2 Boho Chic Back-to-School Outfit Ideas

Here are two boho-inspired outfits that work for the end of summer or (cough, cough) back-to-school.

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Boho back to school outfits

Summer is not over until the Pumpkin Spice Lattes say so. Here are two boho-inspired looks that work for the end of summer or (cough, cough) back-to-school. Boho is a subjective term. To me, boho is simply anything inspired from nature that has movement and texture, and I think the two outfits below fit that criteria.

1. Summer Nomad

Crochet patterned top back cutoff shorts birkenstocks straw hat

Does anyone else remember seeing tops like this one all over Pinterest? I love crochet, bell sleeves, and scalloped edges, and this shirt just happens to have all three. Jackpot! The white pops against a black cami, but for a more subdued look, try wearing it over a neutral camisole.

Save ‘yo face from the sun and wear a hat. I would advise against wearing a straw hat to class for obvious reasons, but for walking around downtown, it’s a fun and practical accessory.

To add the effortless feel, I paired this with black cut-offs and sporty sandals.

2. Ethereal & Put-Together

Blue top with shoulder cutouts white shorts layered jewelry gold sandals

This outfit looks put-together with a preppy meets boho vibe. My love for Grecian shoulder cut-outs began with one of TV’s finest shows, Disney’s Hercules, based on the (much better) movie. There was a character who was extremely sarcastic, antisocial and wore a dress with shoulder cut-outs. Ever since, I’ve possessed all three of those features.

I like to walk into the room dripping with gold, as Flight Facilities would say. Hence, I poured jewelry all over. The layered necklace and stack of bracelets are not too much, in my humble opinion, because the necklace’s chains are delicate.

Your turn:

Are you into boho looks? Which outfit is your favorite? What do you want to see next? Did you also watch Disney’s Hercules TV show? Please let me know below!

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  1. I love boho looks! Lately I’ve been SUPER into maxi skirt and other long flowy pieces. I love this, especially the second outfit!


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