12 Cute & Comfy Spring to Summer Fashion Essentials for 2020

Transition seamlessly to warmer weather!

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Spring summer fashion essentials for 2020

This is the time of year that we would usually be stocking up on cute summer clothes in order to hit the streets in style once finals are over. Now, things are a bit different. Style is just as important now, but spring summer fashion in 2020 is about taking our new reality into account.

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That’s why I’ve prioritized looking cute while staying comfy – what’s better than relaxing in style? (The celebrities are already nailing this in their summer 2020 street style looks.)

For strutting the runway of your backyard, I’ve picked out some staples that can be chic in a pinch or DIY-ed to perfection.

Palazzo Pants

The looser the pants, the more comfortable! As a cute alternative to leggings, I love the airy feel of palazzo pants in the summer.

Spring summer fashion 2020: Product photo of American Eagle palazzo pants

They have a great range – you can wear them with a simple tee or dress them up with some accessories if need be. 

Product photo of Lulus palazzo pants

Bold pants can be intimidating to try, so palazzo pants are a great place to start – they come in so many different colors and patterns, and can be a cute addition to any outfit. Plus, they’re super affordable and available at many different stores!

Product photo of Old Navy palazzo pants

Baseball Caps

This could definitely go unstated, but baseball caps are both a wardrobe staple and essential, especially right now! Whenever I haven’t washed my hair or just don’t feel like putting in the effort, baseball caps are the perfect cute and practical solution.

Product photo of a Walmart baseball cap

Getting caps in bright colors is a fun way to coordinate your outfit from head to toe and bring your look together. Not only are bold caps practical, but they’re a great accessory for any outfit.

Spring summer fashion 2020: Product photo of a Ralph Lauren baseball cap

A nice way to customize your look is to find a cap that’s meaningful to you – the logo of your favorite brand, your school mascot, or a quote or design you like can make your outfit all the more personal!

Product photo of an Adidas baseball cap


For a classic throwback to our childhood ensembles, overalls are back in! It’s the lazy girl’s perfect formula for a summer outfit…

Spring summer fashion 2020: Product photo of American Eagle overalls

Overalls are a great alternative to the classic jean look, so you can break out of the everyday style routine and shake things up a bit. They come in a variety of different washes, or you can grab bright patterned ones to be the star of the show.

Product photo of Planet Blue overalls

You can style them with a basic tank, a graphic tee, or even a stylish bralette so you can dress for both warm weather and cool. They’re the perfect transition piece from spring to summer!

Product photo of Tilly's overalls

Basic Tank Tops

I love a classic tank top because they can be worn in a variety of different ways! From pairing them with sweatpants or joggers to wearing them with a cute skirt, there’s never an outfit that you can’t spruce up with a tank top.

Product photo of a Madewell tank top

They’re a great piece to DIY – you can tie-dye them or even bedazzle them for a great personalized look. Since a lot of stores have cute and basic tanks for an affordable price, they make a perfect piece to begin DIY-ing if you’re new to it.

Spring summer fashion 2020: Product photo of a Brandy Melville tank

Because they’re practical and stylish, they’re the best staple for a summer wardrobe. If you just a classic black or white tank, now is the time to break it out! Or you can get even more exciting with a tank in a funky bright color.

Product photo of a PacSun tank top

What do you think of our spring summer fashion 2020 essentials?

Which wardrobe essentials are you eager to break out this season? What new styles would you like to try? Which one of our picks for spring to summer essentials is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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