Vilune - Northwest Missouri State University

Vilune - Northwest Missouri State University

Hi everyone! This is Vilune (vuh-loo-nuh), but most people just call me 'V'! I'm heading into my junior year at Northwest Missouri State University where I play tennis. It's here that I study Creative Writing with an emphasis in Publishing, and double minor in English and Advertising (it's not as fancy as it sounds). :)

In my free time I like to read (non-fiction mostly), write poetry, experiment with new recipes, immerse myself in crazy amounts of caffeine, and do Pilates.

Obviously I'm not studying anything fashion related, but it would be my dream to work with fashion; whether it be copy editing for a magazine, having a column, or even pouring coffee for all of the fashion big shots-kidding. Kind of. I've had somethings published in my schools' literary magazine, as well as on Thought Catalog, so mixing writing and fashion appeals to me.

 I can spend hours googling about makeup, clothes, food, etc. So, I decided to put all of that research and googling into something a little more...less frivolous. And I found myself here!

Let me know if you have any questions about healthy eating, exercising, or my favorite books! Add me on instagram--> sheshtoekaytuh.