Dormspiration: Bryan Batt's New Orleans Cottage

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Bryan Batt's New Orleans Home

All photos from Domaine - visit the website for more pics and info!

Best known for playing Salvatore Romano on Mad Men, Bryan Batt not only has an adorable smile, but he actually owns a home decor store with his partner, Tom Cianfichi! His place in New Orleans, recently featured in Domaine Home (click for the full feature), is resplendent with quirky pieces and bright pops of color. If you've got plenty of travel souvenirs and no idea how to display them, take a leaf out of Bryan's book and learn how to display every single piece beautifully. 

Their space was inspired by a treehouse - airy and spacious with plenty of monochrome to balance out the color. They also like to take traditionally feminine pieces and texture (like silk taffeta) and masculinize them, with elements such as leather, rich hues, and "tougher" aspects.

Want to adapt this stylish interior design for your dorm room? Read on for more!


Bryan Batt's New Orleans Cottage Bedroom

This bedroom may be the best one of all of the celebrity-inspired Dormspiration posts thus far -- the style is so eclectic, yet wonderfully cohesive. The gold ornate elements contrast beautifully with the solid grey bedding and antique wooden trunk, and the rough textures of the rug and bed frame look surprisingly cozy.

Decor inspired by Bryan Batt's New Orleans Cottage Bedroom

Product Information: Bedding, Trunk, Night Light, Rug, Plush Toy

Channel their sleek style with a monochromatic, soft gray bedding set, and place a wooden trunk (bonus points if it used to belong to a member of your family!) at the foot of your bed or even underneath, to store extra blankets and sheets. Elaborate golden accents can look a little out of place in a dorm room, so compromise with a gorgeous maple leaf night light that doubles as wall decor in the daytime. Finish the look with a patterned gray rug and a cute stuffed dog to accent your bed!

Living Room

Bryan Batt's New Orleans Cottage Living Room

How gorgeous is that Snow White print above the fireplace?! It's entirely unexpected, but still manages to accent the room perfectly. With a style like Bryan's, even the most outlandish of souvenirs will look like it was destined to be put on display.

Decor inspired by Bryan Batt's New Orleans Cottage Living Room

Product Information: Pedestal, Print, Jewelry Tree, Pillow, Table

For design like theirs, don't focus too much on big statement pieces--work on collecting unique objects, and they'll all come together to form a whole. Start with a glass coffee table that doesn't take up a lot of visual space, and fill the rest of the room with gold-inspired pieces like this textured pillow and a beautiful jewelry tree. A scalloped cake stand doubles as a pedestal for a bust or any other trinket you want to display, and tie it all together with (what else?) a Disney print--this one features the famous Disney kisses of the ages!

What do you think?

Are you a fan of Bryan and Tom's eclectic, dressed-up style? What pieces were your favorite? Does your style tend towards feminine, or do you prefer the androgynous look? Any celebrity homes you'd like to see featured? Let us know with a comment!

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