Summer Beauty Tutorial: Bronzed Babe

Learn how to do a bronze makeup look for summer with our video tutorial.

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Summertime is famous for long days running into long nights. How many times have you spent hours out with your friends with no time to change your clothes or makeup for a party, or had to carry your entire vanity around in your makeup bag? To help you out, I have a foolproof summer makeup look that will have you looking radiant during the day and sultry during the night.

The Look:

Bronzed Babe Makeup Look

The Bronzed Babe look is all about gorgeous shimmery eyes, glowing skin, and a pretty pink lip. It’s ideal for transitioning from day to night, and its shimmery colors will look perfect with any summer outfit.

One thing to note before we get to the tutorial: You don’t have to use the exact products seen here! Take this tutorial and adapt it to work for you. For example, if your skin is lighter, you might want to opt for lighter toned eyeshadows. If it’s darker, you may choose to use colors that are more pigmented. Feel free to experiment with products to find the ones that work best with your individual coloring.

How to Get the Look:

College Fashion Makeup Tutorial: Bronzed Babe

Products Used:

Dupes for high end products used:

College girls are on a budget. Heck, just about everyone would opt to save some cash if they had the opportunity. So don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have the exact products to re-create this look because you don’t really need them.

For this tutorial, you can use similar colors you already own, or opt for one of these inexpensive dupes for the products I used:

Now, all you need to do is set your makeup with a setting spray – my favorite is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray. Then, just grab your favorite gloss and you are ready for the day and night.

Your thoughts?

Did you like our first beauty video blog? How easy do you think it would be to re-create this look? What are some other looks you would like to see covered in a future video? Tell me what you think!

9 thoughts on “Summer Beauty Tutorial: Bronzed Babe”

  1. wow i love this! also, being a woman of color, its nice to have a makeup tutorial that will look amazing with my complexion as well! please do more!

  2. Thanks! I’ll definitely try out UD setting spray…Also, as for the eyebrow growing, I’ve been plucking mine for about 8 years now and recently stopped around November/December last year. Within a few months, most (not all) of my eyebrows have grown back. I’m looking to continue growing them and working on the shape because plucked eyebrows actually grow back more thick and coarse…Imani, please help with this!! 🙂

  3. Lauri- Covergirl Amazemint in Freedom of Peach is a great dupe for it. It is slightly more pigmented, so I would apply with a lighter hand.:)

  4. I love this look. Can’t wait for more tutorials. Do you know of any good drugstore dupes for the Napoleon Perdis lipgloss? Thank you!

  5. Thank you all for the sweet comments!(:

    Jane & Adriana- No I have SUPER sensitive skin as well and I have received no breakouts from it. But I must say to wash your face really well after applying any type of makeup because the makeup just laying on your skin maybe cause more breakouts than the product itself. 🙂

    Keisha- It really depends on how long you’ve been overplucking. If its been like more than 4 or 5 years you may have damaged the area where the hair is growing in, but you can still have fabulous brows with the help of brow powder and a good stencil kit. 🙂 If its been a year or 2 of overplucking you can grow them back within a few months, but you have to LET THEM GROW! I know that that period sucks because I am in that stage right now and it’s just terrible. And after you allow them to grow in I really suggest getting them done professionally, method of choice being threading. If you overpluck once you are liable to overpluck again.

    With plucking it seems like you are never done, so you have to just quit. Lollol. 🙂 I hope I answered your question. I will get a bit more in depth when I do a brow specific video. 🙂

  6. Love this tut!! i have a question tho, i over plucked my eyebrows so i hardly have any hair…is there any way to grow them back?

  7. I am so looking forward to seeing the next vid tutorial!! Imani, you are SO PRETTY! Could you maybe do one on eyebrow shaping because I love your eyebrows!!

  8. Love love love that CF is doing video tutorials 🙂 this one was awesome and can’t wait to see the next one! I’m spreading the good word!! Love this look too 🙂 keep up the great work!

  9. I love this! Please keep up the beauty posts. The eye shadow combo is way lovely, this is just feeding my makeup addiction! Great job.


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