3 Finals Outfits to Wear When You’re Dead Inside

Outfits that scream out, “IDGAF but I actually do.”

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This finals week, resist the urge to disguise your pajama bottoms as acceptable on-campus attire and end the school year with a sartorial bang!

To help you out, I’m throwing you a bone by way of three ready-to-wear finals week outfit sets. Pick any or all of the following three looks to stand out from your sweatpants-hogging peers. (Warning: Study materials not included.)

1. The chillaxer


Products: Backpack – Nordstrom | Top – Bloomingdale’s | Overalls – H&M | Sandal – Kohl’s | Scarf – Charming Charlie | Watch – Macy’s

The girl who is wearing this to her 9 p.m. Calc final isn’t stressed at all. One might even say she’s “over(all) it.” 

Terrible puns aside, you will feel both stylish and relaxed in this layered ensemble. Make sure to fill up the black-and-brown Herschel bag with pencils and/or pens; you might need them a little more than that striped ombre scarf!

2. The motivator


Products: Top – Nordstrom | Sneakers – Nordstrom | Pants – Nordstrom | Earrings – Nordstrom | Backpack – Target

If you looked at this outfit and thought, “Wait, that’s something I’d wear any day of the week,” you just might be the rare unicorn who has it all together. Well, organizational queen and stationery master, this one’s for you.

Side note: Even if you’re not wielding color-coded flashcards and a packed notebook, feel free to wear this out and fool everyone in the room!

3. The late-night studier


Products: Dress – Nordstrom | Flats – Zappos | Earrings – Icing | Sunglasses – Amazon | Cap – Target | Backpack – Macy’s

Rolled out of bed and scrambling to find something decent to wear for your exam that’s less than an hour away? Well, luckily for you, nothing is easier to slip on than a sundress and a pair of ballerina flats.

Also, included in this set is a hat, because bed head should certainly not be something you’re worried about this week. (Trust me.)


Burned out from studying? Do you think wearing something like any of the above help you to feel more professional and ready to tackle on the stress of exams and essays? 

Tell us all about your finals experience in the comments box below!

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