Beauty Video Tutorial: Eyeliner 101

A guide to different types of eyeliner and how to apply them. Learn about the pros and cons of pencil, liquid, and cream liner plus application tips.
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Editor’s note: Over the past few years, we’ve done tons of beauty posts here at CF, but there’s one thing we’ve never attempted till now: Beauty video tutorials! Every two weeks, our resident video blogger and makeup artist Imani will show you how to create a gorgeous makeup look on a college student budget. In case you missed it, see her first post, Summer Beauty Tutorial: Bronzed Babe.

Eyeliner can be a fabulous way to transform your look, but it can also be hard to apply. Because so many people have trouble getting their eyeliner to look right, this tutorial will show you how to apply three types of eyeliner: cream or gel eyeliner, liquid liner, and pencil liner.

I've also included some tips on achieving the perfect winged eyeliner, how to fix eyeliner mistakes, and how to make your eyeliner stay all day. Enjoy!

All liner is not create equal, but there is one out there for everyone. Here are my product recommendations, most of which were seen in the video:

Pencil Eyeliner:

Pencil liner is an old favorite. This is probably the 1st eyeliner most of us used back in middle school. It is great for lining your waterline, tightline, and just right above your lashes. It's not so great for trying to get a precise wing.

Liquid Eyeliner:

Liquid liner gives the overall best look. It dries to such a dark finish that no other formula can really match. It is great for getting those stunning cat eyes. The only thing to beware of is not getting this product into your eyes because it will burn terribly, so avoid your inner corners and waterline.

Gel/Cream Eyeliner:

My favorite eyeliner formula is gel/cream liner! This is great for applying in between lashes, on your waterline, and creates beautiful wings. The only flaw with this product is the color payoff isn't as dark as liquid liner and that it's not convenient to carry around. You also will need a brush to apply this.

Your Thoughts?

What are your favorite eyeliners? What are some of your favorite makeup brands? Do you like the winged liner look? Let me know!

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