4 Easy Ways to Wear Pointed-Toe Flats

We're styling four different types of pointy flats: basic, printed, metallic, and embellished.
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A pair of ever-versatile ballet flats is easily one of the most essential items in a college girl's wardrobe. Round-toe styles are popular on campus and super easy to wear, but pointy flats, with their edgier vibe, can be difficult to pull off and trickier to incorporate into your outfit.

Fortunately, with a little planning and careful selection, pointed-toe flats can become a versatile footwear option in your closet. Curious as to how to wear them? Check out the different outfits below, utilizing four different styles of pointy flats: basic, printed, metallic, and embellished.

Outfit #1 - Job Interview

Pointy Flats Outfit #1 - An Interview

Product Information: Khaki Trench, Peach Pencil Skirt, Tan Slingback Flats, Floral Chiffon Tank, Rose Earrings, Reading Glasses.

We already know that nude-toned shoes lengthen legs; a pointy toe exaggerates the effect even more, for an ultra-flattering look. These slingbacks are professional but still stylish, and offer more comfort than their high-heeled counterparts. When worn with a colorful pencil skirt, classic button-down shirt, and a timeless trench, they give off a professional, put-together vibe.

(As always, be mindful of the industry you're interviewing in before using one of our job interview outfits - if you're up for an accounting position, for example, it's probably best to go more conservative than this!)

Outfit #2 - Running to Class

Pointy Flats Outfit #2 - Running to Class

Product Information: Berlin Tee, Cropped Jeans, Utility Jacket, Chunky Black Beanie, Printed Pointy Flat, Triangular Turquoise Ring.

These multicolored flats have a fun, festive vibe that can be dressed up or down, and come in especially handy when you're in a hurry. The pointed toe adds polish to a basic tee and jeans ensemble; throw on a statement ring and beanie hat for extra pop.

Outfit #3 - Formal Night Out

Pointy Flats Look #3 - Formal

Product Information: Gold Snake Flats, Gold Statement Necklace, Black Boyfriend Blazer, White Tank, Heart Shaped Watch, Black Silk Shorts.

Formal shorts are a great modern alternative to a cocktail dress for important affairs, but can sometimes be difficult to pair with heels while keeping the look classy. Metallic flats are the perfect solution - these ones add just the right amount of shine, and the pointed toe keeps your legs from looking stubby.

Outfit #4 - Out to Lunch

Pointy Flats Outfit #4: Lunch Date

Product Information: Blue Ruffled Dress, Pointelle Sweater, Pointy Bow Flats, Gemstone Necklace, Cameo Ring, Pearl Headband.

These embellished flats look great with this simple ruffled dress, and could liven up jeans just as easily. A longer tip on this shoe makes the larger bow and side placement an option. Finish the look off with a basic knit cardigan in a neutral tone and a few choice accessories for a look that's perfect for a fun lunch date.

What do you think?

Do you own any pointy toe flats? Do you think that they're here to stay, or are just a fleeting trend? What's your favorite type of pointed flats?

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