How to Dress Like Bella Swan from Twilight

It’s been 10 years since the first Twilight film. Here’s how to dress like its lead character today.

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Bella Swan Twilight fashion - how to dress like Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that the Twilight franchise is a true cultural phenomenon. It’s been 10 years (!!) since the first film was released and we’re still no closer to a winner in the battle of “Team Edward” vs. “Team Jacob”.

But man candy aside, one thing we can agree on is that many of you seem to love the main character Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) and her effortless style. We first talked about Bella’s wardrobe back in 2009, so given the ten year anniversary of the film, we thought it was high time we post an updated guide to her style.

Read on to find out how you can dress like Bella today – you never know, maybe you too will capture the heart of a handsome but troubled teen vampire and/or werewolf.

Bella Swan’s Style – Overview

Bella’s style is very low-maintenance, yet she still looks gorgeous at all times. Everything has a pretty yet effortless “I just threw it on” look to it. While it is clear that Bella would much rather stare at Edward all day than spend hours getting ready (who can blame her), she does have a specific sense of style.

Here we break down Bella’s wardrobe essentials, as well as show you two outfits that you could see Bella wearing on a typical day in Forks.

Bella’s Basics

tops that bella swan would wear

Products: White Sweater – Gap, Green Henley – Urban Outfitters, Striped Henley – Forever 21, Red Henley – Dymade, Blue Henley – A&F, Blue Shirt – Hanes

Bella’s wardrobe is very straightforward and simple. She has a wide array of long sleeve henleys and tops to shield her from the cold of Forks. Bella often sticks to neutrals and cool colors such as blues, greens and whites, but I mixed it up by adding a few colors such as red and electric blue. She’s also known to rock the typical Seattle button-down plaid shirt.

When it comes to copying her style, the main thing that you should focus on is to make sure your top is laid-back. Casual tops are a Bella staple.

Bella’s Coats

coats that bella swan would wear

Products: Blue Utility Jacket – Old Navy, Yellow Coat – H&M, Yellow Denim Jacket – Forever 21, Green Utility Jacket – Old Navy, Red Bomber Jacket – Forever 21

Since Bella lives in a cold climate, she needs an abundance of coats to keep her from getting cold in dreary Forks. Unlike her tops, her coats have more variety in cut and color.

Most of her coats end about hip height to show off her legs. Often, her coats are the most colorful part of her outfit, so she chooses them in colors like blue, yellow, red, and green. I love the red bomber jacket on the bottom right as an updated take on Bella’s look.

Outfits Inspired by Bella

Bella Swan Inspired Outfit 1

bella swan inspired outfit

Products: Tank Top – Old Navy, Shirt – L.L. Bean, Jeans – Levi’s, Beanie – H&M, Shoes – Aldo, Bracelet – Etsy

As Bella grew up in Arizona, she has a bit of an All-American/Western style to her look and can often be seen wearing things like turquoise jewelry or suede boots.

To copy her look, I chose a maroon tank top, a plaid shirt, and a trusty pair of denim jeans for a low-maintenance combo that’s very Washington state. To keep you from getting chilly in Forks weather, I chose a cute grey beanie to keep your head nice and toasty. Throw this outfit on and you’ll be ready to explore the forest with one of our dashing anti-heroes.

Bella Swan Inspired Outfit 2

what would bella swan wear

Products: Blouse – H&M, Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack, Shoes – Converse, Belt – H&M, Ring – Etsy, Jeans – Old Navy

For my second outfit, I chose pieces to show off Bella’s bohemian side. Her style often veers toward boho-chic, and this outfit reflects that, while still staying true to her low-maintenance mindset.

First, I chose a blue embroidered tunic and paired that with a gray cardigan. I then added dark wash jeans and a classic brown belt. For shoes, I chose Converse chucks in navy blue (Bella wears a similar pair in the films), and to add a touch of femininity, I picked out a delicate turquoise ring.

Overall, this look is tough, yet when you examine the details, it’s also very feminine. This mix of tough and girly gives the outfit character.

Bella’s Hair

How to do your hair and makeup like Bella Swan

Bella’s hair is the stuff dreams are made of. Like Serena from Gossip Girl, she’s one of those girls that doesn’t know how lucky she is to have such a nice head of hair. All she has to do is roll out of bed and her hair is perfect. But don’t despair, you too can replicate Bella’s hair with the help of a trusty 1-inch curling iron.

Here’s how to get Bella’s perfect locks:

  • First, find a curling iron with at least a 1-inch barrel
  • Separate your hair into sections and then grab a medium section of it and wrap it around the iron (don’t use the clamp).
  • Hold the section around the wrapped area for about a minute and then let go. It should be a nice loose curl now.

Continue doing this around the rest of your head (you don’t have to do all of it though, it’s nice to leave a few strands straight – it looks more natural), set your hair with a teeny bit of hairspray, and voila: you will have hair that no man (or vampire or werewolf) will be able to resist.

Bella’s Hair Accessories

bella swan hair accessories

Products: Blue Beanie – Lulus, Black Beanie – Madewell, Yellow Plaid Beanie – Uniqlo, White Beanie – H&M, Hairband – H&M

As I mentioned before, Bella’s hair is pretty much perfect. Sometimes when she wears it down, she accessorizes with a thin headband on the crown of her head.

You can try this style out to add a little bit of dainty detail to your look – all you need to do is push your hair back and place the headband in your hair. Also, headbands are fabulous because they’re so cheap. No matter your budget, this is one look you can definitely afford!

Bella also wears the occasional beanie to keep her ears warm during those chilly days relaxing in La Push. I chose an assortment of beanies and berets in different colors to mix things up. They’re great because they add a pop of color to your outfit and also keep your head nice and toasty.


What do you guys think of Bella’s style? Do you think I translated it well? Did you like this updated guide to her look? Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2009; it was completely updated and revamped in 2018 by Sharon with new photos and information.

Twilight Fashion: How to dress like Bella Swan

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  1. Hey, I love this article! I think Bella Swan -not Kristen S.- have her own fashion style. I’ve read the books and it’s true, she is not a “Girly girly girl”. I will not dress like her because I live in a hot island, but some outffits are interesting. Good job!

  2. I’m among those who feel that at its worst Bella’s style in the film is dull and unimaginative. The sporty tops over Ts that don’t coordinate except because they’re in neutral colours don’t show much flair for colour; and there are moments in the film when she wears baggier tops over jeans, like an oversize plaid shirt on top of a crew-neck T, which doesn’t seem to show an eye for flattering her body either; to me those combinations look scruffy. So although sometimes I thought Film Bella did look vaguely pretty, nice in an unremarkable way, simple and unassuming, sometimes it looked like she neither had any desire to look good nor was at all interested in the qualities of clothes; her outfits seem to do little more than cover her up against the cold and wet and not cause her physical discomfort.
    Do you think the film’s wardrobe department dress her that way to show her shyness and low self-confidence? Did Bella sometimes dress in this way because she did not want to attract any sort of attention from anyone? Any other people who have read the book, how did you imagine her dressing?
    That aside, I loved the two outfits put together here! They take the best of Bella’s style, being unfussy and unpretentious, but have flair for texture and colour and an eye to flattering the body too. They’ve given me some great new ideas for casual dressing, so thanks! 🙂

  3. For the idiots that are hating on Bella’s style; Let me tell you that wearing simple clothing that lets your features and your shape take center stage is the most flattering thing anyone can wear. Sure you could wear skanky things like the women in “Charmed” wear. But you won’t look good, and no one will take you seriously. Most guys will think a Bella type look is sexier, and most women will be more comfortable with the look because it isn’t as silly. Cool and effortless is far better then heels, make up and pushed up breasts. I used to laugh every time I tried to watch Charmed because the “ladies” had a tough time running because their tits jiggled so much, and they had so many excesories they could barely move. I happen to dress a lot like that, but I very much enjoyed the post anyway. The first thing I noticed is how much Bellas look has influenced fashion lately. Great post, as usual. Thank you!!!

  4. hi well my name is cheyenne and i no some of u may not care of a 14 year olds opinion but i think that this page was really good.some people may not like bella or the way she dresses but needless to remind u this is how the author pictured her.i personally believe that all the characters r great, and many of u r right about alice and rosalie being funkin beutiful because there funkin beutiful and thats there role and the way the author pictured them.also i dont think anybody should get in an argument about clothes or the characters style….i think that each and everyone of us have our own image of the charachters in our heads and that we have favorites… the end i think that the best thing is having a good time with the topic about twilght weather ur watching the movie or reading the books!

  5. I love bella. Shes not afraid to look “plain.” And i also love Alice and Rosalie. They’re not afraid to look “Out there.” My style is a mix of All 3 of them. I dress a bit casual and simple, with a twist of fun style and fancy bracelets and other accessories.
    So, even if you don’t like Bella, and you prefer Rosalie and Alice, hey, thats your opinion. But, as a suggestion, try mixing them together! It’s actually kind of fun! 🙂

  6. Heather you are Lisse you are both right! Bella would probably never never never ever wear heels, and those heels were left in unintentionally, like Lisse said, she was meant to wear the blue converse.

    I’m glad you guys like the outfits though! I tried to keep them tailored to Bella’s style but at the same time keep it somewhat trendy.

    And I agree with everyone about both Alice and Rosalie’s styles, personally they do stand out more fashionwise. I will see if I can write an article on both of them sometime soon!

  7. I love twilight and I like Bella’s clothe choices however I don’t think that she has an adorable style’s just simple and comfy everyone can do that 🙂

  8. I don’t really like Bella’s style, you described it as “effortless” and “low-maintanance” but I just think it’s sloppy and boring. I actually think the clothes you featured in this article were a lot cuter than what Bella actually wears. I saw New Moon with some friends about a month ago and HATED it because I thought it was boring and cheesy. While I thought the movie was dumb, I did have to say that I was completely drooling over Jacob in this last movie whereas in the first movie I was more into Edward so I guess I changed teams 🙂

  9. Personally Bella is not a character I like. but I think her style is really good thing for college students. I mean no to go out or something like that but just for being comfortable but still cute. I like it 😀

  10. Alright, let’s take a step back from the madness that is Twilight and look at what this post is really about-keeping it simple and being warm. Its good to be nice to be nice to people, right? I live in the coldest and rainiest town in the United States. I like style but its just not the right place for me to actually look like most of the posts on this site. I can use this advice to keep it simple and warm and not worry about how I look. Weird thing is that I spend the summers staying for weeks at a time in the desert just north of Arizona on the Utah border, and I find myself bringing a lot of my clothes back and forth. I love how this post broke down the basic look I’m forced to have anyway! Sure, Twilight may be a little lame, but trust me, when its 7am, raining, foggy, and overcast all day, this style will get you to class and back before your toes freeze. And you’ll look cute doing it! I love the clothes and outfits you put together, Kim.

    I’ve been reading college fashion for years, wishing it was sunny enough around here to actually wear all the adorable things. I think its fabulous the site is branching out, not just with style BUT ALSO with bloggers.

    I love this site and everyone, so let’s keep it supportive everyone!

    Think about it, Twilight is a dumb thing to fight over.

    And, btw, I’m TEAM GET A LIFE! yay

  11. Kaya, I understand that Kim wanted constructive critism, but I find that Clarissa was being flat out rude by saying that just because of one shotty article she would never visit the site again.

    This whole thing is being blown wayyy out of proportion and I agree with Sarah: “Lighten up, it’s just fashion.”

    …and I honestly don’t understand why no one complained about the Christmas movie post directly below this because that had NOTHING to do with fashion.

  12. Posting comments allow people to express their opinions, thus all perspectives may be viewed. When it comes to fashion there comes a lot of mixed ratings. It shouldn’t be considered wrong for anyone, including myself, to dislike the recent blog posts on here.

    And, what if many readers were to request how to wear fur vests with a neon green sombrero? Would you write a blog post about that? If the writer doesn’t think that this blog post does fashion any justice, then why write about it? It’s like letting your best friend leave the house wearing red cowboy boots with a blue cocktail dress.

    • Kimberly – I don’t think anyone told you that it was “wrong” to dislike a post, so I’m a little confused as to what you mean. Obviously fashion is subjective which is part of what makes it great. Not sure where you were going with that.

      As for not writing a post about every odd request, obviously we don’t and never will do that – we respond to requests we think have merit and that lots of people want. At the same time, just because I am personally not a fan of Twilight, it doesn’t mean I won’t cover the topic for the many thousands of readers who ARE fans. This is NOT my personal blog and therefore my personal opinion is not the important thing. My goal is to cater to a wide variety of college students interested in fashion. Period. This blog is for college students across the globe, and that’s why it covers a variety of topics that may or may not be of interest to everyone.

      Like YOU yourself said, “when it comes to fashion, there are a lot of mixed ratings.” Just because I don’t care for Bella’s style doesn’t mean another person doesn’t love it. And while we’re on the subject of mixed reviews, if your “friend” in the red cowboy boots loved her outfit, it would be pretty rude and simple minded of you to tell her not to wear it because it doesn’t fit with what YOU like. Fashion is different for everyone, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

  13. Great post but i dont know if you should be holding your hair in a hot tool for over a couple of seconds.. maybe you didnt mean a hole minute but its really damaging..

    just a thought

    otherwise i follow your blogg almost every day.. and i live in sweden ;P

  14. Oh, also, to address the commenters who thought this post was irrelevant to CF and wondered why we did it, here’s the deal: this post was requested by TONS of readers. I am personally not a Twilight fan at all and don’t know about or care much for Bella’s style, but I wanted to do this article because so many people wanted to see it.

    If you think the site should be covering something else, please email me and request it! I listen to every request and I want to cover things that you guys care about. But no one is a mind reader – we do the best we can but if there’s a specific topic you want to see, let us know! This site is all about the community and all about what you guys want – so be in touch and tell us.

    Also, if Bella’s style isn’t your thing (it’s not mine), just scroll on by! We try to make sure there’s something for everyone here, so I’m sure there are other posts that might interest you more. Thanks for understanding!

  15. I really like this post. Although Bella doesn’t have the best fashion sense ever, the outfits in this post are similar to hers except better because they are actually really cute. It’s ok to dress comfortably if it’s cute!

    It would be wonderful if there were posts on Alice and Rosalie!

    Team Edward!!

  16. Wow, you really put a lot of thought into this. I like how you played up the style basics when you made the outfits, you know, like using hip length jackets to emphasize the legs, and the advice on form-skimming tops to define your silhouette (sp?) and all that. Great job!

  17. Wow, I am shocked at the negative comments on this post! Not only because I’ve received more than 20 emails asking for this post, but also because the majority of the rude comments were left by ONE person on ONE computer, posting under different names.

    This one girl was the one who pretended she was “switching” to some blog she writes herself. She also posted under the name “Clarissa”, and “Katie”, as well as a bunch of other names. There were literally TEN negative comments from this same ridiculous person. She was having conversations with herself, trying to stir up negativity and make it look like people were agreeing with her. Crazy much?

    Anyway, she’s banned now, and I have deleted all of her comments. Thanks to everyone who stuck up for Kim and helped keep the comments positive & constructive. I’m glad that one bad apple can’t spoil the site for everyone.


  18. I love Bella, but she’s not someone I look to for style advice. I think Alice and Rosalie have amazing style! It would be so great for you to do an article on them.

    As for Bella, Nordstrom has an entire ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon for BP.” clothing line. While most of the clothes have quotes from the movie on them, they have a jacket and tunic that was inspired by Bella’s style.

  19. I understand and respect that Kim put a lot of work into this article. However, she did ask for feedback. I, personally, have been reading this blog for about a year and have noticed that some of the articles being printed recently aren’t as interesting or helpful, at least to me. I don’t think that the quality of writing is bad, but the outfits that have been put together recently are very safe. Not that that’s terrible or anything, but this blog used to be about taking risks with fashion. It doesn’t take much to put together some of the outfits posted on here recently. I used to come to this blog for fashion inspiration, but it seems kind of pointless now because the outfits being posted are things that I see around campus all the time. Bella Swan, as someone said, does dress like she stepped out of an American Eagle ad or something. Kim did a great job of writing about it, but I still think that this blog is beginning to go downhill. I think that some people were being disrespectful in the way they were saying some things, but i don’t think that it’s fair to completely dismiss what they were saying just because they were kind of rude.

  20. I personally hate Twilight and as some other readers can’t understand why anyone would like to emulate Bellas style (she has a style, really?). Althought, the outfits inspired by her are worth checking, while they are very simple, yet put together – a great alternative to tshirt and sweatpants during the finals, when many of us, college students, don’t have time for creating sophisticated outfits everyday. And for me, they look better than anything Bella is wearing in the movie.

  21. Maybe this post could be called INSPIRED by Bella Swan. The outfits are a little different from what she wears in the movie however the whole idea was to get inspiration from her.

    It bothers me that so many of these posts were so negative… if you don’t like Bella’s style or even Twilight, then don’t read the post! It is as simple as that. I think that the post was well written and though out.

    Great job Kim, keep ’em coming!

  22. While I agree with many others that Bella’s style is not one I’d like to emulate, I found this post extremely well written, and thought that even though I’d never try to dress like Bella, there were excellent links to basic tees and such that I can incorporate into my everyday wear (for cheap!).

    And thanks for the advice on Bella’s hair. Even though her style is less than perfect, her hair is just… beyond words. I tried out your advice, and it worked out pretty well!

  23. @ Kimberly- I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels that way. Some of the posts now are not even about fashion, like the post about christmas movies. I found this site this summer and I loved it because it showed me how to put together outfits. I could find clothes in my closet that resembled the ones in the picture, and I have been dressing better because of this site. But now… I look forward to reading these and a lot of them are just not as good.

    And Kim- I love this post.Bella Swan has no style, but the outfits you created both have style and resemble her. Props to you, I love it.

  24. Clarissa,

    YOU are the one being disrespectful.

    Although this clothing in this article isn’t high fashion by any means, a lot of college students do dress in a similar style to Bella and would probably appreciate a post like this. I really don’t like Twilight, but it is definitely a sort of pop culture phenomenon right now and I can appreciate this post.

    Kim put a lot of hard work into finding the pieces, linking them in the article and putting the whole thing together. If you don’t like it, scroll on and move on.

    The way you put together your comment was snarky and rude, so I’ll throw a little back at you:

    Here’s some Business 101: The target audience for this site is 18-24 year olds in college. Since you are so immature, you’re obviously neither that age or in college, so why don’t you go make and post about the jeans and t-shirts you wear every day 🙂

  25. Aside from the fact that Twilight is for middle school-aged girls, I must say that I don’t understand why anyone would want to dress like Bella. She’s boring, drab, and uninspiring. Her outfits might be one step above normal college girl attire (Ugg boots, jeans, t-shirt) but they still suck!

  26. great post! i love how you break down her style in so many details (even her hair! wow, thanks!) i think bella doesn’t really have a unique style – she’s sort of plain, trying to keep warm while dreaming about her edward. BUT, I really really really like the way you break down her wardrobe! i love the clothes you picked up based on the plain-bella and make it a little bit more unique. can’t wait to try out bella’s hair, thanks again for the hair-tip!

    PLEASE do alice and rosalie! 😀

  27. I liked this post and I agree with other posters that more Twilight fashion posts would be great. Bella has a simple style-but there is nothing wrong with that.

    And after reading the comments here about the quality of College fashion going down recently, I must add that I love having new writers on this site. I like some writers more than others but I love the variety.

  28. I actually meant the first outfit with the heeled boots. I realized the chucks were supposed to replace the heels in the second one.

  29. Twilight is love it or hate it…I love it, but I understand the woes of people who hate it…Bella’s style is basically nothing like mine, but I liked the things about her hair, because…I love her hair. I would love it, if one of you guys did a college fashion tutorial on alice cullen. Please and thank you 🙂

  30. I just don’t get it. Why are there so many make-up and style tutorials for Bella? It’s just ridiculus reading all those articles on how to achieve a no make-up look or look like you don’t care for fashion. That’s kind of ironic. xDD

    The could have dressed Bella in paper bags and the fans would still want to copy her….

  31. Yeah, but it’s not about respect. It’s about fashion. The wardrobe department on the set of Twilight has determined that Kristen Stewart as Bella will dress like an American Eagle/Abercrombie model. She’s boring and predictable and all of her clothes look like they come from the SAME shop. CollegeFashion used to be about how to combine tons of pieces – pricey and cheap, haute couture and vintage – for a fun, interesting, different and UNIQUE look. I can handle the “how to dress like….” articles posted so far, but BELLA? Seriously. Kim, you did a good job on this article, but the topic stinks.

  32. AAAAhhhw thank you very much to send this post*.* I hoped that you’ll write about her style because i’m really into Twilight saga, I adore the books and what it’s all about… Maybe some of you guys think that Bella’s style is a simbly, everyday style, but I don’t think so. If you think about it, it’s really pretty even it’s quite natural. Every time my outfit looks like Bella’s, I feel like Edward will show up and he’ll fall in love with me!(:


  33. While I am not much of a Twilight fan, I think this post is extremely well-written! I think you did a great way of adding to Bella’s in the outfits and picking up on the themes she subtly subscribes to in her fashion sense. I think you did an excellent job of showing her style to those who are intrigued by it.

    I also know from feedback on my own posts that many CF readers live in colder climates that require layered basics such as the looks shown, so I’m sure many people really appreciate seeing these new ways to stay warm.

    And I have to say that I agree with what Kim said about not bashing other people’s style. A couple years ago, people who wore crazy structured shoulders or over the knee boots may have been frowned upon and now they are all over the runways!

    What I’m trying to say is that the fashion community is and always has been about taking inspiration from a variety of sources to mold new styles. While Bella’s style may not be your favorite, there is no reason to disrespect those who do.

  34. Great post. I think one of the great things about Bella’s style is that she could be anyone. Her style is very accessible to anyone who wants to copy it because she’s not high fashion. Her look is more about keeping warm than thinking about what she looks like. The muted tones in her wardrobe follow along with the colours in the film. The only thing I disagree with in the post is the heeled boots in the second look. As most twilight fans know, Bella doesn’t wear heels. The one time she wears heels is at the end of the first book at prom and she can’t really walk in them.

  35. As Janie said,there is a difference between giving constructive criticism and just being rude. No, you don’t like Bella’s style and yes, Kim did ask for opinions, but I’m pretty sure anyone with an ounce of compassion and maturity knows that you don’t need to completely trash the quality of writing/articles and be rude about the writer just because you don’t like this one post. If you have problems with the articles currently being used, why aren’t you emailling the editior instead of bitching at one writer? This isn’t the right place for you to vent your frustrations with the website.. if you don’t like Bella’s style, say so.. suggest topics you ARE interested in.

    Nice work Kim. I’m not a fan of Bella’s style myself, but the basics you chose for the outfits are really cute. Keep it up 🙂

  36. I can’t understand why anyone would want to dress like Bella. Have a look at the scene when Rosalie smashes the salad bowl from Twilight. Yeah, Rosalie is clearly the one to emulate.

  37. Heather, I don’t think Kim intended for the outfit to include the heels for the second outfit. She put a pair of blue converse for footwear to complete the outfit. It was just part of the picture that she didn’t bother to crop out.

    I love the outfits though. I’m not a big fan of Bella’s style. It’s a little to plain for me, but i LOVED the outfits you put together. Simple, but had little cute and girly things here and there.

  38. I’m kind of surprised to see everyone upset about this post on Bella’s style!

    I thought everybody would enjoy this post, but I guess some of you guys really wanted Alice’s or Rosalie’s style.

    Maybe some of us like Bella’s wardrobe while some of us like Alice or Rosalie’s ensembles.
    We all have different styles, so don’t say, “why would anyone want to dress like Bella?” There are lots of people who probably respect her style! :] Including me, and I like Alice and Rosalie’s also!

    I think this is a great post Kim! (: Keep it up!


    and @Kimberly, I kind of agree that the site hasn’t been the same, but you know Zephyr is certainly busy taking care of other parts of the site and I think it’s a great oppurtunity that she has decided to hire writers for the site because now, every day you can be guranteed to see a new post up at CF! :]

  39. @Kimberly, I disagree. I think Zephyr has done an enormous service by getting more writers on board. The fact that we’re now getting daily (and often TWICE daily) content with incredible variety has really taken this blog to the next level. I wouldn’t mind getting more contributions from zephyr herself, but being an editor doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for that!

    Of course, I don’t like each and every post equally, but when does anyone read a magazine or blog and find each article equally interesting? That’s just reality. And anyone who writes on a regular basis knows that not everything they write is going to be pulitzer material every time. What I do find on CF is a certain consistency of quality, which is something that I feel gives this site a certain level of credibility and professionalism.

    CF girls, keep up the good work!

  40. This post captures Bella’s style brilliantly! While her look isn’t one I wear myself it is a plain and simple style that lots of people want to emulate after seeing the films. People go crazy trying to find exact copies of the clothes she’s worn in the films (perhaps it will lure Edward) But I agree with the others, do similar posts about Rosalie and Alice!

    I think the blog has been better since other writers were brought in – there lots more to read and the different writers make it much more varied.

  41. I love your posts and everything, and I like Twilght but…. Why would anyone want to dress like Bella? She’s supposed to be the girl that doesn’t care about what she wears, and the tomb boy. You made a good post, but the “bella fashion” thing bothers me. Like how Nordstrom line made clothing inspired by Bella? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I agree with above poster that Alice would be a better choice 🙂

  42. Just to (probably over)emphasize – Kim, I did not mean to be rude or disrespectful. You’re a good fashion blogger. I just wanted to offer an opinion and some constructive criticism. I am not a fan of Twilight, and while I think the clothes they dress Bella in are pretty, they’re not my thing. But it’s nice to see girls emulating a fashion icon who is fresh, reasonably modest and … well, not Paris Hilton.

    Anyway – good blog, just not my taste.

  43. Heeeey, I loved this! The thing is – sometimes its really, really cold outside and your really lazy and its really hard to pull off anything coherent. You don’t have to go everywhere to be photographed – actually, people like you better if you have style, but don’t push it too hard. Sometimes, too many over the knee boots and crazy chic scarves while everyone at a party is wearing jeans, tshirt and converse is so NOT okay. And Bella knows how to pull off the cute-comfy reaaaally well!
    Great post! Thankssssss

  44. Keep up with the posts Kim!

    Sure many of you agree Bella Swan does not have style or may not even like Bella to begin with, but there are many other readers who may hold interest in this type of look.

    If there isn’t something constructive or positive to say, don’t say it. If you think the website is getting “lame” bring it up to Zephyr instead of spamming the comment section of this article. At least be considerate to the other users and blogger of this site.

  45. I’m with Clarissa. Janie, you say a lot of college students like to dress like Bella. But the target audience of CollegeFashion are only those of the students, who care about fashion and are looking for inspiration for their daily styles.

    And it’s just a fact that most of the regular site visiters don’t find this post inspirational in any way. You mentioned construtive comments and we are actually giving one and by expressing our feelings we are helping to improve this site.

    College Fashion is also a free community and you can’t demand from people to always write “I absolutely love that” or “That’s so awesome” even if it’s not that at all.

  46. Kim,
    You know I’m not the biggest Twilight fan and of course I have no idea who Bella is. But all that doesn’t matter because I always love the way you write your articles and you never cease to amaze me when you write them!
    So good job once again, my love. (=

  47. Oh my gosh! I’m really alarmed at the way people have been responding to this. Like Kim said, just because you don’t like something posted on this site, you shouldn’t start trashing it.

    There is a huge difference between expressing your honest opinion with tact and respect for others, and just being plain rude about it. I think people should keep in mind that Kim took the time out to write a post about something that was REQUESTED by other readers. I personally think that’s great! While I’m not a huge fan of Bella’s style, I still think this is a well written article and it’s really nice to see the girls at College Fashion are responding to requests that readers are making. If you don’t like Bella’s style, don’t read the article!

    Kim, I hope you’re not discouraged by some peoples’ really rude comments posted here. Even if I don’t love every topic of every article, I ABSOLUTELY love reading ALL the articles – they’re good quality pieces of writing and I can always draw inspiration and ideas from them (and I’m sure the majority of readers share this opinion).

    College Fashion has always been a site with respectful and constructive comments – let’s keep it that way everyone!

  48. i absoloutley want to be like bella, she is truly one of my idols. i would like to know how to act like her?
    i read the books and narrowed down the basics on the; quiet, stubborn, everythings bad attitude;
    and i am naturally alot of those things, i just want to know how she did her hair in new moon, the striaght/
    wavvy look she had going on i just wanted it. any thoughts or how to help me???

  49. wow… controversy!! i love it.

    1) if you hate bella, why did you read this post? I think this could be useful for those girls who like to dress in a simple way and have a hard time doing it, or just hate thinking too much about it.

    2) i agree that the topics have changed a bit, i was more intrested in general things like tips for job interview outfits with a cool twist (all the other articles i’ve found were aimed at older women) or those useful articles listing the wardrobe basics. Maybe you can add another section about those things. I also agree that the outfits are getting safer.

    3) I still read the blog because I appreciate the effort and the articles are interesting. Keep going girls!!

  50. Wow, who would have thought this would cause such a stir?

    I haven’t seen the Twilight movies but based on the pictures I have seen, no, Bella Swan’s style isn’t the greatest. However, who’s to say that someone can’t draw inspiration from it? What if someone LIKES the laidback “I don’t care” look? When I look at the clothes Kim picked out, I’m reminded of a lot of college students that roam around the village in NYC. It’s a comfortable, simple, somewhat-grungy sort of look. Again, SOME PEOPLE LIKE THAT.

    It’s fine to not like a style but to be rude about it is… well… rude!

  51. I don’t see why anyone would want to dress like Bella, maybe for halloween, but thats it. She really doesn’t even have a style.

  52. I totally agree with a lot of these comments, like Bella’s style (in my opinion is majorly bland and A&F/Hollister/Jackwills-ey and not at all individual. but i think Kim did a really good job with what she could and I think it’s nice that CF listens to it’s readers, very democratic.
    Can you please do one on Charmed I know alot of the fashion is a bit outdated but they are so kickass and feminist in what they wear (& sneakily sexy).
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  53. I don’t understand all the rude comments on this. If you don’t like Bella’s style, you didn’t have to read this, and you definitely didn’t have to comment. Keep the negativity and hatred to yourself.

  54. After a few exchange of emails with Fossil, I now know the model number of the bracelet which is JA2784040. Thank you again for such a good article. Bella is easy to relate to and I love her style. I fell in love with that bracelet! Hopefully it will soon be on my wrist.

  55. @Kimberly I think that more and more every post – what happened to quality? Now it seems to be more about quality. PLEASE go back to Zephyr! I’d rather have a few posts a week that I adore than multiple daily that I don’t like.. Bella Swan, seriously?

  56. Whatever everyones saying, look how many hits this post has has just because it’s Twilight! Loved it, great post, and love the variety of content and writers.

    It’s a shame that there is all this aggro.

  57. I don;t know why people try to copy Bella’s style – the only good thing about it is that it is simple and anyone can pull it off. i think Alice and/or Rosalie are good style inspirations.

  58. To everyone complaining about this post: I honestly saw this kind of feedback coming, I knew there would be lots of mixed reviews and argumentation, especially since when it comes to Twilight, you either love it or hate it.

    I think the main thing those of you complaining need to realize is that is that this blog is not tailored to one person. There are other readers out there who requested that this style breakdown to be written, and I want to point out that ZEPHYR HERSELF requested that I write this- it was not my idea (although I totally support her decision, it’s perfectly justified).

    I worked very hard on this post because I knew that this post would be controversial, please keep that in mind when you say things like the “quality of the post is lacking”. If her style isn’t pleasing to you, you don’t have to read this particular post. Please don’t hate on a post that I worked very hard on just because you don’t like the topic or the style presented.

    In all honesty, I am going to admit that Bella is not my ideal candidate for a style icon, like many of you said her style is too “everyday” or “safe” (which is why I embellished with some of the outfits- ie: those heeled boots). But I see nothing “ugly” or “boring” about buying basics. Basics are an important staple in any person’s wardrobe.

    Finally, I just want to say I appreciate ALL the comments that you guys leave (I learn more about your opinions and they give me ideas about what to write), but I don’t think that you should be so closed minded. Just because you don’t like Bella’s style, that does not give you the right to trash it. Collegefashion should be an OPEN and FRIENDLY community.

    @ Zlatana- You are right about holding your hair in a curling iron for one minute; I was making a generalization. I think it kind of depends on the hair you have. As I am asian, I have to keep my hair in longer. It’s probably better for those of you whose hair curls faster to leave it in the iron for about 30-40 seconds. Thanks for pointing that out.

    @ Iris- Actually, that jacket that you posted is the same jacket as the one I linked to, they are both made by BB Dakota and the one I linked to is actually a few dollars cheaper.

    @ Marije- Kristina wrote a great post on beanies and other hats, you can check it out here:

    But if that doesn’t help you, I will look into writing a beanie styled post for you!

  59. While I think Bella’s style is very everyday, I don’t know if the post was needed… Bella’s style is just sort of like everyone’s super casual style–I wouldn’t call her overly fashionable, nor would I want to emulate her style on a day-to-day basis. Maybe during finals week though….

  60. bella has no style. why would anyone copy someone who’s so damn boring and bland? and yes, why didn’t we just look at rosalie’s style? did you see her shoes when she smashes the salad bowl? and we’re focusing on bella’s dirty converse?

  61. I agree with post #4 from Alyssa. Why the hell would you want to emulate Bella’s wardrobe? Are you serious?!

    Rosalie is the one with the style. Thank you…

  62. Hi Kim,
    I really like the beanies but I have very curly hair and i’m not sure how to wear a beanie. Can somebody give me some advise on that?
    Marije (from the Netherlands)

  63. This blog/site has become more lame once the creator stopped writing and hired other college students to do it for her. It’s definitely not the same. The new writers talk about “fashion” pieces that no one would care to emulate.

  64. Definitely not a fan of Bella or any of the Twilight business. (with the exception of Taylor Lautner of course lol) And Bella’s outfits are plain, boring, and uninspirational. :/

  65. To me, Bella’s outfit is really depressing, boring and uninspiring. I look at her and I feel like there is no tomorrow so why bother dressing up… But well, she doesn’t like shopping. I mean, there is a reason why she dressed that way.

  66. I vote ‘How to dress like Sookie Stackhouse’ for the next such article. PLEASE. So cute and ladylike, and I’d love to think about some of the summery sundress styles she wears now that the weather’s so dreary.

  67. Wow, so much controversy over Bella’s style ! I’m probably alot older than your average reader – I’m 42. However, I’ve always felt that WHATEVER your fashion style is, it’s just that – YOURS ! Fashion represents who we all are as individuals; some of us are girly, some sporty, some trashy etc. Personally, Bella’s style is my style and has been since I was a preteen. I’ve never been a girly girl; I like comfortable, simple clothes without too much embellishment. That being said, I do follow fashion pretty closely….I have my UGG Adirondack boots, my Sorel Tivoli boots, my Chan Luu bracelets, my TNA winter jacket from ARITZIA, my ROOTS leather purse, my various SUPERDRY plaid shirts…….. you get the idea. Trying to be something I’m not isn’t for me !!!!! Personally, I loved the entire twilight franchise and totally identified with Bella’s character. “To thine own self be true”

  68. I love the incorporation of Bella’s style! It fits perfectly! But, I am a Washingtonian, and I’m just saying, those are for sunny days and for spring, and the first part of fall. Otherwise it’s a little out of style and you’ll either be too hot or too cold…

  69. To Alyssa (post #4)
    Some people (myself included) have no desire, time or inclination to dress fancy every day. I’m very active and I frequently hike, rock climb or go backpacking. In my spare time I’m usually at the Library or in the garden. It makes no sense for me to dress like Rosalie since her style would be detrimental to the way I live. I can’t do any of these things in heels or skirts. Also, for me the biggest concern is what will keep me the warmest. I live in Nor. California and will be moving to northern Oregon shortly. Girly looks will not keep me warm. I find that I dress like Bella without the intent to do so but I still adore the clothes she wears! She looks like a girl who I would love to hang with and who wouldn’t mind getting dirty. This was a cool article to read. Oh and Bella does have nice hair, but I have dreadlocks and can’t curl them so usually my hair is either pinned up high in a bun, but i think I may try to incorporate beanies in my style too!
    I love the way Bella dresses. The only thing I would change would be the shoes. Boots would look so much better and keep your feet drier (especially in a wet climate like Washington). The no/little makeup is great for active girls too. I prefer a little eyeliner and waterproof mascara but to each their own. Bella’s look works for me and so I will continue to dress like her, but with my own personal touches. 😀

  70. I was a big fan of the turquoise jewelry used in these outfits. They added spice to a sweet & simple outfit, and that’s what jewelry is supposed to do! Thanks for the article!

  71. Personally. I love Bella’s whole look. It’s very relaxed & natural. I’m a very busy mom of a toddler & pregnant with # 2 (our last). So no heels for me! Plus heels are horrid for your feet! My bf prefers the little to no make up as well. He’ll he likes Bella’s type of look as much as do. I also live in Northern Michigan. So it’s very cold for a huge chunk of the year. I really don’t understand why people bother to be negative about a post. Why are you here reading it in the first place? So thank you, for writing this post. It gave me some great ideas & I already have a few of these pieces! It honestly was quite enjoyable!
    Thanks again,

  72. wow!! thnx for that. im only 11 btw and i love bellas “i’ll just throw it on” look. i never used to like jeans and basics, i used to always love girly, frilly and glittery stuff but after i saw twilight, my life changed. hopefully that style will suit me. oh, yes. you have definatly translated it well. infact very well. oh btw i dont know whether to be team edward or team jacob. my whole family says jacob is cuter but i think they both are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just cant choose!!!!!!

  73. I for one love the way bella dresses im not the kinda girl who like to spend hours finding something to wear so i think the way she dresses is fine 🙂

  74. I have contacted fossil but they can’t help me with just the picture of the bracelet. They ask me to find the style number of the bracelet. Do you happen to have more information on that bracelet? Thank you!

    • Anissa – We don’t have the style number of the bracelet, sorry! This post was written in 2009, so most of the products are no longer available. If it helps, the bracelet was available when this post was published, on December 13, 2009, but that’s the best we can do. Sorry we can’t be of more help!

  75. Your article is really well written, thank you 🙂

    I am looking for that fossil bracelet but the link is dead. I guess they don’t have it anymore. Do you know where i could find it? Thank you

  76. Thank you!!! I always dress up, like REALLY dress up, even for school, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it, you know? This helped me think of some casual but cute ideas for this winter. 🙂

  77. Just thinking, if Kristin Styewart as Bella Swan was in a room, and Blake Liveley as Serena from Gossip girl was in a room, id sort of bet guys would pay more attention to Kristin/ Bella. That doesn’t mean its good or right, but most people do look down on that sort of Clueless blond look.

  78. I’m a huge fan of Bella and I’ve always liked her fashion as it is simple and shows off her features. Thanks you for the tips, I will have to show my best friend who is obsessed.

  79. Hey guys! If you’re interested in getting the Curious Gypsy Cream Thermal? Go to this page and join the group! Free, doesn’t cost anything except a second of your time! And please spread the word to get this top re-released. We were told by Curious Gypsy themselves that if we got enough names & request they would bring it back! So lets do this! Bring back this gorgeous top!

  80. PEOPLE! SHAME! There are no correct and incorrect opinions on fashion. I very much like this post. Not because of the movie, actually I have recently started to dislike that my wardrobe has gotten too..fashiony( I know its not a word), and wanted a new inspiration for simplifying. Bella Swans look is a good picture of where I want to go. Anyhow, enough about me. There are no real right and wrongs in fashion. There are exactly as many ideas on what looks good as there are people. Just because some of us like heels and a mini, and some of us like jeans and a henley is no reason to call names. Its all good. If you were all together in a cofee shop, would you say such things out loud? GOD I hope not. So let us not do this here. A person worked hard and made this good post for which Im grateful. Im sad to say that a self proclaimed fourteen year old had the smartest comment.

  81. As a guy who is a big twilight fan I think Bella is gorgeous and I love how she dresses. I wish I was Edward just so I could be with her! 😉

  82. To Anna, NO, I don’t think that the clothing Bella wears shows that she looks gorgeous without trying too hard. She always wears very flattering clothing that is practical. If she had low self esteem, or didn’t want to look good, she would not wear such body revealing things. Her jeans are always fitted. Not too tight, but definitely showcasing those lovely long, long, long legs. The simple solid colors show off her gorgeous pale skin, dark eyes, and dark glorious hair(despite the wig in one movie). If you still don’t get it, walk into any department store from Nordstroms to Target and you will see tons of fitted plad shirts, solid color t’s and henleys, and skinny jeans just like Bella would wear. Her style has had a HUGE impact on clothing. Thank goodness. I like exactly that style of classic unfussy style. I know some people like you don’t know that style does not mean make up and heels, but I think its moving away from that.

  83. Lizzy:
    Kristen had to wear a wig for Eclipse, and she had to cut her hair for the Joan Jett (not Janice Joplin) biopic.

    I agree about the red lace shirt however I think this post is trying to incorporate Bella’s look into a more fashionable style.

  84. I never thought a post on clothing picks for Bella’s style would be controversial! Anyway, I think you did a great job, love your choices!

  85. Bella / Kristen is amazing.
    I am beyond obsession for Twilight. It’s Passion. No-one could understand how much I really do love Twilight. You’re underestimating it right now.
    Her style is just so natural and unique. I used to dress very similar to her. But then I developed a less natural look and went onto more desiner type clothing. But I am inspired again to carry on with my style that I feel most comfertable clothes. Kristen is one of the few who doesn’t mind testing out new styles. I adore her for that. Love you Kristen, keep up your great work 🙂
    xoxoxo – Meghan (:

    • girl, i totally understand you!!! i’m am sooooooooo obsessed and passionate about Twilight too!!! it’s great that we can understand each other!!! i am trying Bella’s style and i just love it! it’s so easy and nice, and it complements my not so curvy curves! love you!!!

  86. I am a big fan of the Twilight series, and although I wouldn’t want to be exactly like Bella, I like certain tomboy pieces she wears. Thanks for writing about Bella’s style! I think this is a great post. 🙂

  87. Nicely written article! I’m not a fan of Bella’s style, but the outfits you chose fit perfectly with her character.

    I think it’d be a good idea to write an article on Kristen Stewart’s style. Her look is so effortless. I love how she can go from band tees and sneakers to beautiful red carpet attire.


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