28 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Totally Do Yourself

These tutorials can enhance your costume or be the entire costume. 🖤

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This post will show you tons of easy Halloween makeup ideas, plus simple tutorials.

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Cow makeup look: Leah Halton on Youtube

As someone who loves makeup, I always use it at Halloween. Sometimes, it’s just a component of my costume, but other times, I’m stuck at the last minute and need a costume I can do with only makeup.

Either way, though, my Halloween makeup needs to be easy.

Whether you want a makeup look to enhance an existing costume or a simple costume you can do with just makeup, here are 28 easy Halloween makeup ideas you can totally do yourself!

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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Glam Witch

Witch Makeup Tutorial | Easy Halloween Makeup 2022 🕸️🕷️🖤🧙🏻‍♀️

Witch is forever my favorite Halloween costume because there are so many ways to rock it.

For example, this glam witch makeup look is unique because it’s creepy as well as beautiful. You could pair it with a witches hat or just a black dress, and everyone would get the witchy Halloween vibe. You could also do this in black or red for an edgier feel.

Simple Skull

Skull makeup tutorial | last minute Halloween makeup | Halloween makeup 2022

This is one of the easiest makeup tutorials of the bunch because you only need black liquid liner on hand! A simple skull is a great makeup-only Halloween costume that takes minutes to achieve.

Pro tip: You may want to have an extra eyeliner or two handy because this uses a lot of product!

Easy Devil

Easy halloween makeup look 💄😈 #halloween

This one might be even easier than the simple skull! These little devil horns made with lipstick are a two-second “costume” you can add to your existing makeup for Halloween.

The best part is you use an eyelash curler to create the shape, so you don’t even have to draw!

Just dress in red, and boom, you have a devil costume with no effort.

Spider Lips

Halloween lip ideas to try 👻

Here’s another example of a super easy Halloween makeup idea you can do with just eyeliner.

While the video above shows multiple easy looks, the simple spider lips make a statement and can be done by anyone with black eyeliner!

You do not have to be a makeup girl to achieve this look; it would be fantastic with an otherwise bare face.


Chucky Makeup Tutorial | Easy Halloween Makeup Costume Idea 2023

This easy Chucky makeup tutorial is a little more advanced and requires you to have a few more products on hand than the last few options. However, it’s so cool and fun to do!

Also, if you match it with a colorful striped top (bonus points for overalls), everyone will know who you are, and you won’t need to buy a thing.

Simple Faux Cut Face

Simple Cut Tutorial Using Eye Shadow, Lipstick, and Lip Gloss

Special effects makeup looks awesome and super spooky, but it requires skill, practice, and special products.

This simple face scratch Halloween tutorial requires none of those things — just red eyeshadow, lipstick, and lipgloss. It’s impactful and scary but still cute at the same time.

Victoria’s Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret may be dead but this makeup look isn't..

If you own some white lace pieces and maybe some angel wings, you can pull off a Victoria’s Secret Angel costume in a pinch.

This VS Angel Halloween makeup tutorial will have you looking like Adriana Lima, and as a bonus, once you learn it, you can use it anytime you want to feel like a model.


Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2015 | Makeup By Leyla

Vampire is another classic makeup-only Halloween costume.

To get this costume for yourself, wear all black and follow the tutorial above to create creepy bloodshot eyes and statement lips.

This look is enhanced by some red color contacts, but they certainly aren’t necessary to achieve the vampire effect!

Halloween Bunny

Easy last minute Halloween ideas! 🎃 #halloween #makeup #shorts #giveityourbestshort

If you just want to be cute (and maybe a tiny bit creepy) on Halloween, here’s a simple makeup tutorial to try!

This Halloween bunny look requires black eyeliner, red lipstick, and a pair of bunny ears. And you could always skip the lipstick “blood” if you just wanted to be cute.

Glam Wolf

⚠️FAKE BLOOD ⚠️ Glam Wolf 🐺#halloweenmakeup #wolfmakeup #wolfmakeuptutorial #makeup

This is probably the most involved makeup tutorial on this whole list, but it’s so cool that I had to include it!

This glam wolf tutorial is so creative and would be a blast to attempt. The key to this look is black eyeliner or eyeshadow, applied all over to look like fur. The fangs also really help — if you can find a pair at CVS, grab them!

The special effects portion of the look is optional, but I do think this would look cool with the faux face scratches we talked about earlier. Either way, you’ll look amazing and super spooky!

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Makeup Tutorial | Soundtiss

Wednesday Addams is one of the easiest last-minute costumes, especially if you have dark hair that you can braid into pigtails.

This easy makeup tutorial shows you how to get Wednesday’s goth vibes for yourself, great for pairing with your little black dress and collared shirt.

Dripping Blood Eyes

easy last minute halloween makeup🩸

I couldn’t love this easy dripping blood-eye makeup tutorial more!

First of all, it takes just minutes to do. Second of all, it looks creepy but also cute so it’s the perfect mix of both vibes. While she uses red liquid eyeliner, you could do this with liquid lipstick, lipliner, or regular lipstick applied with a small brush.

Simple Witch


Here’s another take on a Halloween witch makeup look, this time with a more literal interpretation.

Once again, black eyeliner is key to this easy makeup tutorial. You’ll use it as lipstick, as well as to create the crescent moon shape and the creepy lines under the eyes. The rest of the look is optional — you can make this as simple or as glam as you want.



How cute is this puppy makeup look?

If you, like me, are a fan of white eyeliner, you have the main product you need for this look! You’ll also need, once again, black eyeliner.

Finish the look with puppy ears (she just does space buns to make the ears) and faux fur clothing items if you have them!

Easiest 1-Minute Cat

1 minute CAT MAKEUP from an ARTIST . LAST MINUTE halloween costume idea(2023) UPDATED

If you live on campus, there’s a 100% chance someone in your building has a pair of black cat ears from an old Halloween costume. Grab them, and then use this easy tutorial for the simplest cat costume ever!

Once again, you just need black liner and eyeshadow to achieve the look. Seriously, she does it in one minute flat.



Everyone is going to be Barbie this Halloween, and if you’re among them, this cute and easy Barbie makeup tutorial is a must-try!

You’ll need a few different colors of eyeshadow for this one, but the best part is that you can adapt the look to what you have on hand. The key is to stay within the pink color family, and the rest is up to you.



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people in this scarecrow makeup look. It’s a total classic and for good reason: It’s cute and fairly simple to do.

For the look, you’ll need black eyeliner and orange eyeshadow. Then just throw on a flannel shirt, braid your hair, and you’re good to go!

Nancy from The Craft


Here at CF, we are obsessed with Nancy’s style from The Craft. With this in mind, she makes a fantastic Halloween costume, especially if you own lots of black pieces in your closet.

This Nancy makeup tutorial has very cool ’90s vibes and doesn’t require any crazy eyeshadow blending techniques. It’s really about the ’90s lips and the cat-eye shape. Bonus points if you wear a cross necklace!


Pretty Mermaid Halloween Makeup | Super Easy!!

How insanely pretty is this mermaid makeup look? I can’t stop staring at it.

If you have a pair of fishnet tights and some glittery makeup, you can totally do this look. The tights are key to helping you create the scale pattern on your face.

A wig is optional here. It looks fantastic, but if you can’t find one, just wear your hair in beach waves and dress in something metallic.

Glam Cat

Last Minute Halloween Kitty Cat Makeup Tutorial 2015

If you want to be a cat and are up for a slightly more challenging tutorial than our previous cat option, try this glamorous cat makeup idea!

Here, black eyeshadow and liner are used to really create a glamorous cat eye. After that, it’s just about using black eyeliner to create your whiskers and nose.

Cute Bear


I never would have thought to be a bear for Halloween, but this easy makeup tutorial makes me want to try it!

For this look, you’ll use brown eyeliner or face paint to create the nose and fur. You’ll just need a brown teddy coat and some space buns to finish off this easy costume.



If you have a silver metallic top or dress on hand, you should be an alien for Halloween! This easy alien makeup tutorial will help you achieve the look.

For this tutorial, you’ll need white eyeliner and green eyeshadow. Otherwise, you can use your normal products as you see fit. Pull your hair back into a futuristic ‘do and you’re set.



Here’s another example of something I’d never think to try for Halloween: Cow makeup!

While this idea seemed crazy at first glance, it’s actually genius. You just use white and black eyeliner to create the cow spots all over your eye and cheek area.

If you have any cow print items, throw them on, and bonus points if you can get some cow ears to finish the costume!

Spider Illusion


Wow, this spider illusion makeup look is so creepy yet also incredibly glam!

While you need a steady hand to do this makeup look, it’s done with minimal products — black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and white liner. Once you watch the tutorial, you’ll see how simple it actually is.

Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll Makeup Tutorial

Creepy Doll is another easy Halloween makeup look that would be perfect if you have any girly dresses in your closet.

For this tutorial, you’ll need black eyeliner and red shadow, plus some blush to make the doll cheeks, and white liner for the big doll eyes. Finish by putting your hair into braids.

Drop Dead Gorgeous (AKA Hot Skeleton)


Not only is this Halloween makeup look hauntingly beautiful, but it also makes for the best conversation starter. When anyone asks you what you are, you can say, “I’m drop-dead gorgeous!”

This look is mostly about the shading and highlighting — it’s like contouring on steroids. Any dark, cool-toned eyeshadow you have will work here. It’s just about blending and emphasizing the hollows of your face.


Doing My Best Friend's Halloween Makeup

Angel and devil are both popular Halloween costumes every year, so if you’re going as either, these makeup looks are for you!

The devil tutorial in particular would be perfect as a costume on its own, paired with red clothes, while the angel will need some wings and a halo.

Neon Skull

HALLOWEEN look 🎃 | Neon skull #shorts #makeup | tik tok lccbeauty

Finally, if you want an easy Halloween makeup look that will have you standing out, you need to try this neon skull tutorial!

The key here is to get a pigmented neon eyeshadow. Regular shadow will NOT work! You also need the white liner or face paint to get the neon to pop.

Pair this makeup look with literally any outfit to turn it into a Halloween costume. So easy!

Which of these easy Halloween makeup looks is your favorite?

Do you like to play with makeup for your Halloween costumes? Which of these looks would you try? If you attempt any, please let me know in the comments below!

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