How to Stay Productive Over Winter Break

Because winter break isn’t for lounging around all day.

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How to stay productive during winter break

As the new year begins, the days of winter break become even more sluggish. Winter break is a time for relaxation but after a certain point, can too much relaxation be a bad thing?

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In order to avoid being completely unproductive, there are several things that you can do to make your winter break worthwhile. 

Start a Bullet Journal

Girl with blue jeans writing in journal

Forget everything you know about planning. Since winter break is a time for being away from school, there’s no better way to stay busy than by starting a bullet journal

Basically, you take a blank journal, your fave pen and you start writing down bulleted notes that you would otherwise be writing in your traditional planner. (See our guide to setting up a bullet journal for full details.)

A bullet journal is a cool way to plan your days and stay creative. It’s your own space to write, draw and express yourself while also staying organized. Here’s a detailed guide to bullet journaling.

Leave Your Phone At Home (Or on Vibrate) 

Cell phone on purple background plugged in

If you’d prefer being away from home over the break, the most productive thing you can do is leave your phone at home when you go out

Whether you’re working, spending the day with your friends, or even taking a quick trip to the mall, staying away from your phone will help you stay focused on those around you. And if someone really wants to reach you, they’ll leave a message.

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Read a Book

Girl holding book

Books in general deserve more love in the age of social media addiction. With all the free time you have over break, starting a new book will keep your mind busy, and the new story will have you interested in something other than your Instagram feed. (See our Books section for tons of suggestions for what to read.)

And if the thought of starting a new book doesn’t excite you, then re-reading one of your old faves is just as great!

Start Exercising 

Girl stretching in workout gear

To avoid spending your break entirely on your couch, trying new exercises will keep you active and ensure that you’re staying healthy. 

It’s not necessary to join a gym, but taking a walk or even doing stretches throughout the day are small steps that will keep you energized. The simplest workouts can make a huge impact in the long run.

Learn a New Skill

Person holding food with oven mitts putting food in oven

Time away from school allows you to try new things and possibly learn new skills. Two of my favorites are cooking and baking!

The holidays may be over but baking cookies or preparing a home-cooked meal is always a great idea, and it’s definitely a skill that you won’t regret learning. Who doesn’t like fresh baked cookies? There are thousands of recipes across the internet to try out, and you could showcase your new skills back at the dorms when its time to go back to school. 

How are you staying productive over break?

While it’s tempting to just sleep through your time off, it’s also important to stay motivated and active until Spring. Giving yourself a break is really needed, but don’t forget that the next semester in quickly approaching. 

I’d love to hear your tips in the comments – what are you doing that’s productive over break? Anything you’d recommend to fellow readers? Let’s talk below!

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