15 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend in 2021

Your girlfriend will adore these gifts this year!

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Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriend - 15 perfect valentine's gifts for girlfriends that she actually wants

This post will show you the best Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend in 2021.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so you should start thinking about what gifts you want to get your girlfriend! (For boyfriend specific ideas, see our guide to Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend in 2021.) So for all significant others reading this, take note — here’s what we actually want for Valentine’s Day.

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The sooner you shop, the better, so you can make sure to get her a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

It may seem stressful trying to think of something your girlfriend will love for Valentine’s Day, but don’t worry because this post will show you 15 of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girlfriend in 2021!

1. Heart Ring

Most of us girls love jewelry, especially something sentimental from someone we care about, so it’s no surprise that jewelry is a classic gift idea for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of getting her just normal jewelry, if you want to be a little more traditional, think about getting her heart-shaped jewelry like this heart ring.

Not only will she be excited about wearing it, but also it will be a super cute piece to add to her jewelry collection.

2. Spa Day Set

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Every girl loves a spa day (and everyone is into self care these days), so you can’t go wrong getting your girlfriend a spa day set for Valentine’s Day.

This spa gift basket is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend because it comes with pink-themed items to go with the Valentine’s Day theme, plus it has a nice scent. It comes with everything she needs for a spa day, from a body scrub to cute rose-shaped soap for her bathroom!

3. Photo Album

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Photo albums are always so fun especially for couples, so you can capture the cute moments you spend together.

What makes it even more fun is taking pictures with a polaroid camera.

If your girlfriend owns a polaroid camera, you should consider getting her this polaroid photo album, so you can keep all of your photos together to look at later!

4. Galaxy Rose

You may have seen something similar to this on Beauty and the Beast. It has become a popular decor item nowadays, but they have spiced it up a bit by adding a galaxy effect to it.

Your girlfriend will love decorating her house with this galaxy rose for Valentine’s Day, and it will also remind her of you.

Psst: If she’s a Disney fan, buy this for her immediately and thank us later.

5. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a popular bath time item and are also a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift.

With this bath bomb set, your girlfriend will be able to try out several different bath bombs that come in different scents and colors!

6. Perfume

Some girls are really into perfume, so if you have noticed your girlfriend is one of them, you could get her perfume for Valentine’s Day.

This may be tricky, though, if you are unsure what scent she likes for her perfumes.

The safe bet is to get her this perfume sampler that comes with many different perfume samples for her to try, so she can find a perfume that she loves! Margiela’s fragrances are insanely popular, so she’s sure to find something she loves in this set of their best-sellers.

7. Preserved Roses

You may have seen this item on social media because it has become a very popular Valentine’s Day gift idea for girlfriends.

Instead of giving your girlfriend a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can surprise her with these preserved roses that last a full year!

She will not only love that these are real roses but also she will love being able to decorate her home with this adorable Valentine’s Day gift all year long!

8. Candles

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Candles are always a fun item to have around the house, so you should also think about getting your girlfriend some candles for Valentine’s Day.

Instead of just regular candles that she probably already has, you could get her these heart-shaped candles, which come in three different colors to match her decor.

They will go with the Valentine’s Day theme, and they will allow her to have plenty of candles to spread around her home that come in a cute heart design.

9. Letter Necklace

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As mentioned before, jewelry is always a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. But, instead of a ring, you could also get your girlfriend a necklace.

A letter necklace like this one is a classic jewelry piece that your girlfriend can wear with any outfit. She’ll get a ton of use out of it and it will go with everything she owns.

You could get the necklace with her initial or even your initial, so she will be reminded of you when she wears this necklace.

10. Chocolate-covered Treats

Everyone knows that chocolate is a classic gift for Valentine’s Day, which is usually given in a heart box. But, if you want to surprise your girlfriend with something different, you could get her chocolate-covered treats.

This Belgian chocolate-covered bouquet will do the trick especially if your girlfriend loves sweets because it comes with chocolate-covered strawberries and donuts!

11. Robe

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Robes are a great gift for people who love to lounge around the house or like to stay comfy and warm. (And let’s be real, that’s all of us this year!)

But, for your girlfriend, you may want to get something a little different than a regular robe for Valentine’s Day.

So, you should get her this koala robe! It is not only super cute but insanely comfortable and cozy. Your girlfriend will always be comfy when she wears this fluffy robe.

12. Nail Set

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Your girlfriend might love doing her nails or she might not be getting her nails done as often as usual this year.

If so, you should get her this gel nail polish kit. This will make doing her nails at home so much more fun because she will have multiple colors and design options to choose from.

Also, she will appreciate this gift because she will be able to have long-lasting nails because it comes with gel nail polish!

13. Loungewear Set

Loungewear is also an awesome Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend because it’s practically the uniform on 2020 and 2021. You cannot go wrong with this gift!

Your girlfriend will really appreciate this lounge set for Valentine’s Day because it has a nice fuzzy fabric and a neutral color that looks good on everyone.

14. Blanket

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If you and your girlfriend like lounging around together and watching movies, or even if she is into decor for her home, you could get her a decorative blanket.

This heart blanket will be perfect because it fits the Valentine’s Day theme, and it also comes in a super cute design.

15. Message in a Bottle

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If you want to give your girlfriend something more personal for Valentine’s Day, you could go with this message in a bottle gift.

You may not have thought about this gift before, but your girlfriend will especially adore this one.

It comes with an adorable bottle with a note in it that you can write a love letter to your girlfriend on.

Then, she will be able to decorate her home with this gift while also having a cute note from you to look at whenever she wants!

Which of these Valentine’s Day gifts are you going to get your girlfriend?

What gifts do you think she will like the most? What gift are you excited about giving her?

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