Xmas Style Goals: 18 Outfit Ideas to Rock in Your Christmas Photos

Slay your Xmas photos in these looks.

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‘Tis the season for joy, laughter, and memorable moments captured in the perfect Christmas photo outfits. Whether you’re snapping solo shots with the girlies or gathering the whole family for a photo shoot, choosing the right outfit can turn those pics from cute to incredible.

The magic of Christmas extends beyond twinkling lights and glittering decorations. It’s about creating memories with your friends and family, and what better way to capture those moments than with a killer Christmas photo outfit?

Today, we’ll be sharing tons of Christmas outfit ideas that cater to different aesthetics and style vibes. So, prepare to get inspired for your upcoming holiday photoshoot!

18 Trendy Outfits for Holiday Pics

1. Formal Christmas Attire

When it comes to Christmas photos, sometimes dressing up in formal attire adds an extra layer of elegance to the pics. Think velvet dresses, tailored suits, and polished accessories.

Not only does this create a sophisticated look, but it also gives off all those glam vibes we love for holiday parties. Don’t forget to capture the intricate details that make your formal outfit stand out.

2. Pets in the Picture

Our furry friends are part of the family, so let’s get them in on the Christmas photoshoot action!

Dressing up pets in festive outfits can be adorable and create heartwarming moments. Match your outfit with your pet’s for that awesome, together-we-rock kind of vibe.

3. Styling with Scarves

Scarves aren’t just for keeping warm but are also fantastic accessories for Christmas photos.

Experiment with different scarf styles, textures, and patterns to add interest to your outfit. Whether draped casually or tied strategically, scarves can elevate your holiday look.

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4. Plaid Perfection

Plaid is a timeless pattern that adds a touch of warmth and nostalgia to Christmas photos. Whether it’s a plaid scarf, shirt, or dress, this pattern is versatile and classic.

Incorporate plaid into your holiday photos for a classic and cozy vibe that never goes out of style.

5. Sparkling Christmas

Bring on the glitz and glamour with sparkles and sequins. A touch of shine can make your Christmas photos pop, whether it’s a sequined dress, glittery accessories, or sparkling shoes.

Honestly, if you ask us, you can never have too much sparkle in a holiday outfit. So go wild!

6. Festive Fair Isle

Fair Isle patterns are synonymous with the holiday season. Incorporate this classic pattern into your Christmas outfit for a festive and cheerful look that’s nostalgic and cozy.

7. Cuddle Up with a Cozy Blanket

Including a cozy blanket in your Christmas photoshoot adds warmth and creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Wrap yourself in a festive blanket or drape it across the couch behind you for a cozy vibe. The blanket’s texture and colors can enhance the photos’ overall feel.

8. Santa Hats and More

Consider incorporating Santa hats into your Christmas outfits for a playful and festive feel. These iconic accessories are so much fun and a great way to show off your sense of humor.

Also, you can add other festive accessories like reindeer antlers, elf hats, or even snowflake headbands for all those kitschy holiday vibes.

9. Gold and Silver Glam

Embrace the luxury of gold and silver outfits for a glamorous Christmas photo look. Metallic tones can instantly elevate your ensemble, adding a touch of glam to your pics. Experiment with accessories like gold or silver jewelry to complete the sophisticated holiday look.

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10. Red All Over

Celebrate the classic appeal of an all-red ensemble for a bold and festive look. Red is the color of passion and joy, making it the perfect choice for Christmas photos. Let this vibrant color take center stage, whether you’re rocking a red dress, suit, or accessories.

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11. Neutral Elegance

Neutral colors are always so chic and sophisticated, and they’re a must for your Xmas photos if you’re a neutral girly.

Opt for shades like ivory, beige, or taupe for a subtle and refined Christmas outfit. Neutral tones also provide a versatile backdrop for your photos, allowing you to play with accessories and details for a personalized touch.

12. Faux Fur Fashion

Add a touch of luxury and warmth to your Christmas outfit with faux fur accessories. These elements have a classic winter feel, whether you opt for a faux fur stole, a fluffy collar, or fur-lined gloves.

Fur is an exceptionally great choice for outdoor photos!

13. Santa Suits for Everyone

For a funny and coordinated group look, consider dressing up in Santa-inspired outfits. From Santa suits to elf costumes, coordinating holiday costumes can add a playful and cute touch to your Christmas photos. This is a perfect choice for group photos with friends or family!

14. Ugly Christmas Sweater Chic

Embrace the charm of ugly Christmas sweaters for a fun and quirky photoshoot. These whimsical sweaters come in various designs and patterns, and they’re a classic choice for holiday photos.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize with holiday-themed props if you want to go all in on the cheesy Christmas looks.

15. Dress as Your Favorite Movie Characters

Want some Xmas pics that stand out from the rest? Try dressing up as your favorite movie characters.

Whether it’s a classic holiday film (our fave Christmas movie costumes here) or a character known for their festive spirit (how cute would a group Toy Story-themed photo be for Xmas?), this unique approach will have everyone obsessed with your photos.

16. Elf on the Shelf Magic

If you really want to go all out with the funny Christmas themes, why not incorporate the popular Elf on the Shelf theme into your Christmas outfit?

If you’re not afraid to go costumey for your pics, you can pose with your friends in hilarious Elf on the Shelf setups for pics that will make everyone smile.

17. All-Black Elegance

Consider an all-black Christmas ensemble for a chic, cool, and sophisticated look. Black is so stunning on everyone and can be a striking choice if you’re going for glam in your photos. Play with textures and accessories to add depth and interest to your black-themed outfit.

18. Red and Green Harmony

Of course, you can always channel the classic Christmas color scheme by coordinating red and green outfits with your friends and fam.

Whether it’s a subtle nod with accessories or a bold choice with full outfits like the one above, the combination of red and green creates a classic, festive atmosphere in your holiday photos.

Photography Tips for Stunning Christmas Shots

Lighting is Key

Perfect lighting can make or break your Christmas photos. Opt for natural light when possible, and avoid harsh shadows. Soft, diffused lighting adds to the holiday vibe. If you don’t have a ring light, invest ASAP!

Poses That Showcase Your Outfit

Experiment with poses that highlight your outfits. Whether it’s a group shot or a solo portrait, showcase the details of your Christmas attire for stunning and memorable photos. Here are some Xmas photo pose ideas if you’re not sure how to pose:

Candid Moments vs. Posed Perfection

Balance posed shots with candid moments. In fact, we’re fans of candids over posed shots nine times out of ten. Capturing laughter and spontaneous joy adds so much life to your Christmas photos. Many times, it’s the unplanned moments that make for the best pics!

What are your favorite Christmas photo outfits?

Choosing the perfect Christmas photo outfit is an exciting part of capturing the holiday spirit. Whether you opt for formal elegance, cozy pajamas, or festive accessories, the key is to express your unique style and celebrate the season’s joy.

So, gather your loved ones, rock your chosen outfits, and let the holiday magic unfold in front of the lens!

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