Converse vs. Vans: Which Sneaker Is Fit For You?

Your guide to choosing the ultimate sneaker.

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converse vs vans

A few weeks back, I wrote about the Hunter Boots vs. Bean Boots debate and now I’m going to break down the sneaker battle between Converse vs Vans.

Both shoes are perfect for warm weather because they come in a plethora of colors and styles. They also both have a rubber sole and, most commonly, canvas material. So should you buy Converse or Vans? Here’s a breakdown for those who are as indecisive as me.


Gray high tops

Converse shoes have been around since 1908 and they later created sneakers using the rubber they made for their galoshes. The sneaker became known as the “All-Star”, as it still is today.

The All-Star sneakers were originally used by basketball players, but as we all know now, people wear them for every possible purpose.

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Pros & Cons of Converse


Converse All-Star sneakers have two basic styles, the high-top, and the low-top. I think the high-tops are really cute and definitely on trend, but sometimes the laces can get annoying, especially if you’re running late. 

The low-top sneakers are really cute and perfect for running errands or going from class to class. Both styles are nice as long as you stick to the classics. Converse in colors like white, black, navy, and gray look great with any outfit because they’re so versatile.


Converse has a tendency to make feet look narrow and I personally think they take a while to form on your feet. So unless you plan on wearing these every day, know that they won’t fit like a glove for a while.


Floral Vans

Vans have been making their “off the wall” sneakers for 50 years as of March 16th this year and they’ve long been the go-to shoe for skaters. Towards the end of the 1970s, the Era, Old-Skool, and Classic Slip-on became super popular in Southern California. These shoes were created for and praised by skaters and BMX riders for their durability and comfort.

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Pros & Cons


My favorite style of Vans is the Classic Slip-on. They have major durability and comfort as soon as you wear them and they look great for either going out at night with some friends or grocery shopping with your roommate.

Some Vans come with a padded collar at the back of the foot, like the Era or Sk8-Hi shoes. Vans also make varying styles of their classics that come in awesome prints and colors.


Sometimes if you get the ones with a thin sole and wear those for too long they can get really worn and sometimes get holes at the toes, but this of course would happen to most shoes after a ton of wear. To me, it means that you just need to get a new pair (yay)!

Converse vs Vans: So… Which should you buy?

I think Vans are totally the way to go if you need a new Spring sneaker or just want to pick up a new pair of shoes. They are durable because they were created for rough use, especially if you decide on the ones designed specifically for boarding.

The prints they come in are really cool and not cheesy either. I think Converse is a great buy, but I definitely would suggest getting a pair of Vans first.

Different Ways to Wear Converse and Vans

converse pepsi outfit


This outfit is great for just chilling or going out to lunch. A simple sweatshirt paired with jeans and black Converse gives off an All-American feel and creates a classic look without trying too hard.

converse going out outfit


This look would be great for a GNO or going to a family party. The crop top and high-waisted jeans have a fun feel without being “too much” for a night out or day party, while the basic colors really let the red lipstick pop.

vans blue outfit


Ripped baggy jeans, a loose-fitting top, and Vans form the epitome of California style. They have a kicked-back feel that is effortless and still looks awesome.

vans going out outfit


This dressier look is both cool and easy to wear. The simplicity of the bodysuit and skirt give you the chance to wear printed Vans and a cutout clutch while still looking balanced. Here, the Sk8-Hi style Vans look amazing but this outfit could also look great with white Vans…right Daniel?

What do you think?

Let me know what you think! Do you think Converse is better than Vans, and if so why? I love both shoes so if you really can’t decide, just get ’em both!

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7 thoughts on “Converse vs. Vans: Which Sneaker Is Fit For You?”

  1. Well I personally would say I like vans more (maybe cus I’m my hs in Colorado) vans were more popular over the years I’ve had both vans and converse and it seems to me I gravitate toward the vans more, from the authentics in black to the hi tops I think there cutier and personally to me look good with super skinny jeans, flares, leggings, short sun dresses and short shorts in the summer. I guess I’m a vans girl

  2. I have black Converse high tops and I love them but recently I’m realizing that they don’t look good on my feet. Like I know they’re supposed to make feet look narrower but mine still look flat and wide. That’s because when I was little the only shoes I wanted to wear were Bearpaws (like Uggs) and flats. Also my laces aren’t the right length so the tongue of the shoe keeps shifting to the side and I can’t fix it. So I think I’m going to try Vans now.

    • Yes!! The tongue of my converse shoe shifts all the time, I always wondered why it did that only on the right shoe. Interesting to know it was the laces. Thanks!

  3. I have 4 (Hi Black, Hi Black Rubber Monochrome, Low Wonder Woman, Low Gold Paillettes) pairs or Converse and only one pair of vans and today I was debating what sneaker to get to complete my collection with a cheetah print. So honestly, my first choice I thought wouls be Converse bit after I found also Vans in leo print, I had a feeling the Vans would be more edgy and cooler with the print, as Converse are more classic with basic colors and they look cheesy with prints. Maybe just a gut feeling about this very specific model…but I am goinf to get a second pair of Vans I think 🙂

  4. Ou, what a great article!!! I have a pair of Palisades Vulc (now Palisades SF) Vans that I love!!!! They work for me because the cut is lower, so my feet (sz 10.5) don’t look huge. Plus they lace up so they fit better than typical ballet flats.


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