The Best Workout Underwear to Wear with Your Gym Clothes

The right workout underwear will keep you comfortable throughout any gym sesh. Here are our picks.

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Welcome back, guys! We are already at our fourth installment of our Gym Bag Essentials series. In this Gym Bag series, I will be going examining each essential gym bag item and show you some great options and where to find them.

We’ve already talked about cute gym bags, headphones for the gym, and cute blender bottles. Now, let’s look at our next essential item for the gym: workout underwear.

At first thought, this may not seem like something worth examining. We all wear undergarments, right? But having the right undergarments is the key to comfort during your gym time.

Things like panty-lines, transparent pants, and sweating in your daily bra are just a few reasons to keep you from working out in comfort. And the last thing we need is any more excuses!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the right gear!

Sports Bras

Having a good sports bra is arguably one of the most important items for working out – period.

Without a decent sports bra, you’ll get no support when running, jumping rope, dancing at a Zumba class … or just moving in general. Even if you lift weights, like me, there is nothing comfortable about moving and lifting in a regular rigid bra with wires.

Plus, why ruin your daily bras in the gym, anyway? pssssht.

There are different levels of support that come with a sports bra, so the right one for you depends on what you need, support-wise. Here’s a good rundown of the different types. Now, I’ll go into each below:

Sports Bras for Maximum Support

We’ll start with sports bras for maximum support. These bras are intended for high impact sports like running or anything requiring jumping.

These are especially great for support for women with larger chests as they are more restrictive when it comes to movement.

model in pink sports bra

Product: Mesh Ventilated Sports Bra in Coral; $30 – Target

model in white sports bra

Product: Alpha High Support Sports Bra in White; $55 – Nike

Sports Bras for Medium Support

Medium support bras are great for some slightly intense workouts like Zumba, cycling, or elliptical training. These will give you the support you need to work out in complete comfort!

You can still get some really cute options priced decently here, even from places like Victoria’s Secret.

model in mint blue sports bra

Product: Ultimate Sports Bra in Mint Frosting; $35 – Victoria’s Secret

model in mustard yellow sports bra

Product: Racerback Sports Bra in Gold Glow; $11 – Victoria’s Secret

Sports Bras for Low Impact

If you’re attending a yoga class, or taking it easy altogether, consider a low impact sports bra. They are typically cheaper because they require less support and therefore, less fabric and pieces.

These are typically cuter options, as well, because the focus is more on fashion over functionality.

model in neon green sports bra and shorts

Product: Low Impact Cut Out Sports Bra in Neon Green; $13 – Forever 21

model in black and pink patterned sports bra

Product: Low Support Sports Bra in Black Pattern; $25 – H&M

Gym Panties

Gym panties are another very important item in your gym bag when it comes to comfort. Wearing the right workout underwear can minimize panty-lines, as I’ve said before, but it can also help with hiding sweat.

Remember, we are talking about comfort here. If you aren’t self-conscious about sweating in the gym (duh!), then you are a goddess among us!

But another reason you may consider gym panties anyway is to minimize the visibility of your panties altogether if your pants are not squat-proof.

Gym Panties for Maximum Coverage

If you really want to be comfortable while gyming, try some max coverage undies! These will stay in place and cover your sweat!

pack of 3 underwear

Product: Micro Mesh Performance Hipster; $20 – Target

hip hugger panty in lavender leopard print

Product: No Show Hip Hugger; $11 or 5 for $29 – Victoria’s Secret

Gym Panties for Minimal Coverage

Some of us may be more comfortable in minimal underwear. If that is the case, there are some great sweat-proof and panty-line proof panties in the form of thongs and cheekies!

3 pack of thong panties

Product: Pure Stretch Thong; $25 – Kohl’s

cheeky panty with floral print

Product: No Show Cheeky; $11 or 5 for $29 – Victoria’s Secret

Gym Panties for Transparent Pants

If you have gym tights or leggings that are even slightly transparent or see-through, you may want to steer clear of patterns and colors altogether.

You don’t have to say good-bye to those beloved pants! Just wear the right colors underneath. Neutrals like nude, pale pink, brown, black, and white can blend in with your pants or skin.

pack of 3 underwear

Product: Pure Stretch Hipster; $25 – Under Armour

3 pack of thong panties

Product: Pure Stretch Thong; $25 – Kohl’s

What are some of your favorites?

Do you have any trusted gym undergarment brands? Share with us in the comments!

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