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How to Rock 3 Conventionally “Unattractive” Trends


Harem pants, wedge sneakers, asymmetrical hemlines

Photos: ELLE Recently, the Huffington Post asked men which trends they hate the most. Beyond the complete ridiculousness of some responses (high-waisted skirts “lack a certain degree of subtlety” apparently), the article was problematic for a number of other reasons. Most importantly, it was because women don’t dress or exist for the viewing pleasure of […]




Lessons I Wish I Knew: 5 Trends I Regret Obsessing Over


Lessons I Wish I Knew Trends

Let’s be honest: we’ve all succumbed to a few trends we now regret. I may not have been as bad as “I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops,” but I was the proud owner of sequined bags, Happy Bunny slogan shirts, and Gaucho pants. […]



New Year’s Eve Fashion: 2 Sequined Party Looks

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Sequin holidays

Photo Credit New Year’s Eve is full of all kinds of parties, so why not celebrate with a bit of shine? If you’re watching the ball drop or ringing in the new year at some snazzy fête, CF has a few outfits picked out for the occasion! Below, I’ve created two different looks inspired by […]



How to Wear Monogrammed Accessories


Monogram necklace

Photo Credit If there’s one thing I’m overtly obsessed with, it’s monograms. I feel the need to have my initials marked on everything – kind of like when I had to write my name in permanent marker on every belonging in elementary school. Maybe it’s the personal touch it adds to my outfits or maybe […]