Boost Your Happiness with 100 Simple Things

There are lots of little things to be happy about, so read on for some happiness inspiration!

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All those great things in life that make you happy? Here we are again. Back to school, back to all things social, back to being that big ball of stress rocking back and forth in the fetal position getting existential about the future.

With so much going on, it’s so dang hard to stop and take a breath affecting mental health, much less reflect on how you are really feeling.

So I ask, are you happy? 

My answer? Overall, yes, but day-to-day happiness so easily gets muddled in our hectic lives and the frenzy of emotions we mirror of others.

So remember: life is good, what will be will be, and everything will be alright.

“Simplicity is the essence of happiness.” – Cedric Bledsoe

100 Little Things That Make You Happy

And if you need a little more help feeling the warm and fuzzies, the following is a list of the most beautiful little things in life. And they’re not about fancy appearances, spending money, or impressing others — these are small yet significant things we can all take pleasure in, day after day with emotional and interpersonal benefits.

Take a breath of fresh air and check these simplest things to make you happy!

1. Wearing your favorite sweater

2. That content feeling of waking up naturally… without a headache-inducing alarm

3. Watching the world from behind the window of a moving vehicle

4. Reruns of your favorite show

5. A long hot bath or bubble bath with extra bubbles

6. Long walks on a sunny day

7. The relaxing of your tense shoulders after a deep breath

8. Burning a new candle

9. Freshly cut flowers

10. Lazy Sundays

11. The smell of clean cotton and laundered clothing

12. Random compliments

13. Wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower

14. Fuzzy socks

15. Finding a great sale

16. When soft rain puts you to sleep

17. Checking things off your to-do list

18. Your favorite song coming on the radio

19. Finding a new song you love

20. Hearing a song you forgot about

21. S’mores

22. Kicking off your shoes after a long day

23. Finding a book you can’t put down

24. Reading something that completely resonates with you

25. Long, tight hugs

26. Hearing from an old friend

27. A GOOD slice of pizza

28. New school supplies

29. Swaying to the beat of a good song

30. Homemade baked goods

31. A fresh haircut

32. An organized closet

33. The feeling you get after a workout

34. Accomplishing something early

35. Finding something you thought you lost

36. Payday!

37. A smile from a stranger

38. Getting out of work/class unexpectedly early

39. Feeling good in an outfit

40. Find a pair of jeans that really fit

41. The extra crunchy french fry at the bottom of the bag

42. Finding a new favorite food

43. Puppy licks

44. The feel of the sun warming your skin

45. Bralettes

46. Butterflies from a new crush

47. Butterflies in general

48. Cold water with lemon

49. When something you’ve been wanting to happen, happens

50. Yummy smells

51. Making a brave decision

52. Doing something for someone other than yourself

53. When you can see the stars

54. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows

55. When someone just gets you

56. Laughing when something is really, really funny

57. Finding a pen that writes perfectly smooth

58. The package you’ve been waiting for finally arriving

59. Eating food that you’re majorly craving

60. Soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

61. Sand between your toes

62. Undisturbed snow

63. Drawing a perfectly straight line

64. Finding money you forgot about

65. The way your curtains dance in the wind

66. Fresh fruit

67. Taco Tuesday

68. Twinkly holiday lights

69. Learning something new

70. Feeling well-rested

71. A great dream

72. When inspiration strikes

73. Good sibling relationships

74. A party where you actually had a good time

75. When your mom packs you lunch

76. Finding old pictures

77. When someone expresses appreciation for you

78. Tears of relief

79. Smiling

80. Having time to leisurely eat breakfast

81. A great hair day

82. Calling your grandparents just to say “hey” or spending time

83. An even tan

84. Singing… loudly

85. Popping bubble wrap

86. Sleeping in clean sheets

87. Beach days

88. Spending time outdoors in unexpected places

89. Candid photos

90. When your music shuffles to the song you really wanted to hear

91. Handwritten letters

92. A good kiss

93. The cool side of your pillow

94. Bonding with someone over a shared interest

95. Being greeted by your pet

96. Forehead kisses

97. Being trusted with a secret

98. Random act of kindness like a stranger holding the door open for you

99. Being too excited for the next day to sleep

100. Being yourself, loving yourself, and treating yourself the way you deserve

Appreciate the little things; there is so much to be happy about!

Life Satisfaction and the Power of Simple Pleasures

The pursuit of happiness might seem complex, but often, it’s the simple pleasures that carve the path. Imagine the sheer comfort of slipping into a freshly made bed or the refreshing tranquility of a sunny weekend afternoon.

These moments provide a reliable momentary increase in our happiness levels, underscoring the profound impact of life’s small delights.

The Science of Happiness

Extensive research indicates that happiness is not just a fleeting state but a condition we can cultivate through specific practices. For instance, gratitude increased participants’ happiness in studies where individuals were asked to keep a gratitude journal.

These follow-up assessments proved the practice’s effectiveness in boosting happiness and decreasing depressive symptoms.

Beyond the Halfway Point: Happiness in Later Years

As we venture past middle age, the quest for happiness often intensifies. The most robust finding from happiness research suggests that maintaining strong social connections and a positive outlook are pivotal.

Friends and family provide a crucial support network, and positive affect appeared consistently in those who valued these relationships. Furthermore, late-life adjustment is better predicted by these sustained connections than by other factors.

Health and Happiness

Physical health and enough sleep are indispensable elements in the happiness formula. Sleep deprivation negatively affects productivity and mood, while regular physical activity, like joining an exercise group, enhances both physical health and emotional well-being.

Patients treated with a combination of physical activity and mindfulness meditation, for instance, experienced heightened well-being.

Mindfulness and Self-awareness

Practicing mindfulness can lead to heightened awareness and improved self-awareness. An eight-week course in mindfulness meditation can make a huge difference in one’s life, substantially enriching one’s overall happiness.

Participants in such programs often report boosts in happiness and a more positive outlook as their self-awareness grew.

Spending That Enriches Life

Interestingly, the way we spend money can also impact our happiness. Called prosocial spending, the act of spending money on others can generate a burst of positive emotions.

Whether it’s planning surprise date nights or giving gifts randomly, this seemingly simple strategy enhances our own happiness as well as that of others.

Nurturing the Soul

Engaging in activities that resonate with our soul, like listening to a relaxing playlist during a lunch break or enjoying the scent of freshly cut grass, can serve as an effective pick-me-up.

Writing letters or performing random acts of kindness produces a sense of accomplishment and joy, proving that small acts can lead to significant emotional rewards.

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

What little things make you happy? What would you add to this list?

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