5 Best Korean Cushion Foundations for All Skin Types

If you’ve never tried a Korean cushion foundation, you’re missing out! Here’s everything you need to know, plus the best one for your skin.

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Woman using a Korean cushion foundation

Have you been looking for a new foundation to try or have you been searching for the perfect foundation for your skin type? Korean cushion foundation might just change your life.

If you have never tried Korean cushion foundation before, here’s what you need to know: It is a foundation that comes in compact packaging which usually includes an applicator. While you might assume that Korean cushion foundation is a powder-like substance, it is actually more of a creamy foundation.

This is perfect for those of us who are tired of wearing liquid foundations or want something that they can apply a lot more quickly and easily to their skin. (Hello, minimal makeup!)

Benefits of Korean Cushion Foundations

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new foundation is whether or not it will work with your skin type. A great thing about Korean cushion foundations is that there are plenty of different ones for you to choose from that will work for different types of skin.

Another thing that is great about Korean cushion foundations is that a lot of them come with great sun protection benefits, so you will get extra protection for your skin.

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Not only does this type of foundation usually include sun protection ingredients, but also it includes some great skincare benefits as well. Korean skincare is famous for a reason, and as such, Korean foundations usually include effective skincare ingredients.

Also, if you have scarring, acne, or discoloration you want to cover, many Korean foundations offer truly full coverage. (I’ll list some options below that do.) While full coverage isn’t for everyone, it’s a hallmark of these cushion products.

Have I sold you on these yet? If you’re curious to try one of these foundations, read on to see five of the best Korean cushion foundations for all different skin types!

5 Best Korean Cushion Foundations:

1. Age 20’s Signature Intense Full Coverage Foundation

  • Sun Protection: SPF 50+
  • Skincare ingredients: 71% Hydration Essence
  • Finish: Dewy & Radiant Finish
  • Coverage: Buildable Coverage

The best Korean cushion foundation overall is definitely Age 20’s Signature Intense Full Coverage Korean Cushion Foundation.

This foundation provides many benefits to your skin while also ensuring that your skin looks flawless!

First, it offers extra sun protection for your face with SPF 50+ protection. And not only will your skin be protected while wearing this foundation, but it will also look super healthy thanks to the product’s 71% hydration essence ingredients.

Also, don’t worry about how much coverage you want or need with this foundation because it provides buildable coverage that will allow you to get the exact look you want.

Lastly, this foundation will give you a dewy and radiant finish that you will love. Dewy skin is in this season, and this beautiful foundation is my top overall pick for getting that coveted glow.

2. IOPE Air Cushion Natural Coverage Foundation

  • Sun Protection: SPF 50+
  • Skincare Ingredients: Mineral Prism Water
  • Finish: Natural Finish
  • Coverage: High & Long-lasting Coverage

The best Korean cushion foundation for dry skin is the IOPE Air Natural Coverage Korean Cushion Foundation.

When you have dry skin, you will want to look for a foundation that includes moisturizing ingredients, because a foundation that is not suitable for dry skin can leave your face looking blotchy or patchy.

The IOPE foundation will give you the glowy skin that you want as well as a lot of other added benefits that you may not be getting from other foundations.

This foundation is specifically made for dry or sensitive skin and is made with moisturizing ingredients to ensure your skin will look flawless and glowy at all times. Plus, it includes SPF 50+ protection as a bonus!

This foundation will give you a beautiful natural finish that will make your skin look moisturized and radiant. It’s a high-coverage product that’s super long-lasting, so it will keep you flawless all day.

3. AEKYUNG LUNA Conceal Fixing Foundation

  • Sun Protection: SPF 50+
  • Skincare ingredients: Anti-wrinkle care & UV Protection
  • Finish: Semi-Matte Finish
  • Coverage: Full Coverage

The best Korean cushion foundation for combination skin is AEKYUNG LUNA’s Conceal Fixing Korean Cushion Foundation.

It is so hard to find a good foundation for combination skin because you need something that addresses dryness as well as oiliness while keeping your skin in balance. Not an easy task!

However, AEKYUNG LUNA’s Conceal Fixing Korean cushion foundation is perfect for combo skin, thanks to its semi-matte finish that’s not too drying, not too shiny. It also has full coverage, so it’s amazing for covering acne if you struggle with that.

Don’t worry about sun protection with this Korean cushion foundation either because it comes with SPF 50+ protection once again.

Also, a great added bonus of this foundation is that it boasts some great skincare benefits, including anti-wrinkle & anti-aging ingredients.


  • Sun Protection: SPF 47+
  • Skincare ingredients: Pore Control Skincare Ingredients
  • Finish: Matte Finish
  • Coverage: Full Coverage

The best Korean cushion foundation for oily skin is SELFBEAUTY UNICONIC’s Satin BB Korean Cushion Foundation.

It can be tough to find a good foundation for oily skin because most products simply don’t control oil well enough, others oxidize when they come into contact with skin oils, and others can actually be overly drying. Not so with this product!

The SELFBEAUTY UNICONIC Satin BB Foundation is the best of both worlds. It’s nice and creamy (not drying at all) but still mattifying to control excess oil on your skin.

This foundation comes with a matte finish so that you won’t have to worry about your skin looking too oily. Also, it comes with pore control skincare ingredients, in order to address another issue that oily girls often struggle with.

Also, this foundation will provide you with full coverage, which makes it extra long-lasting and excellent for acne-prone skin.

Lastly, this foundation comes with SPF 47+ in its ingredients to give your skin an extra boost of sun protection in your makeup.

5. IOPE Perfect Cover Foundation

  • Sun Protection: SPF 50+
  • Skincare ingredients: UV Protection
  • Finish: Hydrating Finish
  • Coverage: Natural & Long-lasting Coverage

The best Korean cushion foundation for all skin types is IOPE’s Perfect Cover Korean Cushion Foundation.

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this foundation will provide you with all the benefits you need to make your skin look flawless!

Have you been looking for the perfect foundation to give your skin a beautiful glow? Recently, the trend in makeup is having a glowy and dewy face while not wearing makeup that looks too cakey on the skin.

If this is the type of makeup look you are going for, this foundation will be the best one for you because it will provide you with a hydrating finish to make your skin have that dewy look.

The natural coverage of this foundation will give your skin that radiant look without making it look as though you are wearing a ton of makeup. Also, this foundation is long-lasting, so it will stay on throughout the day even if your skin is on the oilier side.

As with the other Korean foundations on this list, one of this product’s most important features is its sun protection benefits. This foundation includes SPF 50+ to give you maximum protection and prevent sun damage and premature aging from the sun.

Which Korean cushion foundation from this list are you going to try?

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Have you ever tried a Korean cushion foundation before? If not, are you going to test these out? Which one do you think you would like the most? Which one will fit your skin type? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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