Video Game Fashion: We Happy Few

The twisted ’70s style of this new video game inspires some fierce outfits.

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We Happy Few Logo - Updated

When We Happy Few released an early access edition last month, I was jumping for joy! The game’s style is fresh and colorful, and the story is immersive and thought-provoking. In all, it’s a fun little game and while the early edition is missing some major features, I was not disappointed by the bit I got to try.

If you haven’t heard of this game, let’s get you up to speed: We Happy Few is an indie adventure game set around the ’70s in a fictional English city called Wellington Wells. Years ago, the residents of this city committed a unspeakable horror that caused them to begin taking a drug called ‘Joy’ that not only makes them happy, but also lets them forget their city’s treacherous past. However, the side effects of Joy lead to not-so-happy results for the Downers, or those who choose to not take their Joy.

Intrigued? Keep reading this week’s Video Game Fashion for some looks inspired by We Happy Few:

Arthur Hastings

Employee of the Year. Award Winning Essayist. Downer.

Arthur is our spectacled protagonist. We don’t see much of him, but he works as a “redactor,” or a government censor, when we begin the game in his office.

After a brief panic attack after seeing something that reminded him of “the event” from years prior, Arthur quits taking his Joy, a decision that sets him on the run from the both the police as well as the other residents of Wellington Wells. 

Arthur is a government worker. He’s all business, all the time, and his clothes reflect that. For a fashion-friendly twist on Arthur’s uptight business attire, I paired some black skinny dress pants with a white blouse. On top of that, I added a striped, peplum blazer to give the outfit more shape, along with a matching bag. 

Of course, Arthur doesn’t go without his glasses, so I channeled his look with some cat-eyed spectacles. I finished the outfit with loafers perfect for both evading the cops and doing light office work.

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Wellington Wells citizens. You won’t like them when they’re angry.

Wellies are the people of the town who take their Joy. We see a bit of them roaming around town, smiling and laughing, which are all side effects of Joy. However, once Arthur is on the run for not taking his Joy, the Wellies begin to turn aggressive and violent towards him (another side effect of Joy).

The Wellies tend to be nicely dressed at all times, like Arthur in his business attire. It’s how they identify themselves as Wellies. Being extremely happy people, they like to express that in their clothing.

Most female Wellies seem to be channeling some major ’70s vibes in their cute, printed dresses with matching heels, socks and headbands. Therefore, I went for exactly that, pairing a color blocked dress with white socks, black heels, and a headband. I also added some pearls because it seems the Wellies love their earrings. However, some Wellies wear big smiley masks on their faces, but I went with pair of big white sunglasses instead that work just as well.

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Not exactly Downers. These are Wellies gone wrong.

Wastrels are Wellies that have reacted badly to their Joy. They’re terribly ill and are recognizable by the dead looks in their eyes and their tattered clothing.

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For the most part, Wastrels look like Wellies, with the exception of their tattered clothing. To reflect this, I chose a distressed dress, white go-go boots, and matching socks to channel that out-there ’70s vibe once more. And Wastrels are always foraging for items around town, so a backpack is essential for imitating Wastrel style. Lastly, I added a simple black choker for a cool-girl element because deep down, that’s all the Wastrels want to be.

Wastrels - Updated

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What do you think?

How are you feeling about We Happy Few so far? Are you excited for more updates as the development progresses or do you just want the full thing already? Comment down below and let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Video Game Fashion: We Happy Few”

  1. On point except you’re in the wrong decade. We Happy Few takes place in swingin’ 60s England, baby! Researched outfits to be Wellies this Halloween but two-tone color block a-line dresses, the go-go boots, beehives, and knee socks etc are def “mod”/“modette”, Op Art, retrofituristic and of 1964 to be exact.

  2. I’ve watched a few let’s plays of We Happy Few and it looks amazing. These outfits seem like a perfect match for the game’s vibes!

  3. I’ve never heard of this game, but I’m so interested after reading this article! Plus all the outfits are perfect haha


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