How to Dress up Like Your Favorite Non-Disney Princesses (Part 2)

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Last post, we discussed three super inspirational and hella woke non-Disney princesses. Now, get ready for our latest batch, featuring feminist princesses from St. Petersburg all the way to the magical Vale of Fairies (or, as Jacques would say, “The Vale of the Feh-rees“). Enjoy, kiddos!

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From: Thumbelina

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Can we all take a second to appreciate what a survivor Thumbelina is?

She’s born into a world in which she’s an anomaly — and a tiny, squishable one at that. She gets kidnapped. She tries to go home, but keeps meeting creeps who try to take advantage of her person. She’s shamed and humiliated for the way that she looks, abandoned and left to die, and emotionally manipulated into marrying her gross old neighbor by the one female/mother figure she’s managed to find in the outside world.

Geez, right? Well, luckily for Thumbelina, goodness and kindness are always rewarded in the Disney and non-Disney princess universe, and so she ends up happily married to her fairy prince, Cornelius (whose somewhat geeky name can be forgiven by the fact that he’s such a cutie). Hurrah!


From: Anastasia

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On to our next lost princess (sensing a theme here?). Now, Anastasia may not the first tough orphan we’ve covered on College Fashion recently, but she sure is the first to be of royal breeding.

In the one and only adaptation of the Grand Duchess Anastasia’s life story suitable for children — AKA a totally falsified and unrealistically optimistic one — Anastasia is actually alive and well. And a total feminist icon in post-Imperialist Russia.

Don’t believe us? Think about it. Anastasia is outspoken and fierce, shooting off quick and witty retorts to Dimitri without a second’s delay. She’s determined. She’s quick on her feet. And she’s all about embracing female connections, traveling all the way from Russia to Paris to reunite with her long-lost grandmother. In short, our amnesiac heroine is nothing less than a sparkling addition to the diverse non-Disney princess set.


From: Princess Mononoke

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You didn’t think we could draw up a list of the best feminist non-Disney princesses and forget this Studio Ghibli legend, did you?

What makes San, or the eponymous Princess Mononoke, truly memorable is that her character is unapologetically complicated and nuanced. Raised by a pack of wolf gods and goddesses, she isn’t the archetypal “dainty” princess figure; instead, she’s insanely fierce and strong. (But also loving and caring, because it’s important for audiences to see that women can actually be both.)

Besides blasting traditional femininity out of the water, San also stands in for environmental activism. And if that wasn’t reason enough to love her, check out her best lines:

(Literally the first words she says:) “Go away.”

And: “Ugh, I smell like a human.”

Same, San. Same.


Who is your favorite non-Disney princess out there? Are there any movie/TV characters you’d love to see featured on College Fashion?

Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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