Teen Fashion Trends for 2024: The Top 10 Trends to Know Now

Take on 2024 in the hottest fashion trends for teens, with trendy and affordable clothing picks.

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This post will show you the hottest fashion trends for teens in 2024.

2024 fashion trends for teens

Hello, 2024!

A new year means new fashion trends to try out, so let’s talk about the latest fashion trends you’re about to see everywhere.

If you’re a teen or a young adult, you may not feel like every fashion trend applies to you (there can be some pretty “out there” stuff on the runways), which is why I am breaking down the top 10 fashion trends for teens in 2024.

Stay ahead of the curve with our teen trend guide, along with the trendiest clothing and accessories under $100.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in!

Coquette Aesthetic (Bows!)

If you’ve been scrolling on TikTok, there’s no doubt you have heard of the viral coquette aesthetic that has been taking over social media (and real life).

It’s a celebration of all things ultra-girly that involves bows, lace, rosettes, frills, and feminine silhouettes and colors.

This aesthetic is all about embracing your girliest self through your clothing and accessories, playing on other recent “core” trends like Ballet Core and Soft Girl Core, with a hint of vintage-inspired flair. (Think corset and A-line silhouettes, locket and pearl jewelry, knee-high socks, etc.)

Take part in this trend as much or as little as you’d like: whether you go full-on coquette or only accessorize your outfits with a cute bow in your hair, this feminine aesthetic is a fun one to try out in 2024.

Corset-Inspired Mini Dress

Girly pink hue? Check. Figure-enhancing silhouette? Check? Lace and bows? Check and check.

This dusty pink corset-inspired pleated mini dress is as coquette as it gets!

Embrace your inner coquette with this mini dress that features a corset-like bodice and a pleated mini skirt, plus lace detailing, a bow, and frilly fabric under the neckline for a layered effect.

If you want to go full-on coquette, accessorize with a hair bow, delicate jewelry, and Mary-Jane shoes or ballet flats.

Satin Bow Hair Barrette

One of the trendiest ways to get in on the coquette aesthetic happens to be one of the easiest (and most affordable): wearing a bow in your hair.

Whether you go for a big bow or a small bow, you can’t go wrong with this adorable hair accessory.

Incorporating a hair accessory also allows you to experiment more with your hairstyles; for example, this pink satin bow barrette allows you to wear your hair half up and half down or put it on top of a high ponytail for another cute style.

You can also DIY this trend by tying your own ribbon into a bow, which is especially easy if you wear your hair in braids.

Baby Pink

With girly, coquettish styles on the rise, it should be no surprise that baby pink is primed to be one of the trendiest colors in 2024.

This soft, feminine color is starting to replace the bright, bold Barbie pink that ruled last season, just in time for spring (because wearing pastels during the springtime is always a good idea).

Add this color to your wardrobe in the form of dresses, corset tops, and even loungewear, which will appear elevated thanks to this sweet shade of pink.

Baby Pink Mini Tube Dress

Take your coquettish look up a notch by opting for something in light or baby pink, like this adorable tube mini dress.

It features all the coquette-inspired details that are trending, from a front bow detail to contrasting lace trim.

Baby Pink Lounge Set

Enter your *Soft Girl Era* with this baby pink lounge set featuring a sweet tank top and fold-over pants.

You will feel cozy in this feminine set which features Y2K-inspired details like a diamanté logo on both the top and pants, along with lace trim detailing on the top.

While athleisure and comfy clothing will never not be in style, in 2024, expect to see more elevated lounge looks that are a bit more form-fitting and put-together, like the option above.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fashion

Sustainability is always in, and in 2024, it’s more important than ever.

This year, we’re going to shop from brands that are committed to sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly materials, offering recycling programs, employing ethical manufacturing practices, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, thrifting and vintage shopping are arguably the best ways to shop sustainably, as they eliminate waste and make use of clothing that has already been made, but if you’re looking for other options, consider the following brands.

Reformation Knit Long Sleeve Top

Reformation marries fashion-forward designs with sustainability so that you can “save the Earth and look damn good doing it.” Love that!

For example, this stylish knit long-sleeve top is made from deadstock fabric, which reduces waste by using fabrics that would otherwise go unused and end up in overflowing landfills.

The brand is in the process of becoming climate-positive and 100% circular by 2030, putting an emphasis on using recycled, regenerative, and/or renewable fabrics rather than new fabrics in the clothing it produces.

Reformation also offers a reuse program called RefRecycling, engineered to keep your clothes out of landfills by allowing you to either resell what you no longer wear or send the clothes back to the brand for them to rework into new products.

Beyond the brand’s transparent sustainability practices, they are known as being a top shopping destination for on-trend clothing (especially dresses).

Alternative Apparel T-Shirt

Alternative Apparel is a casual clothing brand that uses eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing to make a “positive footprint” on the planet.

Their line of laid-back clothing includes t-shirts, hoodies, jogger pants, and other casual basics, so if you’re looking for a brand to shop everyday essentials from, give Alternative Apparel a try.

You can shop the brand’s collection on Amazon with Prime Try Before You Buy, which is another plus!

Gender-Neutral Clothing

Though it’s by no means a “trend,” gender-neutral clothing is on the rise, and for good reason.

Clothing free of gender norms that can be worn by everyone, no matter how they identify, should be on your radar in 2024.

Genderless fashion allows for inclusivity and removes the limitations placed on individuals who feel like they need to conform to a gender when getting dressed.

These all-gender clothing lines are helping to break societal gender norms and allow self-expression for everyone.

Collusion Unisex Football Shirt

Asos offers a variety of unisex clothing options, both by its in-house brand and by other brands like Nike, New Balance, and Collusion.

This genderless football (soccer) jersey-inspired top is a great way to get into the sportswear trend (more on that below), and comes in a broad size range from 2XS to 3XL.

Clothing for Humans Crewneck Sweatshirt

Clothing For Humans (also known as ClHu) is an all-gender clothing brand and community platform that is about conscious consumption and offers a canvas for personal expression through clothing.

In addition to offering a range of cool, casual garments, the brand has come up with its own color-based sizing method rather than traditional sizing labels in order to champion radical inclusivity.

Prep-School Fashion

Class is in session!

Fashion inspired by prep school uniforms is still going strong in 2024, so don’t stop wearing your pleated skirts, loafers, or sweater vests any time soon.

The best part about this trend? It’s a trend you can actually wear to school (so long as the pieces you pick pass the dress code, of course).

Pleated Skort

IDK about you, but I’m a big fan of the skort. Skirts with built-in shorts — it makes life so much easier.

This beige pleated skort has a uniform-inspired look, but the short length adds to its trend factor.

Style it with some chunky loafers and a cardigan or sweater vest for a prep-school aesthetic.

Cardigan Blouse

Go for a preppy vibe with a blouse that does the layering work for you.

Though it looks like a cardigan layered over a button-down blouse, it’s a single piece. This top will make getting dressed a breeze by giving you an effortless layered look.

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Office-Inspired Fashion

Similar to (but not to be confused with) prep-school fashion is the trend of officewear.

In 2024, expect to see plenty of collared blouses, wide-leg trousers, vests, and other office staples — but with flirty twists. Think of a classic button-down that has been made trendy with a cropped silhouette, for example.

If you’re looking for “office core” outfit inspo, just look to celebs like Billie Eilish, Bella Hadid, and Tate McRae for proof that this is a must-know fashion trend!

Cropped Poplin Shirt

Business on top, party on the bottom!

This cropped poplin button-down shirt is a perfect example of the office core trend, which is all about putting a youthful, flirty spin on sophisticated, “buttoned-up” pieces that you’d find in a typical workplace.

Pinstripe Halter Vest

Where sweater vests are a marker of the prep school trend, tailored vest tops fall into the office core category (I’m so here for both!).

This pinstriped vest top with a halter neckline is equal parts sleek and sexy, making it ideal for wearing on a night out.

Sports Jerseys and Athletic-Inspired Clothing

You don’t have to be a sports fan (or athletic, for that matter) to appreciate the sport-inspired clothing trend of 2024.

Remember last year’s “bloke-core” aesthetic? That vibe is continuing and shifting into an even sportier version of itself in the new year, so grab your jerseys, track pants, and soccer sneakers to “score” major style points this season.

The best part about this trend? It’s super comfortable since these pieces tend to be designed for movement.

Soccer Jersey Top

If you don’t have an actual sports team to root for, have no fear. This soccer jersey-inspired top will give you the look of wearing a legit jersey — without needing to belong to a team.

Its yellow and green color combination makes it pop, while its oversized fit and breathable mesh design will keep you feeling comfortable (and cool).

Striped Track Pants

A pair of oversized nylon track pants are a total must this season.

They are extremely comfy, but when paired with street-style pieces like a faux leather bomber jacket and a corset or a bodysuit, they will look elevated.

Wear these to class or when chilling with friends for the ultimate trendy-meets-athletic look.

Flared Pants

This year, we are feeling the flares. Flared pants, that is!

Ditch your standard leggings for a flared pair instead. The flared silhouette has a vintage-inspired design that feels new again in 2024.

Fit and Flared Fleece Pants

These flared pants are just as cozy as they are comfy, thanks to their interior fleece lining, which makes them a great option for the wintertime.

Their flared, figure-hugging silhouette will pair well with sneakers and Uggs alike.

Knit Fold Over Flared Pants

Another cozy flared pants option? A knit pair with a fold-over waist.

These trendy low-rise pants can be paired with their coordinating zip-up hooded cardigan for a matching set moment.

Baggy Jeans (Bonus Points: Jeans With No Waistband)

When it comes to jeans, the baggier, the better.

In 2024, we will continue to see loose-fitting jeans (and pants), so don’t pull out your skinny jeans from the back of your closet just yet.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on your current loose-fitting denim though, a new trend is emerging: jeans with no waistbands.

Say goodbye to your belt loops and hello to this unexpected design detail that is perfect for pairing with crop tops.

Baggy No Waistband Jeans

How cool are these baggy no-waistband jeans? They look effortless yet make such a statement!

Their slouchy, loose fit gives them an ultra-laid-back look, but the waistband-less design with a low-rise cut makes an intentional style statement that won’t go unnoticed.

Show it off by pairing these with a crop top so that the waistband-free design is on full display.

Relaxed No Waistband Jeans

BRB, I’m adding these relaxed-fitting no-waistband jeans to my shopping cart ASAP!

Their loose yet not overly baggy silhouette is just right for wearing day or night.

Style them with sneakers and a baby tee during the daytime, or dress them up with heels and a cropped corset top at night.

Denim Everything Else

Denim is going to have a major moment in 2024 — just not in the way you might expect.

Yes, jeans are always going to be in fashion, but this year, denim is set to take over other categories, including tops, skirts, bags, shoes, and more!

In 2024, experiment by wearing denim in new ways, whether with a denim corset-inspired top or a pleated denim mini skirt.

Denim Tube Top

Denim tube tops, corset tops, and crop tops are among the best ways to wear denim in 2024 — because wearing denim on top rather than on the bottom is definitely unexpected!

This denim tube top has a bustier-inspired design with stretch, which gives it a flattering fit. Exposed zipper details, front flap pockets, and a notched hem add to its eye-catching design, as well.

For a fashion-forward look, style it with a beige skirt or pants in a chino-like material.

Pleated Denim Mini Skirt

The other trendy way to wear non-jeans denim this year? Denim mini skirts.

You’ll be seeing these everywhere in 2024, so get ahead of the trend by scooping one up immediately.

Pleated denim mini skirts are an especially on-trend option since these have the prep-school-inspired vibe we covered earlier in this post.

You can just as easily wear a pleated denim mini casually with sneakers and a t-shirt as you could dress it up with heels and a going-out top, making it a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe.

Y2K Denim Tote Bag

Denim accessories? Sign us up! Take on the (non-jeans) denim trend with a Y2K-inspired denim tote bag.

In 2024, we are moving away from the tiny bag trend and will be seeing bigger bags back in action, which makes this pick extra trendy.

The size of this tote bag is roomy without being huge, making it a great everyday bag that is enhanced by its Y2K aesthetic and denim fabrication. It also has plenty of pockets, which is always a plus!

Would you wear these trends? Which teen fashion trend is your favorite?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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