Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Fierce Cheetah Makeup Look

Learn how to do cheetah eye makeup for Halloween with our step-by-step video tutorial. Plus: A cute cheetah costume idea.

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Being a makeup junkie, I absolutely love doing FX makeup: I enjoy creating open wounds, and stitches, and totally re-creating a face for Halloween. However, I have come to realize that not everyone feels that way… thus, this tutorial was born.

For the first in a series of Halloween-themed makeup tutorials, I wanted to make a Halloween look to cater to the girl that doesn’t really want to dress up. You know, the girl who comes in jeans, a tee, and bunny ears? This is a more fierce, stylish approach to the “no costume” look: a chic, fun cheetah eye.

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The Look:

Halloween Cheetah Makeup Tutorial

How to Get the Look:

Halloween Cheetah Makeup Tutorial

Products Used:

How to Style the Look:

Halloween Cheetah look

Product Info:

For the “costume” part of the look, I wanted to create a nice, sleek silhouette.

I started off with these amazing black J Brand coated jeans. (Obviously, J Brand is pricey, so you could substitute any other black jeans here!)

Since we are going so tight on the bottom, I paired the black jeans with a loose black H&M top.

To give this cheetah-licious look even more growl power (yes, that was a line from Disney’s Cheetah Girls), I thought a pair of chunky animal print wedges would look great. And to tie this look together, I chose a pair of simple gold hoops and an arm full of chunky bangles.


Would you guys rock this fierce look? What are you going to be for Halloween this year? What are your plans? Let us know!

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13 thoughts on “Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Fierce Cheetah Makeup Look”

  1. SO, SO cool. I really like this look! It’s pretty easy to make out of things I already have–I’ll definitely have to try this!

  2. This is awesome! I’ve been planning on being a cheetah for Halloween for the past couple weeks and this is perfect! Thanks!!

  3. This realllllly helped cuz i didnt know what exactly to be for halooween, i wanted to be a cheetah but i also wanted to play the look up, ya know? thanks for posting this video and keep up the awesome work :D!

  4. I kind of wish you had used all drugstore make-up :/ but other than that i love this! Im going to try and recreate it within my budget!

  5. LOVEEE this, so creative!

    I’m like you and like to go all out for halloween, and bring the drama. I’m planning on buying a black tutu, teal corset and tons of peacock feathers and making my own peacock costume!

    I would love to see a peacock inspired makeup tutorial!!!

  6. So awesome!

    My brow bone isn’t as good as yours for leopard spots (not as much space to work with between lid and brow) but I think I could easily adapt this and put a few subtle spots on my cheeks with some bronzer. 🙂

  7. Haha! That’s so me! I don’t really like “dressing up” but I like to do themed sort of outfits for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I don’t feel so weird for not wearing a costume.

  8. I love this too! I’m always so focused on the costume part of Halloween that I forget how much of a statement makeup can make on its own. This is such a brilliant idea!


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