Flare Jean Outfits – Elevate Your Wardrobe with These Chic Ideas!

Flares are back again and here’s exactly how to style them for this decade.

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While skinny jeans reigned supreme in the 2010s, flare jeans, which were trendy in the 2000s, are making their way back into the fashion mainstream.

While flares aren’t as trendy as wide leg and straight-leg jeans just yet, if you follow fashion, you know that they’re coming next. Low-rise flares were huge in the 2000s, and everything Y2K is back, so we’re betting we’ll see a lot of them in the seasons to come.

To get you ready to rock the trend, here’s some background on flare jeans, tips on how to style them in this decade, and tons of flare jeans outfit ideas.

The History Of Flare Jeans

70s wide leg jeans

Flare jeans date as far back as the early 19th century, when seafarers wore bellbottom trousers because they were easy to roll up for jobs like swabbing the deck. The style later became part of the official Royal Navy uniform.

In the late 1960s, bellbottoms became a trendy fashion item with the rise of thrifting. Young people everywhere began shopping at secondhand and navy surplus stores, rejecting the expensive shops their parents frequented. Soon, old naval trousers became the most popular style of pants to wear.

The flare jeans trend grew in the 1970s thanks to fashion icons like Cher. Then fashion designers got in on the action. At this time, the style broke into the mainstream and became so popular that it will forever be synonymous with the ’70s.

Flares jeans and bellbottoms went out of style in the ’80s, but from the ’90s to the mid 2000s, they came back in a big way. Bellbottoms, flares, and bootcut jeans were everywhere. They were the preferred jean style of fashionistas everywhere until the year 2006, when skinny jeans took over seemingly overnight.

That brings us to today. Now that skinny jeans are officially out, flare and bellbottom jeans are poised to take over again. It’s just more proof that fashion is cyclical!

Top 3 Best Flare Jeans to Buy RN

If you need a cute pair of flare jeans, these are the best options that won’t break your budget.

1. Abercrombie Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans

Abercrombie’s denim has had us in a chokehold for the past few seasons and our obsession is still going strong. Their flare jeans are honestly perfection, and if you haven’t tried them… run, don’t walk.

Case in point, these high rise flare jeans come in the cutest wash, with super stretchy fabric that holds you in all the right places.

If you have a curvier shape, these same jeans are available in the “curve love” style that comes with extra room in the hips and thighs.

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2. Levis ’70s High Rise Flare Jeans

If you have a little bit more to spend and want to get something classic and ultra-high-quality, you can’t go wrong with Levis.

The ’70s high rise flares above are Revolve’s top selling flare jeans style, and it’s easy to see why. They come in the perfect slightly distressed light wash, the quality is unmatched, and the jeans have magical leg-lengthening properties.

If you want to invest in your flares and get something a *little* bougie, these are the ones.

3. BDG ’90s Low Rise Flare Jeans

If you want to go for something super trendy, these low rise flare jeans from UO are the perfect choice.

Everyone is talking about the return of low rise jeans, so be the first in your friend group to rock them with this super cute pair. These fashion inspiration are straight out of the late ’90s and early 2000s so they’re perfect for those Y2K vibes.

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25 Best Tops You Can Wear With Flare Jeans

Now that you’ve found the perfect flares, here’s more fashion inspiration you need to rock them right now.

1. With a cropped top

Crop tops are the easiest no-brainer pairing for flare jeans. You’ll see this combo a lot in this post because it’s trending like crazy this year!

Any crop top works with any denim wash — have fun and play around with it.

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2. With a blazer

Flared jeans and blazers are a match made in sophisticated style heaven. Whether you dress the combo up with a sleek bodysuit and boots or down with trendy heels and a crop top, you can’t go wrong.

3. With a blouse

Here’s an example of a super easy flared jeans outfit. Just grab your favorite pretty blouse, throw on your flares, and add cute heeled sandals. Grab a clutch and you’re ready for brunch!

4. With a long coat

Embed from Getty Images

This fashionista did not come to play. I love the look of flares and a statement coat like this hot pink one.

Want to bring your outfit over the top? Add bright footwear! Here, the model used neon green heels, but you could totally add some cool Air Force 1s for a more casual vibe.

5. With a leather jacket

Embed from Getty Images

Flare jeans and a leather jacket combine to create the ultimate edgy-meets-boho ensemble.

I love the fringe top seen above, but you could also pair this look with a simple white tee for a more casual look. Any boots will work with this outfit, whether you prefer Doc Martens or pointed-to-sock booties.

6. With a sweatshirt

How cute is this casual sweatshirt and flares jeans outfit combo? It’s not only adorable, it looks insanely comfortable too.

Getting this outfit could not be easier. Grab your favorite comfy flares, throw on a zip-up sweatshirt, and grab your favorite mini bag to accessorize. Throw your hair up in a claw clip, then add chunky dad sneakers, and you’re good to go!

7. With a duster

A duster is a super cute, unexpected pairing for flare jeans.

If you want to try a crop top and flares but want a little more coverage, throw a silky duster trench over the top and add strappy heels. The look is one part luxe, one part cool girl casual.

8. With a button–down

Here’s a great outfit example of how to wear low rise flares this season.

This cute pairing from Lulus mixes ripped low-rise flares jeans with a cute button-down short-sleeve blouse and major platform heels. Add a cute crossbody and sunglasses, and you’re ready for patio season.

9. With a turtleneck

If you want to give off serious “I have my life together” vibes, try black or dark wash flares with a black turtleneck and heels.

This look is insanely chic on its own, but you can glam it up even more with a slicked-back pony and gold hoops.

10. With a sweater

I am living for this comfy-casual yet trendy way to wear flares this year.

Just grab a cozy and slouchy sweater tucked in your jeans. Then add this year’s favorite shoe, a chunky combat boot, for a little bit of edge.

11. With a plaid shirt

Here’s an edgy girl take on a flared jeans outfit that’s straight out of the ’90s — in the best possible way!

Start with some distressed high waist medium wash flares, then add a little cami crop top and layer a big cozy flannel over the top. Finish with Doc Martens or your combat boot of choice.

12. With a graphic t-shirt

It doesn’t get more early 2000s than flared jeans and a graphic baby tee.

I love the pairing of a bright pink flare with a simple graphic tee and, again, some chunky combat boots. This would look great with basic denim flares, too!

13. With a denim jacket

While denim on denim can be a tricky combo to pull off, a jean jacket looks great with colorful flare jeans like these!

Keep your top and accessories minimal since the bright pants do all the talking. Then, add sneakers or a chunky heel Docs to finish the look.

14. With lace

For the world’s easiest bohemian chic outfit, pair some medium or dark wash flare jeans with a lacy crochet crop top. Cowboy boots and boho jewelry finish the look.

15. With a tank

Here’s an example of a basic flared jeans outfit that’s anything but boring!

Start with a pair of clean high-rise, light wash flares, then grab a simple black tank, a belt, and a cute little mini bag. Finish with black heels for the perfect summer night outfit.

16. With a white shirt

Here’s an even dressier take on our last outfit. Instead of the black tank and heels, rock a crisp white button-down shirt and strappy nude heels with your flares. Add statement jewelry, and you’re ready for a dinner date.

17. With a cami

How cute is this styling idea? Black high-rise flare jeans look amazing with a printed cami and camel accessories, namely a croissant bag, wide-brim felt hat, and woven heels.

18. With a suede jacket

Here’s a great idea for how to wear flared jeans in the fall.

To get this look, mix some clean mid-wash flare jeans with a sleek turtleneck top, and layer a mid-length suede coat over top. Cool-heeled boots and a belt finish this chic look.

19. With a trench coat

Embed from Getty Images

Trench coats and flared jeans are another sophisticated “I have my life together” combo.

This outfit is a dressed-down way to wear flares and a trench, combining a one-shoulder top with dad sneakers and a leather trench for a fashion-girl vibe.

20. With a tunic

Flares and a tunic is a classic bohemian fashion combo, but it becomes more fashion-forward when your tunic is made of luxe satin. Trendy cowboy boots finish off this unexpected outfit idea.

21. With an oversized message t-shirt

This outfit breaks all the fashion “rules” but totally works — proof that you can wear your flares with anything!

Instead of combining a tight top with voluminous jeans, this outfit pairs an oversized graphic tee with black flare jeans for a cool, casual look. The keys here are the cropped nature of the flares and the white high-heeled boots, which add some fashion points to this easy ensemble.

22. With a cardigan

This easy-breezy flared jeans outfit is so cute and simple to put together!

To get this look, grab some light wash flares and pair them with a cute pastel cardi (even better if you have a sweater set, as seen above). Then, add your favorite neutral strappy heels.

23. With a cropped blazer

Cropped blazers are insanely trendy right now, and they look amazing worn alone with high-waisted flare jeans.

To accessorize this outfit, add your favorite heels — pumps, strappy sandals, or boots would all work here. Then, grab a trendy neutral clutch and style your hair in voluminous waves.

24. With a leather blazer

Leather blazers are also super trendy, and as you can see, they look amazing with flares.

To get this look, start with a simple white bodysuit and flare, then layer on a statement leather blazer. Green looks amazing here, but black would work, too! Finish with heels for a cute dinner date outfit idea.

25. With a puffer coat

Embed from Getty Images

Flares work with winter jackets, too! This outfit is proof, combining ultra wide flares with sneakers and a sleek black puffer. The key to this outfit is the bright sweater, which adds extra interest to this simple outfit.

10 Fashion Girl-Approved Flare Jean Outfit Combos

In a pinch and not sure how to style your flares? Here are some super easy outfit combos you can whip up in minutes with items you already have in your closet.

1. Light Wash Flares + Crop Top + Oversized Button-Down

The ideal breezy summer outfit is here!

2. Mid-Wash Flares + High Neck Bodysuit + Sock Boots

This is the perfect outfit combo if you want to wear flared jeans to work. So simple and chic!

3. Mid-Wash Flares + Mini Bag + Statement Top

For all the modern ’70s vibes, play with prints and colors in your top and bag here.

4. Light Wash Flares + Blazer + Graphic Tee + Chunky Shoes

It doesn’t get more “cool girl” than simple flares, chunky loafers, a graphic tee and a blazer. Be sure to roll your sleeves up for an effortless vibe.

5. Light Wash Flares + Crop Top + Oversized Blazer

If you want to look like the trendiest girl on the block, this is your ‘fit. The outfit would look amazing with a colorful blazer, too!

6. White Flares + Bright Colors

This cute outfit is one part Y2K, one part coconut girl. The bucket hat is key to the 2000s vibe.

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7. Colorful Flares + Chambray Shirt + Converse

If you have some colorful flares in your closet, play them up with a simple white tee and button-down combo. Converse sneakers are the perfect finish to a casual look like this.

8. Medium-Wash Flares + Cute Top + White Boots

So sleek, so easy, and such a perfect way to wear those white boots you have sitting in your closet! (You could swap the white for black in this outfit, too.)

9. Dark Wash Flares + Black Top + Pumps

This outfit is a no-brainer combo if you want to look super chic and polished in flares. It would be so cute for dinner or a girl’s night out!

10. Light Wash Flares + Y2K Everything

Light wash flares are MADE to pair with the 2000s fashion trend, so go wild with your favorite colorful crop tops, mini purses, and pleather platforms. You can’t go wrong wearing anything Y2K with flares.

What are your favorite flare jeans outfits?

For more tips on styling your favorite denim, see our guide to the cutest girlfriend jeans outfit ideas.

What do you think of flare jeans coming back into style? How are you wearing them this season? Which outfit is your favorite? Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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