is super helpful in case I ever decide to do it.

    P.S. I tried not to giggle too much, but unfortunately I have the maturity of a twelve year old boy…

  61. I have had tape-ins on and off for about 2 years. I definitely agree they are a total confidence boost and I get so many compliments when I have them in. ultimately, I think I’ve decided to retire from them for a few reasons mentioned about – the time they take to dry. Wow, so long! I wasn’t able to wear my hair in a ponytail unless it was a low pony because you could see the tracks. exercising definitely took a back burner because of not wanting to sweat and rewash my hair.

    I didn’t have any problems with brushing out the matting after sleeping or bedroom activities but they both left my hair looking less than stellar – definitely no sleeping and wearing out.

    lastly, budget is an issue because you need to replace hair about every 5th time and the extensions only lasted me exactly 6 weeks – after that they twisted too much because of my naturally curly hair. I also haven’t found anyone to do the install cheaper than $100 and most salons charge upwards of $200 – $300 for install.

  62. They look absolutely gorgeous, but between my gel nail manicures that I have to budget for I don’t know if I would be able to afford them.

    Do you know if not using shampoo would affect the extensions at all? I quit shampoo a few months ago and my hair has been growing faster and healthier than ever, so I wouldn’t want to ruin that by getting extensions.

  63. I wear clip in extensions every day, and love them. IMO, they are better than tape in for all the negatives you named – I take them out to sleep, work out and shower. I keep them dry so it’s still quick to blow dry my hair and since I also usually keep them curled, it’s quick to curl my own hair. I use a skirt hanger to clip them to when I am not wearing them, and only need to wash them maybe once a month. Also, I have used the same set since November and still in great shape! Oh; and I bought a weird color on Amazon since super cheap (human hair for under $50) and my hairdresser dyed them when doing my hair for only $10 more. So super economical!


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