10 Killer Graphic Tees You Need in Your Back-to-School Wardrobe (Sponsored)

Feel Great Goods has a graphic tee for every back-to-college scenario.

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Cute graphic tees for college from Feel Great Goods

Unless you’re new here at CF, you’ve probably seen some of our back-to-school shopping guides in recent weeks. We’re huge fans of preparing your BTS wardrobe as early as possible, and that includes shopping for comfy tees to wear all over campus.

Today we’ve partnered with Feel Great Goods, makers of adorable graphic tees to fit your every mood, to share the top 10 tees you need in your back-to-school wardrobe. As you’ll see, they have a tee for every college scenario, from girls nights in to those days when you JUST. CANNOT. EVEN:

1. The perfect tee for when you have your ish together and are ready to crush this semester:

Feel Great Goods tee: Coffee strong, lashes long, hustle on

Is there any better feeling than when your lashes are on fleek, you have a giant Starbucks in hand, your planner is organized, and you’re ready to crush your to-do list? (Or is that just my favorite feeling ever?) Either way, this “coffee strong, lashes long, hustle on” tee is just the thing to wear on days like those.

2. The go-to tee for the RA or anyone who wants to show the world who’s actually in charge here.

Girlboss tee

Channel Sophia Amorouso and show off some retro vibes with this cool throwback graphic Girlboss tee. Nonchalant ‘gram-ready pose with cappuccino optional.

3. The outfit essential for when you need that caffeine boost, stat.

But first coffee tee

Do I even need to explain why every college girl needs this “but first, coffee” tee in her wardrobe? As a bonus, it comes in black, so if you spill said coffee on yourself, no big deal.

4. A top that answers the question, “who run the world?”

Feel Great Goods tee: The Future is Female

Smash the patriarchy while looking your best at that Women’s Studies class, while lifting heavy at the gym, or while engaging in activism on campus, with this pretty and awesome “future is female” tee. You got this!

5. The ideal thing to wear when you just cannot even.

Feel Great Goods tee: I can't adult today

So you went against better judgment and stayed up until 3AM binge-watching Netflix and now you have an 8AM class to contend with. Throw on this “I can’t adult today” tee and hopefully life will go easy on you.

6. The tee for when you’re an introvert and you want to be honest about it.

Feel Great Goods tee: Sorry I'm late I didn't want to come

On days when you have very little energy for social interaction, this “sorry I’m late” tee will say it all without you having to open your mouth. Your true friends will laugh because they understand your introvert ways.

7. The best tank ever for girls night in.

Feel Great Goods tank: Bra off, hair up, sweats on, wine gone

For those of legal drinking age, has anything described your ideal night in better than this “wine gone” graphic tank? As a bonus, this looks like it’s crazy comfortable, perfect for lounging, snacking, and Franzia-ing.

8. The perfect tee for when you need a boost of motivation.

Feel Great Goods tee: Woman up

Study for (and ace) those midterms like a girl in this “woman up” graphic tee that’s sure to garner you tons of compliments.

9. The perfect tee for when you need to sustain your motivation.

Nevertheless she persisted

Make like our girl Elizabeth Warren and keep on keeping on in this “nevertheless she persisted” graphic tee. It’s a constant reminder that all things are possible if you keep working hard. Also, this would be the ideal thing to wear to the next women’s march, which at this rate will probably be necessary tomorrow.

10. The only thing to wear when finals have you stressed to the point that you’re considering shaving your head.

Feel Great Goods tee: I feel like 2007 britney

Seriously, who hasn’t felt this way at some point in college?

Which graphic tee is your fave?

Will you be picking up any of these graphic tees for your back-to-school wardrobe? Which tee is your personal favorite? Have you ever felt like 2007 Britney? (Saaaaame.) Let us know by leaving a comment!

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