16 Stunning Statement Coats to Invest in This Winter

Not your average winter coat.

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Metallic coat

This post will show you the cutest statement coats you need to upgrade your winter wardrobe.

Without a doubt, we’ve made it to the winter season. It’s time to bundle up to prepare for the snowy days ahead!

Staying warm is the most important aspect when choosing clothing for winter. Oftentimes, this means layering bulky materials together. The idea of wearing a bulky outfit, however, may not be appealing when it comes to making a fashion statement.

However, there is a loophole to the bulky clothing that hides any sense of glitz and glam. The answer is statement coats!

Now that your outfit will be hidden under various layers when walking outside, it is essential for you fashionistas to invest in a statement coat to make even your outer layers shine.

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These trendy winter coats are deemed ‘investment’ pieces not always so much because of the price but because of the look. These pieces are meant to be bold and eye-catching and make your wardrobe 10x more interesting.

With that being said, statement coats are not necessarily your everyday, run-of-the-mill pieces. They will most likely not be your go-tos, especially when you’re busy running errands and fashion is not your main priority.

But when the time comes for you to wear your statement coat, it will be spectacular: talk about making an entrance!

When purchasing a statement winter coat, think about what your favorite bold look is — is your style grunge, chic, or something else? This will guide you when making a decision. Plus, you probably already have the right shoes to make the whole ensemble come to life.

If you want to stay warm and look fabulous this winter, keep on reading for our favorite statement coats.


1. Topshop Chunky Purple Teddy Coat

Burnt orange teddy coat

A lavender teddy-bear coat? Sign me up! This is the perfect statement to make if your style is all about comfort.

Now that pajamas, leggings, and joggers have become the staple pieces of 2020, this is the coat to top of the year. You’ll stay comfortable and fabulous in this eye-catching, cozy coat!

2. Topshop Vinyl Trench Coat

ASOS black trench coat

Shiny and sleek, this black vinyl trench is the right match for any grunge outfit.

Black is usually a go-to in the wintertime, but this vinyl textured trench completely reboots the style. Throw this on with a bold shoe, and you’ll be serving up some looks!

3. Wednesday’s Girl Leopard Coat

Leopard trench coat

Animal print always makes for a bold look, and this is especially so with this coat.

If you’re looking for a statement piece that is still casual enough to wear on a daily basis, then this is definitely your pick. The animal print is bold but won’t have every single person on the street taking a double look when you walk past.

Make a statement on the down low in this chic piece. You’ll have it in your wardrobe for years to come.

4. ASOS DESIGN Oversized Maxi Coat

Maxi trench coat in blue

Ok, blue! This unexpected splash of bright blue will make your winter outfit come to life, even on the dreariest of days.

5. Wednesday’s Girl Vinyl Short Trench

Asos belted trench in camel leather

This trench coat really has it all. This warm caramel color gives off a sleek and sexy vibe. You’ll want this coat to cover your outfit, trust me!


6. COLLUSION belted puffer jacket with duffle details in brown

Brown belted puffer coat

Puffer coats are the bulkiest coats on the market. They are are great at insulating warmth, but they can get a little drab.

This brown puffer with the belted detail, however, is so fashionable. The details, such as the length and belt, make this coat a look.

7. Reebok Training puffer jacket in silver

Reebok metallic puffer coat

When the sun is hidden behind gusts of snow, you’ll still be sure to make the day bright. This reflective silver puffer is so bold and chic for the winter.

8. NOIZE Hooded Puffer Coat in Beige

Patterned green and blue puffer coat

This shiny rose-pink puffer coat with a chevron texture will definitely stand out! Not only does this jacket stray from the dark or bright-colored puffer norm, but the texture and shiny look of the coat are unique and eye-catching.

9. Calvin Klein Belted Puffer Jacket in Black

Shiny black belted puffer coat in plus size

Back to black. This puffer, although standard in color, is a statement coat in shape and design. The belt that cinches the waist strays from the ordinary zipper!

10. Gold Statement Puffer Jacket

Missguided metallic gold puffer coat

This shiny gold puffer coat is glamorous. It has a radiating glow that totally mixes things up in the winter.

11. Long Hot Pink Puffer Coat

Tie dye puffer coat in blue and pink

We know that Barbiecore has been all the rage recently, so why not add a little Barbie pink to your winter wardrobe?

This puffer is a super cute look that adds a fashion edge to the bulk of a puffer coat.

Faux Fur:

12. ASOS DESIGN Curve plush faux fur puffer jacket in burgundy

Plus faux fur puffer coat in burgundy

This burgundy fur coat has a very elegant vibe to it. You can wear this jacket when you are attending a more elegant event or if you just want to add some glam to an otherwise basic outfit.

13. Abercrombie Drama Collar Coat in Light Brown

Gray faux fur coat

Talk about glam! This stunning faux fur coat is exactly the kind of statement you need to make this winter. You can totally dress up this coat with some heeled booties and a bold bag.

14. UO Oversized Fur Coat in Green

Faux fur green polka dot statement coat

Differing from the traditional faux fur look, this green oversized coat is a very unexpected look. When looking for something signature, you want it to be a piece that people don’t usually see, and this piece is definitely not something you see every day.

15. Snake Print Faux Leather Jacket with Fur Trim

Missguided pink fuzzy biker jacket

This jacket is a unique combo of a biker jacket with faux fur trimming on the sleeves. The black fur and blue faux snake print leather is an uncommon mix.

16. Beige Pink Long Sleeve Fluffy Faux Fur Warm Coat

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For a bougie, elegant, and glamorous winter coat, go for this one! The fluffy, shaggy look screams fashion and will be a great addition to any ensemble.

What Statement Coat are you Wearing?

As fashionistas, we need choices. Having a practical winter coat is great for daily errands, but a girl needs a signature statement piece as well.

Tell us which statement winter coat is your favorite in the comments below!

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