Tillys is So Yesterday — These Are My Favorite Stores for SoCal Style Now

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Sure, Tilly’s is the place to be for that California-cool look. But have you ever wondered what other under-the-radar treasures are out there? What if you could find even more unique pieces, discover brands that align perfectly with your personal style, and maybe even score some killer deals in the process?  

Well get ready to discover your new go-to shops for everything from graphic tees and ripped jeans to skate gear and surf-inspired threads.

If You Love the Tilly’s Vibe…

Tilly’s is known for that easygoing, California-cool aesthetic. They’ve got everything from skate and surf gear to graphic tees, jeans, dresses, and accessories. If you’re into brands like Vans, Volcom, Billabong, and Roxy, you’ll feel right at home at Tilly’s.  It’s the kind of place where you can find the perfect outfit for a day at the beach, a concert, or just hanging out with friends.

Your New Favorite Haunts for Streetwear, Skate Style, and All Things Chill


Square neck tank from PacSun

This California-based retailer is like Tilly’s sun-kissed cousin. They’ve got that laid-back, SoCal vibe down pat. Think graphic tees, ripped jeans, hoodies, and tons of swimwear perfect for beach days. They also carry a bunch of big-name brands like Volcom, Champion, and Adidas, along with their own super cute lines.


Empyre Suzie Light Wash Denim Overalls

If you live and breathe board sports, Zumiez is your haven. They’re all about skate and snow gear, so you’ll find decks, wheels, helmets, and all the technical stuff you need. But they also have a massive selection of streetwear that totally aligns with Tilly’s aesthetic – Vans, Thrasher, Element, Santa Cruz… you name it.

Urban Outfitters

BDG Logan Buckle Baggy Boyfriend Jean - stores like windsor - stores like nasty gal

While UO has a wider range, they still got plenty of vintage-inspired pieces and quirky accessories that Tilly’s fans will vibe with. Plus, brands like Champion and Fila are always in the mix. UO’s vibe is a bit more eclectic and bohemian than Tilly’s, but there’s definitely some overlap in terms of graphic tees, denim, and retro-inspired styles.


If you’re a fan of Tilly’s, you probably already have a pair of Vans in your closet. But did you know they make way more than just shoes? Their clothes and accessories are just as iconic, with that classic checkerboard pattern and comfy, casual vibe. Think logo tees, hoodies, backpacks, and hats.

Hot Topic

Thorn & Fable Ghost Sunflower Babydoll Dress - stores like dollskill

Feeling a little dark and edgy? Hot Topic is your place. They’re all about pop culture, music, and anything with an alternative vibe. You’ll find band merch, licensed apparel (Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney), and the most unique accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.

Forever 21

Chiffon Floral Print Mini Dress - stores like windsor

Want to stay on top of the latest trends without spending a fortune? Forever 21 is your go-to. They’ve got a huge selection of affordable clothes, shoes, and accessories that perfectly capture that youthful, casual-cool vibe that Tilly’s is known for.


Ruffled Off-the-shoulder Dress

This fast-fashion giant might not be the first place you think of when it comes to skate-inspired style, but trust us – they have some hidden gems. Their Divided line is where you’ll find the coolest stuff, like graphic tees, ripped jeans, and oversized hoodies that totally fit the Tilly’s aesthetic.


Billabong Checked Bikini

If you’re all about that surf and sand life, Billabong is your new bestie. Their swimwear and beachwear come in eye-popping colors and tropical prints that’ll make you feel like you’re on permanent vacay. Tilly’s carries Billabong, so you’ll find a lot of the same laid-back, surf-inspired styles at both stores.



Another MVP for skate and surf culture, Volcom brings the heat with bold designs and high-quality gear that can keep up with your adventures. Like Billabong, Volcom is a core brand at Tilly’s, so expect a lot of overlap in terms of style and offerings.

Rip Curl

Santorini Sun Crochet Top

This brand is another legend in the surf world. They’re known for their high-quality wetsuits and boardshorts, but they also have a ton of cute beachwear and casual clothes. Their style is a bit more laid-back and beachy than Tilly’s, but it’s still super cool.



Stussy isn’t just a brand; it’s a streetwear legend. They’ve been around since the ’80s, pioneering that surf/skate aesthetic that we all love. Their designs are unique, often featuring bold graphics, trippy patterns, and unexpected color combos.

They also do a ton of limited-edition collaborations with other brands and artists, so you’re always in for a surprise. If you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, Stussy is your go-to.



Obey is all about that rebellious, street art vibe. Their iconic Andre the Giant logo is instantly recognizable, and their designs often feature political commentary and social messages. But don’t get it twisted – their clothes are still super wearable, with graphic tees, hoodies, jackets, and accessories that’ll add an edge to any outfit.


Old English Sweater

If you’re quick enough to cop Supreme’s weekly drops, you’ll be flexing their legendary box logo and high-fashion collabs. Supreme is way more exclusive and hype-driven than Tilly’s, but both brands have roots in skate culture and offer streetwear essentials.


Standard fit hoodie woven from sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton and polyester.

Rep the most iconic skate mag with Thrasher’s own line of apparel featuring their signature flame logo. Thrasher is a core skate brand that you’ll find at Tilly’s, so expect a lot of overlap in terms of graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories.

The Hundreds


This LA brand keeps it fresh with graphic tees, hoodies, and hats inspired by West Coast culture. The Hundreds has a more streetwear and hip-hop-inspired vibe than Tilly’s, but both brands rep that laid-back California lifestyle.

So, Where Will Your Next Shopping Spree Take You?

The fashion world is your oyster! With so many amazing stores like Tilly’s out there, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to express your unique style. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new brands, and step outside your comfort zone.

Tell us in the comments below: Which store are you most excited to check out? Have you discovered any unexpected fashion finds that deserve a shoutout? Let’s chat about all things fashion!

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