How to Wear the Colored Denim Trend

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Colored denim

Virtually overnight, colored denim has become the biggest trend to hit the streets. Personally, I love the trend — it’s a great way to switch up your denim uniform, and the bright, cheerful colors are perfect for spring and summer! As with any trend, though, figuring out how to wear it (without spending a ton of money) can always be a problem.

Well, let CF take the guesswork out of it! Below, I’ve come up with four awesome ways to rock candy-colored jeans with items that are probably already in your closet. Read on, ladies!

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1. Try It with a Neutral

You can never go wrong when pairing any colored (or patterned!) pair of pants with a black, white, cream, brown, or tan top. Any pair of bright jeans would look awesome with a white button-down dress shirt, a sheer black silk shirt, or a cream-colored cardigan sweater. This technique is a good way to feel out your new pants and ease into wearing them.

For the example outfit below, I paired coral skinnies with a chambray top — it’s like a regular denim-and-pastel outfit, with a twist! Because the base of the outfit is so classic looking, don’t be afraid to add a few bold accessories, like a snakeskin bag and turquoise jewelry. Finish with a pair of fun wedges and you’re good to go!

How to wear colored denim - Outfit 1: Orange jeans, chambray shirt, espadrille wedges, cross-body bag, turquoise ring

Pants, Shirt, Shoes, Purse, Ring

2. Colorblock

Colorblocking – which means pairing solid-colored, bright pieces together – has been such a hot trend over the past few seasons. It’s a bold style move for sure, but here at CF, we are never afraid to take on a challenge. (We’ve written about the trend here, here, and here before, and we even have a series dedicated to unusual color combinations.)

If you’re unsure about which color combos to try, see our guide to matching colors in your outfits. But really, so long as you pair your colored jeans with another solid, bold color, you’ll look trendy and fun, not clash-y.

When colorblocking, I think it looks the coolest when you combine pastels with other pastels, and bolder colors with other bolds. In the example outfit below, notice that the three colors are all equally bold. Since the outfit is a loud statement on its own, finish the look with classic accessories, like pearl stud earrings and a classic investment timepiece.

How to wear colored denim - Outfit 2: Purple jeans, orange bow blouse, neon pink heels, menswear watch, pearl studs

Pants, Shirt, Shoes, Watch, Earrings

3. Pair It with a Print

Another fun way to rock your colored jeans is to pair them with a bold print. Polka dots, nautical stripes, floral prints, and geometric prints would all look really trendy and playful!

For this outfit below, I thought mint green pants would look awesome paired with a leopard print blouse. The chocolate and black tones make the green look extra bright! Again, keep your accessories somewhat simple — crystal earrings and a mint colored bangle will look fancy, but not over-the-top. Finish with ballet flats and some pink lipstick for extra brightness!

How to wear colored denim - Outfit 3: Green jeans, leopard blouse, black flats, statement earrings

Pants, Shirt, Bangle, Shoes, Earrings, Lipstick

4. Add a Springtime Jacket

The sun might be up and the sky might be blue, but for most of us, April and May weather can be unexpectedly chilly. A great way to wear your colored jeans during this transition time is to pair them with a light jacket. A jean jacket, light trench coat, cardigan, or blazer will look season-appropriate, and keep you protected from harsh winds or light rain.

For the outfit below, I paired light pink jeans with a white blazer. A floral shirt will look cute peeking out from under the jacket. Depending on what sort of event you’re going to, pair the look with heels or ballet flats. This snappy casual outfit is perfect for lunching with parents, a date, class, or even just running errands!

How to wear colored denim - Outfit 4: Pastel pink jeans, white blazer, beige flats, floral blouse

Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Shoes, Necklace

What Do You Think?

Do you have a pair of colored jeans yet? What are your favorite things to wear with them? Do you think this trend will be back next year, or is it more of a one-season sort of trend? Do you colorblock very often? What other styling challenges or problems have you run into lately? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

14 thoughts on “How to Wear the Colored Denim Trend”

  1. I absolutely <3 this! I have a pair of light green pants that I&#039ve been meaning to wear, but I just can&#039t find the right top.

    I have taken this article and used it as an inspiration for my outfit tomorrow! 🙂

    Thanks x

  2. Girls! Tjmaxx and marshals are the place to get colored demin at GREAT prices! Also the brand silver has many colors for around 70 dollars! Good luck shopping!

  3. I love coral jeans. They are amazing with chambray shirts. Love the combination in outfit 4. I have purple, indigo, and teal jeans, and these ideas are great.

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Especially think the pair it with a print (animal print!!!) is gorgeeez! xox, Zahra from Shop My Label

  5. I love the colored denim trend! I have jeans in a pale yellow and I love pairing them with bright blues. They really make your outfit stand out!

  6. I have the coral & mint jeans and I find it really easy to be able to make very cute outfits with them. The possibilities are endless!

  7. I LOVE the colored denim trend! I’m wearing a shirt similar to the one posted in outfit one, so maybe I’ll buy some coral jeans and try it out. I love outfits three and four too 🙂

  8. This is a great post!! Thank you so much CF =] I love the colored denim trend so much and this just gave me more ideas for the spring/summer!


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