20 Gorgeous Red Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

Thinking of dying your hair red? Here’s all the hair color inspo you need.

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Red hair from unsplash

Hair color makes up a large part of our appearance, so it is a great way to make yourself stand out, especially if you dye your hair a different color.

Even though dyeing your hair a different color can seem scary, it’s the best way to switch up your appearance if you are looking for a change.

Are you considering changing your hair color? If so, I recommend going red! Red hair seems to be the new favorite hair color this year, and every celebrity you can think of has been coloring their hair red.

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I am absolutely loving this trend because I have always wanted to try out red hair, but have doubted whether it would actually look good on me. Now that I have seen so many people dyeing their hair red, I am obsessed! Red hair looks amazing and there are so many different shades that I had never considered.

So, if you are considering dyeing your hair red, but don’t want to go for a super bright red, no worries — there are so many red hair colors to choose from. And they work on any length of hair, as you’ll see below.

So, if this has made you eager to dye your hair red, continue reading to learn about all the different ways you can dye your hair red and be obsessed with your new hair color!

Disclaimer: The tutorials below show you how red hair color is done, but unless you are very experienced at dyeing your hair at home, you should always have your color done at a salon. At-home hair color can end in disaster!

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Red Hair Ideas for Short Hair

1. Bright Red

Dyeing my Hair SUPER RED because why not

At first, when you think about red hair on short hair, you might wonder if it would look weird or too much like a wig. But, you will be glad to know that red actually looks amazing on short hair, even super bright red shades!

So, if you have short hair and want to go for a bolder shade of red, I totally recommend checking out this tutorial that will show you how super red hair is achieved. The vlogger does her own hair at home, but always visit a salon if you’re not experienced doing this type of hair dye!

2. Red & Blonde


If you love the idea of red hair, but don’t want to completely dye your hair red don’t worry because there are also some options for you!

For example, you could go for this red & blonde look. This look will work perfectly if you already have blonde hair because all you will need to do is add in some red streaks at the salon and you will have a super cool hair color. (It’s very alt girl!)

Check out this quick video tutorial to see how to get red hair like this.

3. Red Pink Hair

Valentine Red Pink Hair

If you want red hair, but also want to incorporate some pink shades, you totally can! Red & pink shades look great together and will almost blend seamlessly on your hair. This look is especially amazing on brunettes, as seen above.

For all the details on how this look is done (it’s quite a few steps), start by checking out this video on how red-pink hair is achieved.

4. Red to Orange Ombre


If you want something really bold, you could go for this red to orange ombre look on your short hair. Orange is a great color to pair with red hair color and it will give off a super cool fire-like hair look, as seen above.

If this sounds like a hair color you would like to try, check out this video to see how red to orange ombre hair is achieved.

Red Hair Ideas for Long Hair

5. Red Ombre


If you have long hair and are considering dyeing your hair red, red ombre is definitely a look you should consider.

Red ombre looks gorgeous on long hair, especially if you do a red/auburn ombre look like this one! It’s also amazing on lighter hair, too — it’s a super versatile way to wear red hair color.

6. Face Framing

Arctic Fox | FROSÈ | How I Change My Hair Color At Home | Hannah

You have probably seen this hair trend before, which is called face-framing streaks. (Also known as “money piece” highlights.) It is basically when you highlight two strands at the front of your face or make them a different color than the rest of your hair.

You may not have thought about doing this kind of hairstyle with red, but it actually looks super cool. Just check out this quick tutorial to see how to get a face-framing red hairstyle at home! (Again, always visit a salon unless you’re very experienced with at-home hair coloring — this one could look awful if done incorrectly.)

7. Red Hair Balayage

Red Hair Balayage - How to do a Foilayage while Covering Gray on a Redhead (easy tutorial!)

Of course, I am sure you have heard about balayage. This hair color trend became popular years ago and is still a go-to for many people.

And, what’s great about balayage is it looks great with just about every hair color, and it looks especially cool (and unexpected) if you use red.

Just watch this video to see how a beautiful red balayage hair look is done on long hair!

8. Blonde Melt

Red Hair to Blonde Melt || Beautiful Melt || Technique of how to do a Blended Melt

Another great hairstyle that you may not have thought about for red hair is a hair melt. A hair melt basically is when your hair color gives the illusion of “melting” into a different color. It’s a great way that your stylist can help you grow out an old hair color and transition into a new one.

For example, you could try out this super pretty blonde melt with red ginger hair! See how it’s done above.

9. Red & Black Hair


My absolute favorite type of look with red hair is when it incorporates red & black hair. I think these colors look super cool together especially if you use red hair dye to add some bold red pieces to dark hair as shown in this video!

This is such an edgy look that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Red Hair with Highlights

10. Copper Hair with Blonde Highlights

Red copper hair with blonde highlights| /Natural Hair

If you are considering getting highlights on red hair, there are also a lot of options for you to choose from! For example, as shown in this video, copper hair with blonde highlights can be such a beautiful choice for the summer months. (It also kind of reminds me of 2000s Lindsay Lohan in the best possible way.)

11. Highlights & Lowlights

How To Highlights and Lowlights

Not only may you be considering highlights as part of your new red hairstyle, but also you may be considering lowlights. These are an amazing option if you want to deepen your hair color or add dimension to your look.

It sounds complicated, but don’t worry — most stylists can handle this. This video will show you exactly how both are done at once when dealing with red hair!

12. Chunky Highlights

Modern 90s Chunky Highlights by Mirella Manelli | Kenra Color | Kenra Professional

One of my fave types of highlights is chunky highlights because they remind me of ’90s style (which is totally back). They’re not for everyone, but if you have a bold and trendy sense of style, this hair will look amazing with all the clothes that are trending right now.

If you also like these bold highlights, you can totally get them done with red accents, just watch this quick video tutorial on how to get blonde chunky highlights on red hair!

13. Red Peek-a-boo Highlights


Another fun type of highlight, especially for red hair, is peek-a-boo highlights. If you have never heard of peek-a-boo highlights, it is basically when you dye the underneath part of your hair different colors, while leaving your normal color on top.

And, what’s great about these highlights is they look super cool with red, especially bright red as shown in this video tutorial!

Bright Red Hair

14. Fiery Red Hair


Now, if you are just considering what shade of red you want to go for, you should be thinking about whether or not you want bright red hair or red hair that is more on the darker side.

If you are going for bright red, I recommend doing a fiery red like this hair color to really make your hair stand out! This one does require a lot of maintenance but it’s so beautiful. If you aren’t worried about the upkeep, I highly recommend this gorgeous color.

15. Copper Hair

dyeing my hair copper

Copper hair is also a super pretty type of red that is more on the brighter/lighter side of the red shades. It’s a little less expected but is so stunning. (Think Kendall Jenner vibes!)

This color will also look super cute as we go into the fall season; it’s the best back-to-school hair color if you ask me.

16. Coral Hair


If you really want to go all out with your new hair color, you could go for coral hair.

Coral hair is just what it sounds like, a pinkish-red hair color that gives off mermaid vibes. If you aren’t scared to go bold, this is a color you will love and that will turn heads everywhere you go. Rock it with beach waves for best results.

17. Ginger Hair


Ginger hair is also a super popular red hair color that a lot of people have been trying recently.

Ginger is more on the orange side of the red hair color shades, but you will still get a hairstyle that you love with this bright shade! I mean, how amazing does the model look above?

Dark Red Hair Ideas

18. Burgundy Hair

going insane and dying my hair red

If you want to try a darker shade of red, burgundy hair is my favorite. Burgundy hair is a deeper red color that many people have also been trying, and is especially popular in the fall and winter months.

This is the perfect hair color for those of us who have brown or black hair and want to do something a little bit different with our hair. I think you’ll see a lot more of this hair color later in the year!

19. Cinnamon Ginger Hair


Another great dark red hair color is cinnamon ginger hair. The example above is more of a brown ginger hairstyle, but it also incorporates some reddish tones in the hair. It’s so dimensional and really highlights the shine in your hair.

I highly recommend trying out this hairstyle for the fall season because the colors would look perfect!

20. Violet Red Hair

Midnight Rose Hair Color Tutorial

Last on our list of red hair color ideas is violet-red hair, which incorporates pretty purple tones into the hair. If you have dark hair and want to go red, this is such a cool option to try. It’s especially amazing for the winter months, so save this for the holidays and wow everyone!

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Which red hair ideas from this list do you like the most?

Which hairstyles will you be trying? Are you considering dyeing your hair red?

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