7 Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials to Try Today

You’ve got a Valentine’s Day outfit planned, so now it’s time for a V-Day makeup look.

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Valentine's Day makeup tutorials - best tutorials to try for V-day
Photo: Dilan Sabah on YouTube

It’s finally Valentine’s Day, and I’m celebrating by… doing my makeup.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but as a beauty lover, I look forward to celebrating holidays by theming my makeup to the day. And Valentine’s Day in particular is a great chance to experiment with makeup, since it’s all about all things romantic and pretty.

Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials, with different tutorials to fit every makeup style, from soft to ultra-glam. Let’s get to it!

Before We Begin: Eyeshadow Basics

First things first, if you are a makeup beginner, I suggest watching the video above before attempting any of the tutorials below.

Tati has been in makeup for most of her life and used to be a makeup artist, so you know that she has all of the best tips and tricks to help you perfect your technique.

Once you’ve watched the dos and don’ts video, it’s time to get more advanced and try a tutorial! Here are some good ones:

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials: Soft Looks

Look 1:

I am in love with this look! The soft colors and monochromatic theme are beautiful for this Valentine’s day. The peachy color is perfect for getting a beautiful flush and glow to your skin as well.

This tutorial covers everything, starting from a bare face. While there are a lot of steps, she fully explains every product she uses and uses diagrams to help you understand where to place the product.

Beginner alert: This one is really well explained. I think that most people would be able to do this look.

Look 2:

This is a similar peachy look for those with mono lids. With this tutorial you get a really up close look while she is doing her eye makeup.

If you are a visual learner, this is a great tutorial for you. That being said, she does not explain each step in-depth so if you need some words of guidance, I suggest trying a different tutorial on this list.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials: Bold Looks

Look 1:

This tutorial is perfect if you want to go all out glam this year!

In the video above, Dilan shows you how to create a beautiful halo eye with different red and orange tones. She uses some more advanced techniques than the average person might like to do, so if you’re into baking and contouring — and also like to do eye makeup — this one is for you!

If you’re a beginner and want to try out this look, I suggest doing your eyeshadow before your foundation so that if you mess up, you can wipe it away without taking off all of your foundation too.

Look 2:

Another mono lid look! This beautiful glitter smokey eye is super glam. I think that most people will be able to do this look from a bare face.

In the video, our guru masters the basics and explains each step well. You also get a really good close up while she is doing her eye makeup so this is another great one for visual learners.

Look 3:

The Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials I’ve included so far have been all about the eyes but this is my personal favorite of them all, based around the lips.

A bold red lip is perfect for Valentine’s Day and the tutorial above shows you how to create a beautiful neutral eye look to go with a red lip, helping to balance the face.

Bonus: This tutorial is a cinch. Anyone will be able to do this and create a gorgeous pout for a night out.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials: Fun Look

Yes, this final tutorial is a little crazy, but I couldn’t not include this one. If you’re going to a Valentine’s themed party, having a Galentine’s Day celebration, or just having fun, this look is so pretty and surprisingly easy.

This heart freckle look will take some time — and some patience — but I’m sure the instagram photo will be worth it!

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials?

Did I miss your favorite tutorial? (If so, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!) Are you going to try any of these? If so, let me know how they go! Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!

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