18 Pretty Pearl Nail Designs You’ll Obsess Over

Forget diamonds — pearls are a girl’s best friend this season.

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Pearl nails have become a very popular nail trend recently. A cousin of the famous “glazed donut” nails popularized by Hailey Bieber, this offshoot is glam, ethereal, and gives off total mermaid vibes.

This trend is exactly what it sounds like. It’s about creating designs that resemble real pearls on your nails. This can be done with pearlescent polishes, chrome dip powder, or even real pearl embellishments.

Pearl nails are perfect for those of us who are looking for a subtle but also stunning nail look that will look beautiful for basically any occasion. And there are so many ways they can be done.

So, if you are curious about trying out this trendy nail look, check out this list of 18 gorgeous pearl nail designs you will be obsessed with!

Here Are Our Fave Pearl Nail Designs:

1. Mermaid Pearl Nails

Bring #Mermaidcore to your fingertips with these mother of pearl nails by @glossytipped 🦪✨ #shorts

You may be thinking that pearl nails can only be done in neutral colors; however, you can actually create stunning pearl nail looks using color!

For example, this mermaid-inspired nail look uses gorgeous shades of pink, orange, and gold to give you a shiny, colorful pearl nail look. It’s so unexpected and perfect for the summer season.

And, to see how to get this look at home, all you need to do is watch this quick nail tutorial!

2. Pearl Swirl Nails

Pearl Swirl Nail Trend | Real Time | Amazon Finds | Modelones Cream Gel

Another popular trend related to pearl nail looks is the pearl swirl trend. This is a colorful nail look inspired by pearl nail designs that will look gorgeous on anyone!

I recommend checking out this video tutorial to see how to get this look. This is done with gel, so if you aren’t a nail pro, get this done at a salon.

3. Chrome Pearl Nails


You may also be interested in the classic pearlescent nail look that started the trend. This is the “glazed donut” look inspired by Hailey Bieber.

For this look, you will be using clear chrome nail polish to create a shiny and sparkly nail look that will definitely give your nails that glazed look.

To see how to get these Hailey Bieber-inspired nails, check out this video tutorial!

4. Ombre Pearl Nails

You can also create an ombre pearl nail look, as shown above! And, to make this look more fun, you can add some extra designs to your nails to make them stand out.

If you want this exact look sans-DIY, good news: You can purchase these exact press-on nails to help you complete your look!

5. Sparkly Pearl Nails

Pearl nails will already give you a glossy nail look, but if you are interested in a look that will be a bit more sparkly, I recommend trying out these sparkly pearl nails.

These nails will give the “glazed donut” vibe with the addition of some extra sparkle. Again, no need to DIY these because you can purchase these press-on nails to get the look at home!

6. Opal Nails

Mother of Pearl / Opal Nails with Gel | No Acrylic

If you are looking for something a lit more fun, I recommend going with this opal nail design. This is a pearl-style nail that is a bit more detailed than the others on this list.

So, if you want to add a cool design to your nails, I highly recommend trying out this nail look.

To see how these nails are achieved, check out the video tutorial above, which uses gel to create the look.

7. Pearl & Gold Nails

If you want to add another color to complement your pearl nail designs, I recommend adding gold to your nail look.

Gold looks gorgeous when combined with pearl — the combo is so glam and elegant. It would be perfect for a wedding or special event, or anytime you want classy nails.

If you love the nail look above, you can achieve it at home because it’s actually a set of press-ons from Etsy. You can buy them here.

8. Colored Pearl French Nails

You can also add some color to your pearl nail looks by adding colorful French tips.

In particular, I love how the nail artist above used pale yellow to create a French tip look in pearlescent polish. It’s a look that’s actually super close to one Hailey Bieber rocked. (The only difference is hers had cherry detailing.)

Want these nails for yourself? It couldn’t be easier since these are available to purchase as a set of press-ons from Etsy.

9. Pink Pearl Nails

Another way you can add some color to your pearl nail looks is by using light chrome nail polish. For example, if you want to get a trendy pearl nail look with a bit of color, I recommend trying out light pink chrome nails.

This will give your nails a bit of color, but will also still give you that pearlescent, mermaid-y look.

So, if you are interested in trying out a look like this, I definitely recommend purchasing these press-on chrome nails from Etsy. The best part is, they’re available in a huge variety of shapes and lengths to fit your exact style and nail shape. You can also check out our 30 Stunning Pink Nails Ideas!

10. Nude Pearl Nails

Hailey Bieber Inspired Glazed Donut Nude Nails Tutorial | Shonagh Scott

If you love nude nail looks, you can also totally go for a beige nail design using a pearly gloss. It’s the perfect mix of nude and pearl polishes.

Want these nails for yourself? Just check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to get this glossy nude nail look at home.

11. Pearl French Nails

If you love to do classic French nails but want to add something different to your usual French tip looks, I recommend adding a pearly gloss to your next French mani.

This will give you a gorgeous and trendy French tip nail design that you will love for any occasion.

To get this look at home, I recommend trying this white pearlescent nail powder available on Etsy to get the exact look shown above.

12. 3D Gel & White Pearl Nails

Another fun way to add something extra to your pearl nail looks is to incorporate a 3D design.

For example, on top of your glossy pearl nail looks, you can add some 3D pearls or other designs to make your look stand out even more.

So, the next time you want nails that will turn heads, I definitely recommend adding some 3D designs such as the ones shown on these pretty press-on nails.

13. White & Blue Chrome Pearl Nails

If you want to add some color to your pearl nail looks, you can also add blue chrome. This will also give you a glossy nail design that you will love with some added mermaid vibes.

Once again, these are a set of press-ons available on Etsy. I recommend going the press-on route for these, as 3D designs can be very hit or miss if done at a salon — and are definitely not for DIYers.

14. White Pearl Nails

For the most basic pearl nail look, you cannot go wrong with short white pearl nails.

In contrast to many of the other pearl nails on this list, these nails use an opaque pearl polish, which offers full coverage to your nail.

If that is the type of pearl nail look you are going for, I recommend checking out these short white pearl press-on nails. While you could have this look done at a salon, I love using press-ons because you can re-wear them to save money (and hours of your time).

15. 3D Pearl Nails with Silver Design

If you loved the idea of adding gold to your pearl nail designs, you might also like this funky silver and pearl nail design. It has a bit of a goth vibe yet is also light in color.

Silver looks gorgeous when added to pearl nail looks and is especially stunning on these 3D detailed pearl press-on nails. Not for the timid, if you love head-turning nails, this design is stunning!

16. Pearl French Tips

Another way to incorporate French tips into a pearl nail look is to create French tips with pearl nail polish. This will give the tips of your nails a gleaming look that’s subtle but sweet.

The cute press-on nails above are a great example of pearl French tips, made even cuter with the addition of 3D butterflies and pearl detailing. Aren’t they adorable?

17. Purple Pearl Tip Nails

Another way to add color to your pearl nail looks is with a stunning purple glossy look like this one. This nail look creates a French ombre nail effect using purple pearlescent polish. It’s one part Galaxy nail, one part pearl nail.

So check out these purple press-on nails if you are looking for a stunning pearl nail-inspired look with some more color.

18. Mother of Pearl Nails

Mother of Pearl nails #nailart #nails

One of the most popular pearl nail looks is this simple mother-of-pearl look. The mother-of-pearl nail look consists of a sparkly white chrome polish or dip powder applied all over the nail.

So, if you want something that will keep your nails looking trendy, yet simple, I recommend watching this video tutorial to see how you can get mother-of-pearl nails at home!

Which pearl nail look from this list will you be trying?

Have you ever tried pearl nails before? What pearl nail design is your favorite?

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