Back-to-School Style: Wardrobe Basics for College Girls

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Casual and cute back to school outfits

It’s that time of the year again: back-to-school season. Everyone’s thinking about what clothes to bring to college and how to fit everything in a tiny closet, and this is a recipe for stress and over-packing. However, if you start planning early, your dorm/apartment’s closet can be less crammed than a Forever 21 rack.

In this post, I wanted to go over a few of my must-have college wardrobe staples, as well as my favorite ways to wear each piece. (Be sure to see our post on school outfits for more styling ideas!)

These all-day-everyday basics are the best place to start when you’re considering what to bring to college:

1. All-American Layers

Back to school outfit jeans white tee converse

Jeans and a white v-neck are the skeletons of any closet. These are the bare bones needed to support layers, so I always bring multiples with me to school. Also, I can’t live without cardigans, even in the summer.

When you’re walking across campus, comfort is key, and these mint Converse sneakers add an unexpected, pastel touch to any outfit. I love the look of white Converse too, but I’m prone to spilling everything, so I thought this mint hue was a tad safer.

Other college basics I recommend bringing? Dark and light-colored camisoles (mine are from F21) and a watch (tortoiseshell makes me feel like a cool grandma).

2. Better With a Sweater

Back to school fashion sweaters and ankle booties

It may not be sweater weather, but thin, oversized sweaters are an eternal staple in my wardrobe. Speaking of eternity, I have eternal love for neutral ankle boots. I wear these with everything. Just the other day I carved my name plus a drawing of these boots into an oak tree to mark our love.

During summer, I love pairing thin sweaters with white shorts. This look can easily be transferred from summer to fall with black pants, another basic I beseech you to bring with you to college. Black pants help combat against the leggings apocalypse.

3. Lounging Around

Cute college loungewear

Midnight fire alarms, freshman dorm movie parties, and any day in-between calls for snuggly lounge clothes. I’m partial to these gray sweatpants because they have real life, authentic, can-actually-hold-stuff pockets. As part of my master plan, I painted my nails this chic, classic gray (Essie’s Master Plan). My top is actually a minty dolman-style shirt, which is something that can also be worn to class or the gym.

To sum up my back-to-school wardrobe basics packing list: jeans, black pants, white shorts, comfy lounge pants, oversized sweaters, cardigans, a white v-neck shirt, camisoles, ankle boots, easy-to-walk-in sneakers (like Converse), and a watch. Cute sweater-material pillow? Optional.

Your Turn!

What’s first on your back-to-school packing list? Do you love wardrobe basics? Do you want to see more back-to-school outfit ideas? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Where is your white v-neck from? I tend to have a lot of trouble finding basic tees that are just slouchy enough/not too clingy.

  2. I really enjoy your posts…. 🙂
    There was once this popular post on college fashion called wardrobe essentails for college girls – i would love it, if you would write an updat of that.
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