Trending Hairstyles You Need to Try

Look chic in the new year with these trending hairstyles we’ll be seeing everywhere.

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Photo: Brooke Mae Hairstyling via Pinterest

Have you been looking for some cute new hairstyles to try for the upcoming year? You’ve come to the right place.

2024 is all about leveling up your style game, and that includes your hair too. So, I’ve curated 20 must-try hairstyles that are total game-changers for your 2024 look.

So, if you want tons of hair inspo for the new year, keep on reading for our favorite 2024 hairstyle trends!

1. Half-Updo Hairstyles

If you like to wear your hair up but don’t want to put it completely up, good news: The half-up, half-down hair look is trending for 2024!

All you need to do to create this look is grab a hairclip or hairband and pull back the top half of your hair into a ponytail or bun.

You could also add a bow (another hot 2024 hairstyle trend) to make this look even more adorable.

2. Reverse Ombre

For those of us who want to try a new hair color in 2024, one of the hottest trends to note is reverse ombre.

Reverse ombre is when the hair gets darker at the bottom, as opposed to regular ombre hair, which is darkest at the root and gets lighter towards the bottom.

So, if you like ombre hair looks but want to try something different and fresh this year, definitely check out the reverse ombre trend.

3. Crimped Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has been trendy for the past few years now, but in 2024, we’re going to be seeing lots of crimped hair looks.

Crimped waves are great because they will give your hair some extra volume if you have straight hair or some extra waves if you already have curly hair.

What’s great about this look is it is super easy to achieve at home; all you need is a 3-barrel waving iron to get the look!

4. Side Bangs

For those interested in adding a different type of haircut to your look this year, you may want to consider getting a haircut with bangs.

Bangs have been trendy recently thanks to celebs like Taylor Swift and the Princess of Wales, so this will also give you a hair look that will keep you looking in style in 2024!

If you are interested in bangs but want something different from the usual front bangs look, I recommend going for side bangs to frame your face and accentuate your facial features. They’re definitely among the hottest hairstyle trends for 2024.

5. Money Pieces

If you are considering dying your hair but don’t want to dye all of it, you may be considering going for some highlights.

Highlights are a great way to add a bit of extra dimension or color to your hair without completely changing your hair color.

One very trendy type of highlight for the hair is money pieces. If you have never heard of money pieces before, they are basically when you take the front pieces of your hair and highlight them to make them stand out, as seen on Alix Earle above.

I definitely recommend this type of hair look for anyone looking to add something different to their hair without completely changing their hair color.

6. Layered Haircuts

Another fun way to add something different to your hair look in 2024 is by getting layers!

Layers will add volume and movement to your hair. And there are a lot of different types of layered haircuts for you to choose from.

For example, a very trendy haircut using layers is the face-framing layers look, which I definitely recommend for anyone who has long or even shorter hair.

7. Chocolate Brown Hair

If you have lighter hair and are looking to go darker, you may want to consider trying out this gorgeous dark brown hair color in 2024.

This chocolate brown hair color is perfect for those who want to go dark but don’t want to go too dark. It’s flattering on most skin tones since it’s relatively neutral — not too warm or too cool.

This will give you a gorgeous brown shade for 2024 that you will love!

8. Peekaboo Highlights and Lowlights

If you are considering the many different highlight options for 2024, another one you should think about trying is peekaboo highlights and lowlights.

I love these highlights because they are a little unexpected, and you can create fun looks with different colors.

For example, one of my favorite combos is blonde hair with black or dark brown peekaboo highlights! You can even get creative with these highlights and add some colorful shades to your hair look.

9. Braided Hairstyles

If you are looking for everyday hairstyles for 2024, you might want to consider braided hair looks. Braided hair looks like this front braids style are so simple and easy, perfect for class, errands, or even girl’s night!

So, if you have been looking for a trendy hairstyle to try out in 2024, I recommend adding mini braids to your hair, as seen on Hailey Bieber.

10. Dark Red Hair

For those of us who were obsessed with last year’s red hair trend, you may be considering dyeing your hair red in 2024.

Lighter red hair looks, such as copper hair, were really popular this year, but if you want to go for a new and fresh look for 2024, I recommend going darker with your red!

I think that dark red hair is so stunning and will definitely make you stand out in the new year. Check out the example above for some dark red hair inspo to get you excited about your new hair color!

11. Chunky Highlights

If you have been considering highlights but want to try something a bit different from the usual highlights, I recommend going for a chunky highlights look like the one shown in this photo!

This type of highlight has become popular again thanks to the resurgence of Y2K fashion, and the great news is that you can adapt this look to any hair color you want.

If you want a 2024 hair look that stands out, this is the one to try!

12. Vintage Short Hair with Flipped Ends

For those of us who like to wear our hair short, you may be curious about some trendy short hairstyles that will look super cute in 2024!

If so, I recommend trying out this “vintage” short hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you will get a super cute short hair look that will give you a trendy but elegant vibe for 2024.

To achieve this look, you will want to have hair that’s about shoulder-length (slightly above or below will work too), then curl the ends so they flip out, as seen in the photo. I also love the bangs slicked down and tucked back for a cool vibe.

13. Space Bun Hairstyles

If you are going for some updo hairstyles in 2024, another trendy hairstyle for 2024 is space buns.

Space buns are a super cute and trendy hairstyle that you can do if you want to wear your hair up. Or, you can even do a half up half down hair look with space buns as seen in the photo.

If you have never tried space buns before, I highly recommend them because they will give you an adorable hair look that you can wear for everyday looks. They’re so easy to do and you’ll be addicted!

14. Honey Bronde

Another hair color you may be interested in for 2024 is honey bronde! Honey-bronde hair is exactly what it sounds like: a warm mix of blonde and brown with honey-colored tones.

If you are considering going lighter, or you already have light hair and want to change it up in 2024, I highly recommend trying out this shade! It will definitely be trending this year.

15. Hair Bows

If you are into wearing your hair up and want to add something to it to make it look more fancy, you may want to consider trying out some hair bows! They’re going to be super trendy in 2024.

Hair bows can be added to updo hairstyles as well as half-up-half-down hairstyles to really make your hair look stand out.

For example, this half-up-half-down hair look with a large bow may be just the vibe you want for 2024!

16. Hair Accessories

A lot of us also like to wear cute accessories in our hair to make our looks stand out! One way to do this is with hair barrettes.

Hair barrettes can be added to almost any hairstyle to make it look more fun! You can also use them to create super cute hairstyles, as shown in this photo.

This is a simple and trendy hair look you should totally be trying out in 2024! Just add some clips or barrettes to your hair and curl the ends to get a super cute and girly look for the new year. You can also do crimped waves, as seen above, to incorporate another 2024 hair trend.

17. Face Framing Layers

If you are into layered haircuts and aren’t sure which one you should try in 2024, you may want to check out face-framing layers. I think that face-framing layers are the most flattering type of layers around and look good on basically any hair length.

So, even if you have short hair, you may want to try out face-framing layers as your new hair look in 2024!

Check out this photo for some inspo on cutting your face-framing layers if you have shorter hair. As a bonus, this is a great option if you like to wear your hair up but want to have some pieces to pull forward for a cute look.

18. Dirty Blonde

For those of us who have lighter blonde hair, another hair color you might consider in 2024 is dirty blonde.

Dirty blonde has become a very trendy hair look, with many influencers posting videos of their transition to dirty blonde.

So, if you have been considering adding some lowlights or going a darker blonde, you should check out this image for some inspo in 2024!

And don’t worry if you have darker hair because you can also achieve a dirty blonde look by adding some highlights to darker hair. All you need to do is add some lighter pieces to your dark hair, as shown in the photo, to get the look of dirty blonde.

19. Messy Hairstyles

Messy hairstyles are another type of hair look that has become trendy recently. They’re effortlessly cool and very simple to do — perfection is not required!

To achieve a messy hairstyle like the ’90s Pam Anderson updo above, you will want to first curl your hair and then pull it up into a messy bun with your front pieces out. Then, start randomly pinning pieces until you get the messy updo vibe you want. Again, this does not have to be perfect!

This type of hairstyle is great for those of us who want our hair look to be effortless but also chic. It also pairs really well with ’90s and Y2K outfits.

20. Slicked Back Hairstyles

Another simple and chic hairstyle trend for 2024 is the slicked-back hairstyle! This type of hairstyle has become popular recently (hello Clean Girl buns), and it will definitely still be going strong in 2024.

What’s great about this kind of look is that it can work for short or long hair lengths. For example, if you have shorter hair, you could do a slick back bun; if you have longer hair, you could always go for the slicked-back bubble ponytail like the one above.

And, to add to this look to make it more fun, you can even add some hair accessories such as hair berets or hair bows!

Which hairstyle do you like the most? What hairstyles do you think will be trendy in 2024? Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below.

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