13 Best Online Places to Buy Bras in 2024

Bra-shopping has never been easier.

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Best Online Places to Buy Bras

Did you know that almost 80% of women wear bras that are not in the right size and ill-fitted for them? These 13 best places to buy bras below might help you out!

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And did you know you’re supposed to replace your bras around every six months

There’s a reason why undergarments are called intimates – we wear them every day and they are the piece of clothing that we wear closest to our body; they are an important part of our wardrobe. 

So it’s time to go through your wardrobe, and get yourself some new ones! We’ve scoured the web and found the best places to buy bras. Scroll down to see our picks: 

1. Pink 

The sister brand of Victoria’s Secret, Pink has everything that VS offers, but at a much more affordable price. Pink carries a great range of different bra styles, from your everyday styles to cute ones with vibrant patterns and textures

2. Aerie

Aerie is known for their advocacy in body-positivity and comfortable intimates. The brand carries extended sizes online–from 30A to 38DDD–and a vast amount of different styles and designs (their bralette collection is incredible). 

3. Uniqlo

If you’re a big fan of comfort and practicality, the bras at Uniqlo are the ultimate choice for you. Their bra collection has minimal design, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Furthermore, they are all made of ultra-lightweight material, so it’ll make wearing your bra for 8 hours much more comfortable. 

4. Harper Wilde

No time to visit the store and spend hours searching for the perfect bra? Harper Wilde is here for you. They have an at-home try-on program that gives you seven days to try three different bras. That way, you can find your best fit in the comfort of your own home.

5. Brayola 

If you’re looking for bras that would provide great support in a wide range of styles, Brayola answers your prayers. They have an online test that helps you figure out your exact bra size, then suggest a collection of bras that would best fit you. This site does all the guesswork, so you don’t have to.

6. ThirdLove

ThirdLove has a style for everyone, from the plus-sized woman to straight sizes. Plus, they are known for their comfort and memory foam cups. Thirdlove’s bras are unmatched when it comes to sizing; they accommodate bust measurements ranging from 32A to 44I, yes I!

7. Spanx

You might know Spanx for their shapewear to snatch everything in but their bras are great too. What makes the Bra-llelujah! bras so different from others is their softness, comfort and smoothing design with thick straps that provide plenty of support without sliding off. If you want a bra that will really give you a smooth and lifted shape, you can’t go wrong with Spanx.

8. Bare Necessities

If you’re looking for a great selection of bras, Bare Necessities is the place to go. They carry major brands in various sizes and styles with an average price tag close to $30 each — talk about budget-friendly!

9. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has been an iconic bra brand for decades now, and that, no wonder why they’re the best place to buy bras. What’s great about VS is their wide range of stores — you can go and get fitted in person, which means salespeople can help you find your perfect size based on cup measurements as well as comfort level across your shoulder blades. Once you’ve been fitted to a style, you can easily shop online in the future.

10. Soma

Soma is a company that specializes in bras for sophisticated women — no cheap or overly trendy styles here! They have three best-selling collections, and they sell hundreds of highly reviewed styles to accommodate every size range from A through GG. Soma’s bras are pricey, so they’re better for those who want quality basics that will last for years.

11. Cuup

Cuup bras are all about accentuating your natural shape — no over-the-top padding or push-up styles here. It’s easy to embrace a natural look with these bras; all Cuup bra styles feature four-way stretch mesh or microfiber fabric, with that, they’re might be the places to buy bras. They are seriously the best for a natural look — and SO cute. The only drawback is their size options are a bit more limited than the others on our list, so if you have a less common bra size, look elsewhere.

12. Heist

With a focus on small-busted lingerie, Heist is the perfect place to go if you need support but don’t want cups that gape or wires that dig in. The company’s sizing is interesting — instead of typical cup sizes, it’s just XS through XL. Their designs, however, are gorgeous and lightweight. And they provide just enough lift to give support without flattening you out. A small busted girl’s dream!

13. Richer Poorer

If you like sleek, basic underwear that isn’t frilly or overly fancy, Richer Poorer is your dream brand. Their bralettes have a cult following for their smooth, lightweight support and beautiful color range. You won’t find padding or wires here, just the most comfortable, simple bras you’ve ever worn.

These are the best places to get your bras! 

Do you shop at these places? Would you try any of the online ones? Let me know about your thoughts in the comments below! 

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