How to Prepare for Finals & Beat Stress Before it Starts

Non-studying tips, because you can only study so much.

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It’s officially December, which is essentially the official start of finals season! While some of us can see the bigger picture (classes are done! Break is soon!), the rest of us are still muddling through and trying to get everything in line.  As tests and final papers draw closer, we generally forget everything except for our work. 

For a stress-free finals week (or panic week, as I’ve affectionately dubbed it), a little preparation goes a long way for your mental, physical and emotional health. It doesn’t have to be massive, full-scale preparation strategy– just a few well-placed things to accomplish before the panicking begins.

Here’s my quick guide to how to prepare for finals:

1. Organize Your Life

You don’t have to have a giant system of organization for your finals week, but a little wouldn’t hurt. Straighten up your desk and update your planner and Google calendar. Deep clean your room (maybe even pack a little bit for winter break while you’re at it!). 

For me, I usually plan out my outfits (we have several articles on the topic!), and my morning routine to include homework time. I also plan time to unwind. It’s the little things to keep us going.

2. Get Some Exercise

With finals week depleting our supply of happy hormones (especially with sleepless nights), it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While you may want to stick to the basics (chugging water and trying to get some sleep, maybe eat a vegetable), exercise is also a great way to meet that need too!

If you’re going to be cooping yourself up in your room or the library to study, try to plan some time to get exercise in! As we all have heard, again and again, exercise is a great way to relax and to release endorphins. Take a five-minute study break and do some stretches, or grab a friend and hit the gym! Anything to get moving and stay happy!

3. Squeeze in Socializing Time!

When you and your squad are just focusing on trying to pass your classes, there’s a high probability that your daily coffee meetups will be nonexistent during finals (unless you’re me and you love procrastinating). 

Before the chaos starts, get your group together for some bonding. Even if it’s hanging out in your dorm room, ranting about your classes, it’s more than enough. You need to relax and enjoy each other’s company before finals keep you apart until winter break!

What do you think?

How are you preparing for finals? What are things we could have included? What stresses you out the most about finals — and how can we help? Let us know below! 

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