Fashion Inspiration: Megara from Disney’s Hercules

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Megara is unlike other Disney heroines: Although she is beautiful and witty, she has a less optimistic view of the world than typical Disney leading ladies.  This causes her to have a feisty attitude and a great deal of independence. She also has a great fashion sense. Although Meg only wears one outfit throughout the movie, I used different elements of it as inspiration below.

Like the previous articles in this series, the purpose of this article is to use a childhood idol as inspiration for outfits that you can actually pull off as a college student. All it takes is a little creativity!

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About Megara

Disney’s Hercules takes place in ancient Greece, and is a humorous film starring characters and scenarios taken from classic Greek mythology.

Megara, also known as Meg, is the main female character. She gave up her soul to Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, to free her boyfriend’s soul because she was so in love with him. But instead of being grateful, her boyfriend left her for another girl. This hurt Meg terribly, and caused her to have a pessimistic view of love and men.

Hercules is the son of Zeus and Hera who was born a God but turned into a mortal by Hades’ minions. In a plot to defeat Hercules and take over the world, Hades gives Meg the task of finding his weakness. Meg obeys Hades’ orders, because he is her master. Hades also promises her that if she succeeds, he will give her freedom. At first she thinks that Hercules is just a normal guy, but after getting to know him, she slowly lets her guard down and falls in love with him. Even though she wants her freedom, she loves Hercules so much that she can’t help Hades defeat him.

Unfortunately, Hades realizes that Hercules’ weakness is that he is in love with Meg, and Hades persuades him to give up his super strength for 24 hours in order to save Meg’s soul. Hercules agrees, and Hades uses this time to try and take over the world. Hercules puts up a fight, even though he doesn’t have his strength, which makes him a true hero and gives him immortality and permission to live with his parents on Mt. Olympus. The only problem is that Megara can’t live there, so he decides to remain mortal to be with his true love.

Meg Outfit 1: Form-Fitting Dress

Meg Form Fitting

Megara’s basic outfit in the film fits snugly on her body to show off her feminine curves. To create a similar look, I decided to use that element of her outfit to make something that would be perfect for a night out or a cocktail party. I chose a body-con dress with a colorblock pattern, since her dress has two purple tones.

Formfitting purple dress outfit

Necklace- Anthropologie,  Shoes- Windsor,  Dress- Arden B,  Bag- Modcloth,  Earrings- Fashion Addict

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Meg Outfit 2: Casual Grecian Gown

Megara Casual

Meg’s purple outfit can also inspire a more casual look. Below, I used a simple purple dress with cutouts to add interest and give off a sultry Megara vibe.  I also added a circular necklace, similar to the beads on her dress straps, and a pop of orange color in the scarf, reminiscent of her headband.

Casual grecian-inspired dress outfit

Necklace- Max and Chloe,  Earrings- Zappos,  Shoes- Endless, Dress- YOOX,  Scarf- Lori’s Shoes,  Clutch- Love Worn

Meg Outfit 3: Maxi Dress

Meg Maxi Dress

Fans of the maxi dress trend, rejoice: This look is the perfect way to recreate Megara’s ensemble. You can channel her Grecian aesthetic by wearing a slender purple maxi dress, gladiator sandals, and a cute lightning bolt ring (which represents her love, Hercules).

Purple maxi dress outfit

Ring- Modcloth, Bag- Mimi Boutique,  Dress- Shop The Trend Boutique, Headband- Dorothy Perkins,  Shoes- Forever 21

Bonus: The Muses

The Muses from Disney's Hercules

Throughout the movie, the five goddesses known as the Muses narrate Hercules’ story in song form. Although they each wear a different dress, I combined elements of all of the Muses to create an outfit fit for a Greek goddess.

Outfit inspired by the muses from Disney's Hercules

Dress- White House Black Market,  Ring- JC Penny,  Shoes- Forever 21


Are you inspired by Meg? Which look is your favorite? Which Disney characters would you be interested in seeing posts about in the future? I want to know what you think, so be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment!

47 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: Megara from Disney’s Hercules”

  1. I love these Disney posts, they’re amazing! This one was no exception.

    Like someone before me said, Esmeralda would make for great, gypsy-esque fashion inspiration. And… well, I know Duchess is a cat and all, but if she wore clothes I bet she would have amazing style!

  2. I’m so happy to see Megara on this 🙂 I love all of the looks and thank you for the muse bonus! I would love to see Esmeralda, Mulan, Tinkerbell/Wendy and the villians next. I’m not ready for this series to end.

  3. YESSSS! Meg is my favourite female Disney character! I ADORE her to bits! So glad you did a post about her! The first two dresses are divine, and I’m seriously covetting the Muses-inspired one!

  4. Aww, it’s so great that you guys featured Meg – she really is a stand-out leading lady 🙂 Loved the maxi dress outfit a lot but the Muses dress is just too irresistibly chic!

  5. I like the outfits, especially the lightingbolt ring and the colorbloc dress. But i’d love to see some Mulan inspiration. She’s my favourite Disney girl

  6. Very creative. I like how you took the one dress in three different directions. Although, I would have liked to see something other than dresses though.

    Can’t wait to see Mulan! And I thought the idea to do Disney villains was a great idea too!

  7. This was really well done! I especially love both purple dresses. I really hope Mulan is coming up next. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that we haven’t seen her yet.

  8. I really love the color purple, and all of the dresses you’ve chosen are delightful! All of the outfits are really nice, I especially like number 2, though I can’t pull that off.

    Keep up the amazing work, and I hope that Mulan comes soon!!


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