What Your Favorite Pair of Shorts Says About You

Not all shorts are created equal.

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With the average U.S. temperature reaching a high of 78° Fahrenheit in September, you can bet that the majority of college students throughout the country still rely on shorts as a back-to-school wardrobe staple.

But in a world of sequin shorts, athletic shorts, crochet shorts, fall shorts, and booty shorts, how can you find a pair of shorts that are totally you?

Here’s our cheat sheet:

  • If you love uniformity, minimalism, and the color green, check out A.
  • If you identify with the SoCal lifestyle, B is your pick.
  • If you own a decked-out school planner, you belong with C.
  • If you’re none of the above because you’re ~one of a kind~, D is for you.

A. Chino Shorts + Olive Combat Boots

What your favorite pair of shorts says about you: Olive green polka dot shorts and olive green boots

Products: Shorts – J.Crew | Shoes – Dr. Martens

Now, we’re not saying you’d be a perfect fit for the military, but your attention to discipline and simple conformity in fashion does make you a fabulous college trooper

Because you tend to stick to a basic color palette and wear clothes that are bold without being loud, your morning routine is as quick and easy as others on this list can only dream about (we’re talking about you, C’s). Still, you don’t sacrifice beauty for utility — and for that, we here at CF salute you. 

B. High-Waisted Shorts + Rose Kimono

What your favorite pair of shorts says about you: Palm print shorts and printed kimono

Products: Shorts – Nordstrom | Cape – Anthropologie

Sandals aren’t just a type of shoe to you — they’re a way of life.

You are the post-vacation Michael Scott. The mellow fella. The person everyone wishes they could turn into when midterms come up and you have to deal with two essays, three exams, and countless extracurricular responsibilities. You’ve got life figured out and we’re only waiting till you show us all just exactly how you do it. 

C. Pleated Shorts + Hoop Earrings

What your favorite pair of shorts says about you: Floral shorts with pink pom pom earrings

Products: Shorts – H&M | Earrings – Bloomingdale’s

You obsessively follow the Lilly Pulitzer or Vera Bradley email blasts. You’ve had your syllabus printed out a month before school officially began. You color-coordinate your earrings and shoes and, what’s best, you do it with a vigor that’s inspiring to us all.

You, girl, are a girly girl at your very core. Embrace it, live it.

D. Ripped Shorts + Embellished Headband

What your favorite pair of shorts says about you: White shorts and jeweled headband

Products: Shorts – American Eagle Outfitters | Hair Accessory – Free People

You’re Blair Waldorf meets punk rock meets “dismantle the patriarchy.”

While some girls shy away from sporting white bottoms or over-accessorized pieces, you embrace the chaos that comes with mismatched apparel. You march to the beat of your own drum, and you sure as hell don’t take no for an answer. You, my friend, are a glorious female warrior.

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