Class to Night Out: Glitter Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

Glitter jumpsuit to class? Here’s how you can pull it off!

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Looking for the perfect glitter jumpsuit outfit? Discover the latest trends and styling tips for a chic and glamorous look.

From sequin jumpsuits to metallic finishes, find your perfect outfit for any occasion with our expert fashion advice.

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Glitter jumpsuits are insanely trendy this season. Although you might think this trend is “too much” at first sight, I’m here to argue that every girl should have a glitter jumpsuit in their closet. After you read this post, I hope I will have convinced you to invest.

3 glitter jumpsuits from Fashion Nova, Boohoo, & Dolls Kill.

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There are many types of glitter jumpsuits, ranging in style from tube top to halter top, cami strap, long sleeve, and so many more. Glitter jumpsuits can be both easy to wear and extremely comfortable, depending on the style.

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Here’s how you can style your glitter jumpsuit while a night out on the town or going to class!

Glitter Jumpsuit Outfit for Class:

Glitter jumpsuit outfit for class with black glitter jumpsuit, black satin bomber jacket, black chunky heel ankle boots, black mini backpack, black rose earrings and dark lipstick


When attending class, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Although this jumpsuit is pretty dressy, by adding the proper accessories and keeping your outfit to the all-black palette, you can dress it down. Bomber jackets are fashionable and perfect for days on campus.

It’s important that you don’t add too many accessories to this daytime look. Just add earrings and a nice burgundy lipstick and you’re set. If you don’t want to do a high heel boot when attending class, flat boots will work just as well.

Styling a Glitter Jumpsuit for a Night Out:


For your going out look, you naturally want to look stylish and cute, and the jumpsuit helps you achieve that vibe with ease. When rocking this jumpsuit, you may want to really accessorize but trust me: Don’t over do it on extras! The jumpsuit is bold enough on its own.

Adding simple details, like a nice pair of earrings and a super cute bag, works wonders. To add a touch of color, make one of your accessories a different color to pop. The accessory can be the bag (which is what I went for in this case), the shoes, the jacket, or any jewelry. Just make sure you have one item that stands out. You’re good to go!

Would you wear a glitter jumpsuit?

Do you have a glitter jumpsuit in your closet? How will you be styling your glitter jumpsuit this winter? If you share this on social media, make sure you use the hashtag #ClassToNightOut so we can see some cool ideas from everyone. Make sure to comment below!

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