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How to Dress Like Bella Swan from Twilight

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Twilight Fashion: How to dress like Bella Swan

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Love it or hate it, you have to admit that the Twilight franchise is beginning to reach fever pitch. Everywhere I go, it's "Team Edward" this, or "Team Jacob" that!

But man candy aside, one thing all of us here at College Fashion can agree on is that many of you seem to love the main character Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) and her effortless style. We've received tons of emails requesting a breakdown of Bella's wardrobe, so here it is!

Read on to find out how you can dress like Bella- you never know, maybe you too can capture the heart of a handsome but troubled teen vampire and/or werewolf.

Bella's Style - Overview

Bella's style is very low-maintenance, yet she still looks gorgeous at all times. Everything has a pretty yet effortless "I just threw it on" look to it. While it is clear that Bella would much rather stare at Edward all day than spend hours getting ready (who can blame her), she does have a specific sense of style.

Here I will breakdown Bella's wardrobe essentials, as well as show you two outfits that you could very well see Bella wearing on a typical day in Forks.

Bella's Basics

Basic tops inspired by Bella Swan's style in the movie Twilight

(V-neck Sweater - Gap, Faded Blue Henley- Old Navy, Cable Knit Pullover- Gap, Blue V-Neck- F21, Striped Henley- Old Navy, Red Lace Henley- Buckle)

Not one for lots of embellishment, Bella's wardrobe is very straightforward and simple. She has a wide array of long sleeve henleys and shirts to shield her from the cold of Forks. Bella often sticks to neutrals and cool colors such as blues, greens and whites, but I mixed it up by adding a few colors such as red and electric blue. She's also known to rock the typical Seattle button-down plaid shirt.

When it comes to copying her style, the main thing that you should focus on is to making sure your top is fitted so it draws attention to your shape. Fitted tops are a Bella staple.

Bella's Coats


(Twilight Jacket- Fred Flare, Green Jacket- Zappos,  Pleather Jacket- F21, Mustard Coat- Mod Cloth, Red Jacket- Charlotte Russe)

Since Bella lives in a cold climate, she needs an abundance of coats to keep her from getting cold in dreary Forks. Unlike her tops, the styles of coats she chooses differ more from one another depending on the day.

Most of her coats end about hip height to show off her legs. Often times, her coats are the most colorful part of her outfit, so she chooses them in colors like blue, yellow, red, and green. This sets her apart from those hum-drums who stick to color neutrals like black. (Hey, if it got her Edward, I'm not going to question it.)

Outfits Inspired by Bella

Bella Swan Outfit 1

Bella Swan Fashion

(Cami- Old Navy, Bracelet- Fossil, Jeans- AE, Beanie- Gap, Boots- AE, Shirt- Delias)

As Bella grew up in Arizona, she has a bit of an All-American/Western style to her look and can often be seen wearing things like turquoise jewelry or suede boots.

Because of this, I incorporated those types of items into the first outfit. I also chose a brown tank top, a basic plaid shirt, and a trusty pair of denim jeans for a low-maintenance combo that's very Washington state. And to keep you from getting chilly in Forks weather, I chose a cute grey knit cap to keep your head nice and toasty. Throw this outfit on and you'll be ready to explore the forest with one of our dashing anti-heros (Jacob or Edward, you can choose!).

Bella Swan Outfit 2

Bella Swan Fashion: How to dress like Bella from Twilight

(Ring- Zappos, Blue Embroidered Tunic- Charlotte Russe, Cardigan- Old Navy , Navy Converse- Zappos, Belt- Delias, Denim- Alloy)

For my second outfit, I chose pieces that show off Bella's bohemian side. Her style often veers toward boho-chic, and this outfit reflects that, while still staying true to her low-maintenance mindset.

First, I chose a blue embroidered tunic and paired that with an off-white cardigan similar to the one she wears in the first film. Then, I picked out a nice pair of dark wash jeans and a basic brown belt with braiding on the sides. For shoes, I chose the ever classic Converse chucks in navy blue (Bella wears a similar pair in the films), and to add a touch of  femininity, I picked out a turquoise ring made by Lucky Brand.

Overall, this look is tough, yet when you examine the details, it's also very feminine. This mix of tough and girly gives the outfit character and perfectly describes Bella's personality.

Bella's Hair

How to do your hair and makeup like Bella Swan

Bella's hair is the stuff dreams are made of. Like Serena from Gossip Girl, she's one of those girls that doesn't know how lucky she is to have such a nice head of hair. All she has to do is roll out of bed and her hair is perfect. But don't despair, you too can replicate Bella's hair with the help of a trusty 1-inch curling iron.

Here's how to get Bella's perfect locks:

  • First, find a curling iron with at least a 1 inch barrel. (Hot Tools makes a good one.)
  • Separate your hair into sections and then grab a medium section of it and wrap it around the iron (don't use the clamp).
  • Hold the section around the wrapped area for about a minute and and then let go. It should be a nice loose curl now.

Continue doing this around the rest of your head (you don't have to do all of it though, it's nice to leave a few strands straight - it looks more natural), set your hair with a teeny bit of hairspray, and voila: you will have hair that no man (or vampire or werewolf) will be able to resist.

Bella's Hair Accessories

Bella Swan's hats and headbands

(Assorted Headbands- F21,White Beanie- Burton, Grey Skullcap- Burton, Teal Beret- F21, Buttoned Scalloped Beanie- F21)

As I mentioned before, Bella's hair is basically perfect, so she hardly ever thinks about how to do it. However, I noticed that sometimes when she wears it down, she accessorizes with a thin headband on the crown of her head.

You too can try this style out to add a little bit of dainty detail to your look - all you need to do is push your hair back and place the headband in your hair. Also, headbands are fabulous because they're so cheap. No matter your budget, this is one look you can definitely afford!

Bella also wears the occasional beanie to keep her ears warm during those chilly days relaxing in La Push. Because of that, I chose an assortment of beanies and berets in different colors to mix things up. They're great because they add a pop of color to your outfit and also keep your head nice and toasty.


What do you guys think of Bella's style? Do you think I translated it well? Have you seen New Moon yet? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments!

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