8 Cute Desk Chairs for College to Upgrade Your Standard-Issue Dorm Room

These chairs are stylish AND functional.

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We’re back with another decorating post, this time with a focus on an overlooked part of your room, your desk. But more specifically… your desk chair.

Having a good desk setup is crucial, as it’s where you spend so much of your time. If you work from home, if you’re a student, if you have an office or a creative studio, all of the work happens at a desk. Plus, this work naturally involves a lot of sitting, so getting a desk chair for college that is comfortable, but is still stylish is important! (And if you haven’t considered upgrading the standard-issue chair that came with your dorm room, I recommend you do it and regulate that standard chair to “occasional seating for guests”!)

We’ve rounded up eight different desk chairs for college that can serve comfort and practicality with style:

1. This Retro-Styled Chair That’s Comfortable to Boot


I’m going to start with the best: This chair is my favorite of all the chairs on this list. I love the rounded style of the chair which isn’t as common in desk chairs, and it could go with a variety of aesthetics.

This chair is from Urban Outfitters and comes with a padded back and bottom. Pair the wood with similar wood tones for a retro match-matchy look, or you could do contrasting wood shades for a mis-matched vintage style.

2. This Ultra-Modern Find from Target

target grid desk chair

I think everyone has walked into Target needing to buy three things and coming out with ten. This chair is something you don’t have to feel guilty about because it serves as a modern piece perfect for a crafting desk, a regular work desk, or even a pretty addition to a makeup vanity. It’s a swivel chair, which is a chair style I prefer, and you can adjust the height, great if standard desk sizes are too large or small for you.

3. This Grown-Up Chair for Future Girlbosses


This chair is definitely a splurge item compared to the rest of the chairs, but is a desk chair that will last you forever. It comes in six colors with the silver accents, and one with gold accents. It’s a swivel chair with adjustable height, but it also has an adjustable tilt change. This is a chair that is going to go with you from college, to your first apartment, to your first house, to your own office, and can go with anything and commands seriousness.

4. An Ultra-Cute Director’s Chair


A complete turnaround from the chair above, this cute director’s inspired chair screams of quirkiness. Not only is this chair comfortable, it serves as a great conversation piece and added decorating for a room. This chair proves that style and practicality need not be mutually exclusive.

BRB, gonna go buy one myself…..

5. A Glam Tufted Chair


Target amazes again with great affordable furniture options. This pretty chair is sophisticated and grown up, but with a homey vibe. Some office chairs can look a little sterile and cubicle-esque, but this one looks like it’d fit in to a well-loved space.

This chair looks comfy but stylish and I could picture myself perched atop it for hours, writing creative assignments or doing research for those dreaded college essays. Also this chair has the adjustable height which is important for me since I’m shorter than average and a lot of desks are too tall to be comfortable without an adjustable chair.

6. This Sleek, Modern Lucite Chair That Will Blend in Anywhere


Clear chairs are all the rage with modern decorating and this chair gives the illusion that you are floating in midair. It also happens to be the cheapest chair on the list, from the affordable furniture mecca Ikea. Ikea puts the chair in a dining room on their website, but there is no reason this chair wouldn’t look good at a desk.

The clear style I think would look amazing against a glass table for double clear decorating, or against an all white or all black desk. For a colorful update on an often colorless area of a room, contrast the chair with a yellow, pink. orange or other bright colored desk for a fun but grown up vibe. You could also add a cushion if you prefer something cozier — any color would look great on this chair.

7. The Coziest, Fluffiest Desk Chair of All Time

Faux fur chair from Overstock

Faux fur chairs are not just reserved for beautiful makeup room setups, they can also be used to give a little bit more glamour every time you sit down to work. This faux fur chair can be found on Overstock.com, and the store also has faux fur chairs in other shades if white isn’t your style.

This versatility of the color white means you can go monochromatic with pops of color, or contrast the fur with patterns like stripes or animal print. I can picture this with jewel tones of emerald or dark red — the perfect desk combo for the holiday season.

8. A Classic, Reliable, Comfortable Option


Finally we have the most practical college desk chair of the bunch. It’s basic but ultra functional and incredibly comfortable if you spend a lot of time at your desk. Desk posture is super important, sitting at a desk that is not adjusted for your height can cause future problems like headaches, pins and needles, back pain or muscle strain. If you already have back pain, an improper chair can inflame it further, so a chair that can be adjusted properly and has good back support is incredibly important. A chair like the one above from Staples gives you comfort and support without sacrificing the look of your office and desk.

What style of desk chair for college do you prefer for your space?

Do you like swivel chairs or regular chairs? (I’m definitely a swivel gal.) Let us know what your favorite chair was below!

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