Here’s What Your Favorite Staple Makeup Product Says About You

You can only pick one.

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There are many makeup products on the market these days, from silicone sponges, to rainbow highlighters, to glitter-filled liquid lipsticks. As trends in the makeup community come and go, makeup staples are more important than ever.

The makeup product you rely on the most (because come on, we all have one) says a lot about who you are.

On days when a full face of makeup seems like an insurmountable feat, what’s the single product you refuse to neglect?

Whether it’s mascara, eyeliner, or an eyebrow pencil you can’t leave the house without, your staple product is often determined by your personality.

So whichever makeup product you favor above all else, read on to learn what this tells the world about you:


Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

If mascara is your fave makeup staple, you’re a no frills kind of person. You’ve got things to do, names to take, and want to look good through it all. You already have the confidence to take on the world, you just like to have fluttery eyelashes to match.

Mascara gives results in just a couple swipes of a wand, therefore those who need mascara every day love convenience and efficiency. 


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Whether it be in liquid or pencil form, if eyeliner is your ultimate makeup staple, you like to have your makeup do the talking for you. Different ways to apply your eyeliner means you can (and do) change your style from day to day, depending on your mood.

Whatever you’re feeling that day, people will know just by looking at you, so you can get straight to the point about things that really matter.  Those who can’t live without eyeliner have impeccable attention to detail and refuse to do anything halfway.


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

Lipstick has been a classic staple product for decades. If you’re someone who needs lipstick on in order to feel complete, you love standing out in a crowd.  

Lipstick is often used as a way to set the mood for how you want the rest of your day to go, and is a way of telling others what type of day you’re having without actually saying it. Those who wear lipstick every day tend to have bold personalities that are only enhanced by the beauty of a perfectly colored pout.


Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

Wearing highlighter every day indicates you have a playful and adventurous personality. Because highlighter tends to be on the more in-your-face reflective side, you probably also never shy away from the spotlight.

Having highlighter as an everyday staple allows you to (literally) glow on the outside, to match the fact that you’re already glowing on the inside.

Eyebrow Product

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

If you’re like me and you can’t go a single day without putting some eyebrows on, you tend to be more detail-oriented.  Unlike many, you pay attention to the little things and won’t give up on something until the job is complete.

Putting on eyebrows everyday also means you’re probably resilient in the face of struggle. If you’re a perfectionist and you insist on filling in your eyebrows every day, well, you’re just a glutton for punishment.

Am I reading too much into makeup? 

Probably, but the tendency of certain personalities to gravitate towards different makeup products fascinates me. I firmly believe there is a strong correlation between how we make ourselves up to look on the outsides (particularly on an everyday basis) and who we actually are on the inside. 

One thing is for certain: until scientists find time to put in the work, this article is the best we’ve got.

What is your must-have makeup staple product?

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