Video Game Fashion: Ib

Remember the good old days when pixel games were all the rage?

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If you’ve been active in the video gaming/Youtube community for a while, you should know all about this game. Ib was the first RPGMaker pixel game to hit the big time back in 2012 when gamer-turned-Youtube-star Pewdiepie released a play-through for it on his Youtube channel.

Ib - Part 1 (+Free Download) Lets Play Ib Walkthrough Playthrough

For those of you who don’t know about Ib, here’s the deal: It’s a psychological horror adventure video game created by an artist by known only by the name Kouri. The game follows a young girl who, while visiting an art museum with her parents, becomes trapped in a painted mirror world. The game includes complex puzzles, frightening monsters, and nicely designed pixel art. In short, it’s great.

If you’d like to experience this game, you can sit back and watch a play-through of it, play it yourself, or just keep reading this week’s Video Game Fashion for three looks inspired by the characters from Ib:

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Ib is our nine-year-old, titular character. The game begins when she gets stuck inside a painted mirror world after a power outage. Ib is shy, young, but also very adventurous, and it’s her adventurous side that lands her in the mirror world.

As she’s a student, Ib’s attire consists of your typical schoolgirl uniform with a button-up shirt, a tie, and a skirt. For a more updated version of this look, throw on a sleeveless white blouse and pair it with a high-low plaid skirt. Every school girl has a pair of Mary Jane flats, so don’t forget a double-strapped pair of those along with some traditional black knee-high socks. Add a pair of rose earrings as a stand in for one of the game’s central motifs and you’ll have a look that will have you turning heads as you strut down the hall.

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Gary is a man that Ib meets in the mirror world; he is also trapped there. Gary keeps Ib grounded when she needs a hand, which is especially important because Ib is so young.

Gary’s outfit is dramatic, consisting of a long blue trench coat, a green shirt, and a pair of tan pants. I swapped this color scheme, however, to create an outfit inspired by his lavender hair color and his sweet attitude.

To start off, I picked out a lavender slip dress, a simple wrap choker, and a pair of light grey, thigh-high boots. The color scheme keeps the outfit sweet and feminine, while the pieces themselves bring the drama. I kept Gary’s long, sweeping trench coat, but decided to go for one in a darker grey color. I finished with a vampy deep purple lip to channel Gary’s mysterious vibe.

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Mary is a young girl that Ib meets in the mirror world. She’s seemingly bubbly and sweet and gets along well with Ib, but she dislikes Gary because she wants to be closer to Ib. Mary is quite adventurous like Ib, yet much more outgoing.

To recreate Mary’s look, I went for a shorter green dress with a choker collar to replace her long Peter Pan collar dress from the game. I also threw on a pair of thigh-high tights . To keep the game’s floral motif in play, I added some short floral boots and dainty, yellow flower earrings that both fit Mary’s playful personality.

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What do you think?

Did you enjoy Ib? Or was it too weird for you? Do you enjoy another RPG Maker, pixel-type game better? Let me know in the comments!

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