Athleta vs. Lululemon: Which is Better?

Here are all the details you should know before shopping these brands.

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Left: Athleta leggings, Right: Lululemon leggings

Are you a fitness girl looking for the best workout clothing brands? Look no further than Athleta and Lululemon – two of the top names in fitness wear right now. Whether you hit the gym every day or (like me) just love wearing athletic gear on the daily, these brands have become household names.

With so much competition in the fitness clothing industry, it can be tough to determine which brand reigns supreme. Many people have strong opinions on the matter, and it’s not always an easy decision.

But don’t worry – I’m here to help! In this blog post, I’ll provide some background on both Athleta and Lululemon, compare their pros and cons, and highlight some of their bestsellers. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, you’ll want to read on to discover which brand will become your new favorite.

Read on for the ultimate showdown of Athleta vs. Lululemon!

What is Athleta?

Athleta logo
Source: Athleta

Athleta, founded in 1998, sold workout clothes for women, and in 2008 was purchased by the Gap Inc. family. The company opened its first store in 2011 and has now grown rapidly with over 160 stores.

The company’s goal is to create products that are beautiful, technical, and conscious, with one of its core values being sustainability.

“It’s our design philosophy, and we’re uncompromising in our pursuit of product perfection across sizes XXS to 3X. From the gym to the streets, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends of all ages-we create for every aspect of your life.” – Athleta

Pros & Cons of Athleta

Athleta photo
Source: Athleta


  • good quality
  • great variety of sizes
  • longevity
  • less expensive
  • good shopping experience


  • no quality guarantee

What is Lululemon?

Lulu Lemon logo
Source: Lululemon

Lululemon was also founded in 1998 in Canada, opening its first store in 2000. However, the company did not open a store in the U.S. until 2003.

Now, the brand has opened hundreds of stores around the world. Some of this company’s central values include inclusion for all.

“We are a purpose-driven brand and our values guide us in all that we do – from our business strategy and innovation to how we connect and build our strong culture.” – Lululemon

Pros & Cons of Lululemon

Lulu Lemon photo
Source: Lululemon


  • good quality (& quality guarantee)
  • variety of sizes
  • longevity
  • good shopping experience


  • expensive

Comparing Athleta vs. Lululemon


You might be able to tell when comparing the photos from each brand: There is a difference in style between the two. Athleta is known for yoga-inspired workout outfits or lounging workout fits, whereas Lululemon is known for more intense workout gear.

Even though Lululemon does sell clothing items for yoga and lounge, you can still tell that the brand focuses more on functional workout wear for more active fitness girls.

Also, at Lululemon, you will get bolder colors and prints, as you can see in the brand photos.


Workout photo from Unsplash

Coming from someone who has tried both brands, I have to say that the quality is similar between the two brands. The good news is they both have pretty good quality. So, you won’t have to worry about choosing a brand based on whether or not they produce high-quality items.

However, one thing that I love about Lululemon is their quality promise. This quality promise states that if the product that is purchased does not work for you or if it is faulty in any way, you will be able to bring it back.

“Quality is the heart of who we are. Quality shows up in our people, our conversations and of course, our product. If our product doesn’t perform for you, we’ll take it back.” – Lululemon


Another good thing about both brands is that they both have a wide variety of sizes so that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your body type or shape.

As mentioned before, Athleta offers sizes from XXS to 3X. And, Lululemon offers sizes from 0 – 14, so when it comes to Athleta vs Lululemon sizing, you’re getting a good range with both brands.


A difference that you will see in Athleta vs. Lululemon is the pricing. However, despite what you might assume, there is not a very large difference in pricing.

When shopping at both of these stores, you may notice that Lululemon is a little bit more on the pricier side.

However, for some products, there is not a significant difference in price between the brands. For example, the leggings above from Athleta and Lululemon are similar products. But, the Athleta leggings are $109, while the Lululemon leggings are $118.

So, you can see that Lululemon is slightly more expensive, but not by much in this case.


Workout photo from Unsplash

Another good thing about both of these brands, from someone who has purchased products from both, is that along with good quality, you can also expect longevity from the products that you purchase from both brands.

This means that even though you will be paying a little bit more for your workout gear than you would from say Amazon, you will be getting your money’s worth because the products will last you for a long time.

Also, (some people may not know this but) if your Lululemon products become worn out or you tear them on anything from wearing them so much, you can take them into the store, and they will usually offer you a replacement under their quality promise!

Shopping Experience

In terms of Athleta vs Lululemon in-store, these brands both have a similar shopping experience in that they both have nice stores with a lot of products for you to choose from.

They also both have in-store events and other activities that you can participate in if you are really into fitness or the brand!

Athleta Bestsellers

Speedlight Seamless Tank

Athleta is particularly known for its workout/yoga tanks, which come in a variety of colors.

For example, this Speedlight Seemless tank is a great example and a current bestseller at Athleta. This tank, which comes in a beautiful pink shade, will work perfectly for working out or doing yoga!

Salutation Stash Capri

Another popular product from Athleta is, of course, its leggings, which are perfect for all of the yoga/pilates girls!

For example, these capri leggings are a best seller right now and come in a gorgeous blue tie-dye print that you will love for working out.

You can also find many different colors/prints when shopping for leggings at Athleta, so make sure to check out its website or shop in-store to see if you can find your new favorite leggings!

Brooklyn Skort

Workout skorts have also become a very trendy item recently, and the good news is you can totally find these at Athleta!

For example, this Brooklyn skort, which will be perfect for either lounging around or working out, is also one of the best sellers at Athleta right now.

Also, these skorts come in different colors for you to choose from!

Pranayama Restore Wrap

If you are looking for something comfy to wear while doing yoga or for everyday activities, I recommend purchasing this Pranayama Restore Wrap from Athleta.

This is another bestseller and will give you something super cute and comfy to wear while doing lighter workouts like yoga!

Santorini Thera Dress

You may also want to check out this bestseller from Athleta. It is the Santorini Thera dress! Athletic dresses have also become a trend recently, so you will definitely want to take a look at this adorable dress while browsing at Athleta.

And, don’t forget to check out all the colors it comes in to find your perfect shade!

Lululemon Bestsellers

Define Jacket

Here is a super popular item from Lululemon (and one of my personal favorites). This is called the Define Jacket. The Define jacket has been around for many years but still seems to be everyone’s favorite that shops at Lululemon. It recently went viral on TikTok for its smoothing, waist-snatching properties.

Lululemon often releases new colors for the Define jacket, with this beautiful blue color being one of the new colors.

What I love about this jacket is it is comfy enough to wear for lounging or everyday activities, and it is also made of material perfect for working out!

Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant

These leggings from Lululemon became super popular when the flare pant came back in style. Now, these leggings are considered not only a trendy workout item but also a trendy item just for regular clothing looks!

So, if you want a pair of leggings that you can basically wear for just about anything and still look trendy whether you’re working out or lounging, then these ones are for you.

Align Tank Top

If you are a fan of Lululemon, I am sure you have probably tried or have seen the Align Tank before!

This tank is super popular and is a bestseller at Lululemon right now. What I love about this tank is that it comes in multiple different colors for you to choose from, and it is perfect for lounging or working out. It also has built-in support, so you don’t need a bra.

You can also pair this top with any workout bottom you choose! It’s cropped but not too cropped; just the perfect length.

Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie

For those of us looking for something to wear on our way to the gym, I recommend purchasing one of these hoodies from Lululemon!

It is the Scuba Oversized Half-Zip hoodie, which will go perfectly when added to any of your workout looks. (I’m sure you’ve seen it on IG and TikTok, styled by your favorite influencers.)

This item will also be perfect for heading to the gym or lounging!

Everywhere Belt Bag

If you know anything about Lululemon or you’re just on Instagram a lot, you’re aware of this common favorite. It is the Everywhere Belt Bag!

This bag will be the perfect addition to any of your outfits for day-to-day activities or gym workouts. It’s water-resistant, cute, and pretty affordable as far as Lululemon goes! Plus, it comes in zillions of colors and styles.

So…Which Brand Should You Choose?

So the verdict on Athleta vs Lululemon is…. whichever one appeals more to your personal style.

This may be a tough one if you have never shopped at these stores before because both of the brands seem so great; however, you will find that once you get into the stores, you will most likely be drawn to the style or aesthetic of the brand more than the other.

As mentioned above, the quality, longevity, and price are comparable between the two brands. The only main differences are in style and that Lulu offers a quality guarantee while Athleta does not. Also, some Athleta items are priced lower than their Lulu versions, though not by a huge margin.

So, I encourage you to look around online or browse in-store to get more of a feel for which brand suits your personal style or fitness lifestyle more. That’s going to be your main deciding factor.

Will you be purchasing Athleta or Lululemon?

Which workout brand do you think is better? What kind of workout clothes do you like to wear?

3 thoughts on “Athleta vs. Lululemon: Which is Better?”

  1. Athleta has always offered quality guarantee. I have tried items in full workout and did not like the fit and returned. I had something break once a year after I bought it and returned. They have always been incredibly kind and generous in this department.

  2. I use to think Lulu was great and trendy but after my clothes started falling apart, even though I was able to return it, I got really frustrated with the brand. When I learned that Athleta was a B corp certified company I quickly changed over to buying from this brand as that certification is well known for being exclusive to companies that are extremely climate conscious and eco-friendly plus have equitable business practices. Also, one thing I don’t agree necessarily on this article is about the sizes, Athleta is way more inclusive. 0 to 14 at Lulu is not inclusive that’s an extra small to a Large. Athleta has extra extra small which is 00 up to 3X which is 22. Also their ads and online website shows plus size models wearing most of all their clothes so you can see the range of what clothes will look like on different body types.

  3. I thought there was not enough information in the article. I would have wanted to know how their online shopping experience differs, such as returns offers. I know Athleta offers free returns, and I think Lululemon does for members as well, but on sales items you cannot get a refund, just store credit. For me, as I don’t shop in stores that is a pretty big deal breaker.
    Also Athleta has wicked sales. Lululemon has decent sales as well, but again, I’m hesitant to buy sales items because I don’t want store credit. So that makes me more hesitant to buy there. The other upside of Athleta is that you can shop Old Navy, the Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta and have all the items in the same cart. In terms of rewards and such that is practical.


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