Weekly Crossover: Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir

Prepare for ’90s nostalgia!

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Remember when everyone had Lisa Frank notebooks, VHS tapes, and slap bracelets? You know, the time when scrunchies, mom jeans, plaid shirts tied around the waist, and chokers were all the rage? 1990s everything has returned, so this week I decided to mix the style vibes of two ’90s characters, a preppy fashionista and a high school tomboy, for my Weekly Crossover article. 

Who am I talking about, you ask? Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks.

Cher Horowitz is arguably one of the biggest style icons of the ’90s. She looked so put-together that it’s no wonder we still want to raid her closet today. Her style is quintessential Cali-girl preppy. Her staples include plaid miniskirts and knee-high socks, and accessories like quirky hats and faux-fur bags.

Lindsay Weir, on the other hand, has a tomboyish-grunge style mixed with some nerdy quirkiness. Her signature style staple is a green parka jacket, which she wears over bright shirts and striped tees. She often wears baggy jeans and sneakers.

Want some style inspiration from both girls? Read on!

Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir Style Inspiration 1

Cher Horowitz in a yellow plaid outfit and Lindsay Weir in a green army jacket and striped shirt
Photo Credits: YouTube Screenshot, YouTube Screenshot

Cher’s yellow blazer and skirt combo is arguably her most iconic look. It’s still so well known that girls dress up as her on Halloween and her vibe even made a recent appearance on the runway.

Lindsay wears her father’s green utility jacket in every episode of Freaks and Geeks. She may have a more casual style than Cher, but she can also be great style inspo.

Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir Outfit: Preppy Tomboy

Cher and Lindsay look with pink faux fur backpack and plaid blazer

Products: Shirt – Hollister, Blazer – Missguided, Jeans – H&M, Sneakers – Vans, Backpack – Nordstrom Rack

Here’s an outfit that is sure to turn heads when you go to class.

Start by layering a plaid blazer over a white button-down for some preppiness à la Cher. Adding boyfriend jeans and comfy black sneakers makes the look more casual and adds pops of Lindsay to the outfit.

A pastel pink faux-fur backpack finishes off the look and is sure to win Cher over.

Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir Style Inspiration 2

Cher Horowitz in a yellow sweater and Lindsay Weir in a striped top
Photo Credits: YouTube Screenshot of Movie Clip, YouTube Screenshot

Here’s a screenshot of Cher in the same outfit I showed you before but without the blazer. On the right, we have a shot of Lindsay wearing stripes. If you think you can’t mix plaid and stripes, think again! I’m about to prove you wrong.

Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir Outfit: Schoolgirl Grunge

Cher and Lindsay inspired preppy-grunge look with plaid and stripes

Products: Top – Boohoo, Skirt – Amazon, Boots – Macy’s, Socks – Nordstrom, Choker – Missguided

There’s no need to follow the rule that says not to wear plaid with stripes. We say stripes can go with anything, including plaid. You can mix plaid and stripes for a ’90s grunge or vintage-preppy look.

A striped off-the-shoulder crop top is trendy and kicks the outfit off with a dash of Lindsay. A high-waisted plaid skirt is very Cher and looks great with the crop top. Knee-high socks add to the schoolgirl vibe.

A Cher-approved choker and Lindsay-approved combat boots finish the ’90s-inspired look with some trendy touches.

Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir Style Inspiration 3

Cher and Lindsay Weir: Cher Horowitz wearing a black blazer while shopping and Lindsay Weir wearing an army jacket and green striped shirt
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot, YouTube Screenshot

Here we have Cher rocking the timeless color combination of black and white. Again, Lindsay has on her signature jacket and some stripes — girl knows what she likes!

Cher Horowitz x Lindsay Weir Outfit: Shopping Spree

Cher and Lindsay look with pink beret and green jacket

Products: Jacket – Kohls, Shirt – Belk, Skirt – Boohoo, Beret – ASOS, Shoes – Nordstrom, Backpack – Forever 21

Cher would definitely approve of this outfit. It would be great for hanging out at the mall, Cher’s favorite place on Earth.

A pinstriped shirt and button-down suede skirt give off a vintage vibe that Cher would love. A green jacket, a black backpack, and white sneakers are practical and oh-so Lindsay. 

A Cher-esque beret adds a pop of color to the look, finishing it off like a true fashionista would.

Did you enjoy the crossover?

Do you feel ’90s nostalgia? Do you like the outfits? Would you wear them? What crossovers do you want to see next? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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