Beauty Video Tutorial: Eyeliner 101

A guide to different types of eyeliner and how to apply them. Learn about the pros and cons of pencil, liquid, and cream liner plus application tips.

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Editor’s note: Over the past few years, we’ve done tons of beauty posts here at CF, but there’s one thing we’ve never attempted till now: Beauty video tutorials! Every two weeks, our resident video blogger and makeup artist Imani will show you how to create a gorgeous makeup look on a college student budget. In case you missed it, see her first post, Summer Beauty Tutorial: Bronzed Babe.

Eyeliner can be a fabulous way to transform your look, but it can also be hard to apply. Because so many people have trouble getting their eyeliner to look right, this tutorial will show you how to apply three types of eyeliner: cream or gel eyeliner, liquid liner, and pencil liner.

I’ve also included some tips on achieving the perfect winged eyeliner, how to fix eyeliner mistakes, and how to make your eyeliner stay all day. Enjoy!

Eyeliner 101 - College Fashion Tutorial

All liner is not create equal, but there is one out there for everyone. Here are my product recommendations, most of which were seen in the video:

Pencil Eyeliner:

Pencil liner is an old favorite. This is probably the 1st eyeliner most of us used back in middle school. It is great for lining your waterline, tightline, and just right above your lashes. It’s not so great for trying to get a precise wing.

Liquid Eyeliner:

Liquid liner gives the overall best look. It dries to such a dark finish that no other formula can really match. It is great for getting those stunning cat eyes. The only thing to beware of is not getting this product into your eyes because it will burn terribly, so avoid your inner corners and waterline.

Gel/Cream Eyeliner:

My favorite eyeliner formula is gel/cream liner! This is great for applying in between lashes, on your waterline, and creates beautiful wings. The only flaw with this product is the color payoff isn’t as dark as liquid liner and that it’s not convenient to carry around. You also will need a brush to apply this.

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Your Thoughts?

What are your favorite eyeliners? What are some of your favorite makeup brands? Do you like the winged liner look? Let me know!

36 thoughts on “Beauty Video Tutorial: Eyeliner 101”

  1. Wow this tutorial was extremely helpful and the products you introduced are great and really budget friendly! Your vidéo tutorials are amazing, Imani :)).

  2. Thank you so much for this! I’m a makeup noob so these videos are greatly appreciated. I especially love that you offer drugstore alternatives 🙂

  3. i personally love smashbox gel eyeliner (jet set waterproof eyeliner). I use it everyday. I just feel like it makes me eyes look more awake & it stays all day:) (although it is on the pricey side, it’s totally worth it)

    great video!! can’t wait for more ;D

  4. Ohmygosh finally! There are so few great eyeliner tutorials out there, and this one is of such a high caliber…thank you so much for explaining the types of eyeliner, what each one can best be used for, and using your makeup experience to give us advice on the best products. It really helps people like me, who are totally clueless about makeup and yet want to try it, when videos like this one are made, that are easy to follow and explain everything so well. I loved how simple you made everything. I have nothing but positive energy to send your way. Thank you very much, and I look forward to your next post.

  5. Exactly what Janessa said-your eye shadow in this video is gorgeous, can you please do a tutorial on it next? Your videos are super helpful and well made, this is a great new CF feature!

  6. –I’m OFFICIALLY obsessed with your make-up videos, Imani. you are a gorgeous girl and you definitely know how to enhance your features. Question though: I know eyeliner was the focus of the video , but how did you do your eyeshadow it’s soooo gorgeous! I have dark skin and I love love love wearing purple because it makes my eyes pop and I’m totally in love with how you did yours. Any chance we could get a video on that next week?

  7. After watching this I went out and bought my first thing of gel eyeliner. I’ve always been kind of wary, because it seems so much more labor intensive, but you made it super easy! I got the maybelline eyestudio, it works like a dream and is really dark! For some reason I’ve never been wary of using liquid, but the gel/creme would put me off.

    Also, what pencil liner are you using? I need a new black pencil and would love a suggestion.

  8. In my opinion, the best and cheapest gel liner (or is it cream liner? I don’t know) is the one from Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) I don’t know how you can beat $3. Good tutorial 😀

  9. Another great video. Thank you for speaking about the products that you have used personally versus what you have read about. I am happy to learn of the “art of eye lining”

  10. Rin- AHHH! My boss ALWAYS tells me to slow down when I talk. It’s such a horrible habit. :/ I even type extremely fast as if I were talking. Lol. I promise I will try to slow it down on the next video 🙂

  11. Thank you everyone! 🙂

    Lisa- I would definitely try a waterproof liner. Also, try taking a Kleenex and dabbing your waterline before applying your liner.

    Noelle- I personally think gel/cream is the best formula. But you may want to try all 3 formulas and see what works best for you. It really depends on what look you do on a daily basis. 🙂

  12. I love your tutorials so far. It’s almost like I have a friend that knows everything about makeup. Can’t wait for your vid on eyebrow grooming!


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