How to (and How NOT to) Move into a New Place

Moving is horrible. But doing it wrong is even worse.

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Moving into a new place is a special kind of stressful. Whether you’re transitioning to a dorm for the first time or if you’re moving into your sixth apartment, you never quite get used to uprooting everything and settling into a new environment, no matter how many times you’ve done it.

We’ve done a few articles already on the topic of moving, but with autumn fast approaching and back-to-school fever in full swing, I thought it was time for another update on what to do, and what NOT to do, when moving back to school.

I do not claim to be an expert on moving in and out of dorms and apartments, but I am freshly finished with a move-in and full of ideas of how I could have done it better. Here are some ideas on how to keep cool and calm for your next move-in. After all, a new semester is approaching quickly!

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DO organize while packing.

This is a must. Do not be me. Do not throw random, last-minute things into the car thinking “well since they’re not in boxes I can put them away right when I get there.” NO.

You will not put these things away when you get there. You WILL find yourself with a bunch of random things on your floor and no idea where to put them. Please heed this warning and organize your things into sorted, labeled boxes and suitcases so you can unpack them with ease. Dare to dream of a completely clean closet and organized desk.

DON’T recruit help last minute.

Depending on where you’re moving into and what kind of things you’re bringing, a lot of help could be needed. It’s never a good idea to call up your friends the day before your move and ask them to help you carry a heavy desk at 9 in the morning.

I didn’t personally do this, but I’ve had friends do it to me before. Don’t be that friend. Seriously.

Notify your friends and family ahead of time so you have a plan in place and an idea of how many people can help out. That way, you can plan accordingly and spread out the work fairly. (And you’ll know how many pizzas to order as a thank you! Pro tip: Always feed your help.)

DO remember to be patient.

Moving is a process, not a one and done chore. It takes ages to move in, not an hour or so. Dedicate at least a full day to moving, though you might need more time. If work or school won’t allow you to do so, at least make a plan to pace yourself while unpacking and lugging things up to your new home. You don’t want to burn out.

DON’T worry about looking cute.

Sure, putting together a snazzy look on your move-in day will make you feel confident and comfortable, but don’t concern yourself with a full smoky eye or tons of blinged-out jewelry. You are going to be climbing up stairs all day. You are going to carry box after box of stuff. You are going to sweat.

Wear comfortable clothing, like breathable shorts and a cute, not-fussy shirt. Worry about your timeline or organization and forget about your hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

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Moving to a new place, even if it’s five minutes away from the old place, can be scary. There’s a lot of time and effort that needs to be taken out to create a new home. But with enough planning and care, it can be a truly rewarding experience.

What are your best college moving tips?

Have you moved in to your new place yet? What are some moving horror stories that you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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